aru's cards


March 19, 2019 ------------
- got clumsy10, heartful11, blame18, battlebond08, valley08, kalos15, waterelmt06 in booster bundle

March 18, 2019 ------------
- got posh08, yakuza07, shaolin13, kouhai-kun06, axe09, kajiyuu01, ghibli02 in booster pack
- got allsunday20, spices17, yasutsuna20, socialmedia12, fleurdelys07, roulette20, atlas16, curerhythm19, burstspear18, womanizing07, remaining12, kabuki09, hanagumi01, knife11, spaz09, maouryuu12, healers16, sevenstars17 in pick a color

March 17, 2019 ------------
- took wicked11, maxwell15, killerwolf16, killerwolf17, killerwolf19, wicked12, wicked13, maxwell16 in spell academia

March 10, 2019 ------------
- got starfighter15 from hyoga as valentines gift
- got grondement18 from beezebeora as valentines gift
- took starfighter11, starfighter14, starfighter17, lovequeen03, objection01, lovequeen05, wicked01, lovequeen06 in spell academia

February 27, 2019 ------------
- took starfighter06, supersecret19, starfighter07, maxwell08, vienna18, misericordia19, zanbatou01, starfighter08, vienna19, vienna20, misericordia20, supersecret20 in spell academia

February 11, 2019 ------------
- took compy04, misericordia13, killerwolf14, misericordia14, misericordia15, vienna17, misericordia16, misericordia17, supersecret18, misericordia18, maxwell07 in spell academia

February 03, 2019 ------------
- took supersecret16, supersecret17, vienna15, vienna16, killerwolf05, starfighter05, killerwolf09 in spell academia

February 01, 2019 ------------
- exchaged class1-a16, maybirthday08, maybirthday16, mechapilots15, meganes07, mflove17, mmlove11, mobage17, mooncell06, rins09, robots03, royalty08, runes10, sailorfuku19, sakamoto18, grayscale06, grayscale09, grayscale14, grayscale18, grayscale19, sakamoto19, archers01, berserkers12, berserkers13, anastasis19, andromeda19, animation09, anko17, antecdent10, anti04, antoinette16, apos03, appearance15, arbitrator12, archest04, arcusprima12, argentea19, ariadoney16, astarpe01, aurite03, avalanche14, awaken08, axe10, axe17, ball09, bangle09, basement01, bassist01 for vienna07, vienna08, vienna09, vienna10, vienna11, vienna12, vienna13, vienna14, stands19, stands20, precure14, precure15, precure16, precure17, precure18, precure19 in art studio

January 31, 2019 ------------
- MASTERED AKAONI; MASTERED ANKLETS; MASTERED FANTASY; MASTERED GOD BREATH; MASTERED GOOFY; MASTERED HOMUNCULUS; MASTERED KEY ANIMATOR; MASTERED KI PASS; MSTERED JEWEL; MASTERED MAGICAL TOY; MASTERED HEADPHONES; MASTERED MAGES; got jewel18, jewel19, jewel20, magicaltoy04, magicaltoy05, magicaltoy09, magicaltoy10, magicaltoy20, supersecret14, supersecret15, mages18, stands15, purelove09, gadoria16, sadistic04, ogikubo10, teacher20, shonichi14, avalanche14, knotroot09, reversed12, scalchop17, earth18, hougu14, ruinmode03, shocking06, bowwow11, shonichi16, highjoker01, myboy15, dongkou10, cureamour02, denial18, soundless19, foodie11, shesmay16, unnoticed14, wildpitch16, gray crayon, green crayon, five red crayons, two brown crayons, orange crayon

January 20, 2019 ------------
- took misericordia11, magicaltoy04, killerwolf03, supersecret12, magicaltoy05, supersecret13, misericordia12, vienna05, vienna06 in spell academia

January 13, 2019 ------------
- took misericordia04, misericordia05, misericordia06, supersecret10, misericordia07, misericordia08, misericordia09, supersecret11, misericordia10 from spell academia

December 30, 2018 ------------
- exchanged sakuras17, sakuras20, samurais17, sawashirom08, schwarzwelt05, seele10, seele18, sexytype13, ships05, shortcuts16, silverstar02, sisters10, slimes02, squad42211, squad42214, stage11, storybooks06, tackle12, touma11, uberhero18, villagers07, villagers17, voice18, world16, 026703, 1stlt16, 27yearsold14, 72pillars10, absent01, acuity08, adaptor06, admirer11, aimstalker10, air05, airiel09, airpirate09, airyglyph01, akala02. tomorrow19, albhed13, alice09, allergen12, ally07, ally19, amaken18, amber20, ambitions10, america14, for mages20, stands01, stands07, stands08, stands10, stands11, stands12, stands13, anklets09, anklets11, anklets12, anklets13, anklets14, anklets17, anklets18, homunculus19
- took homunculus09, jewel14, supersecret03, supersecret04, magicaltoy01, homunculus10, homunculus11, supersecret05, vienna04, homunculus12, supersecret06, homunculus13, anklets03, homunculus15, anklets04, homunculus16, misericordia03, homunculus17, anklets06, supersecret07, supersecret08, keyanimator18, homunculus18, jewel15, jewel16, keyanimator19, jewel17, anklets08, supersecret09 from spell academia
- took keyanimator06, keyanimator08, keyanimator10, jewel08, homunculus06, supersecret02, keyanimator11, homunculus07, keyanimator13, homunculus08, misericordia03, jewel10, jewel11, godbreath18, keyanimator15, jewel12, keyanimator16, jewel13 from spell academia

December 26, 2018 ------------
- took supersecret01, fantasy17, godbreath11, godbreath12, godbreath14, homunculus04 from advent calendar
- took anklets19, godbreath19, fantasy20, homunculus20 from advent calendar
- took misericordia02, vienna03 from advent calendar
- took mages16, mages17 from advent calendar
- took fantasy11, fantasy13, fantasy14 in advent calendar
- took jewel05, jewel06, jewel07 from advent calendar
- took jewel04, keyanimator05 from advent calendar
- took mages12, akaoni17, fantasy10 from advent calendar
- took akaoni16, fantasy07 from advent calendar
- took kipass16, kipass17, kipass18, kipass19 from advent calendar
- took akaoni14, fantasy04, goofy19, kipass15, keyanimator04 from advent calendar
- took goofy16, goofy18, keyanimator02, keyanimator03 from advent calendar
- took mages09, mages10 in advent calendar
- took vienna01, vienna02 in advent calendar

December 25, 2018 ------------
- took mages03, mages07, mages08 from advent calendar
- took jewel03, akaoni18, kipass20 from advent calendar
- took goofy08, goofy15 from advent calendar
- took akaoni11, fantasy03 from advent calendar
- took misericordia01, theelite01, pheromones01, thediva01, theartist01, theactor01, thedetective01, astarpe01, shakanyorai01, commute01, headphones19, headphones20, mages02 from the release

December 02, 2018 ------------
- MASTERED 3DGRAPHICS, MASTERED ADVENTURE, MASTERED DIESEL-SAN, MASTERED KEFFIYAH, MASTERED LABCOAT, MASTERED SALT, MASTERED ICEFLOWER, MASTERED MUSASHINO, MASTERED MAHOU, got gung i12, wolf12, pikarigaoka07, executioner11, challenge20, diepencil14, bills09, flowershop02, confined12, customer15, denying04, persocom10, admirer11, lander04, insurance06, bearcat03, elrond13, oar14, dux18, iceflower17, iceflower18, iceflower20, musashino16, musashino17, musashino19, musashino20, kipass14, headphones18, red crayon, orange crayon, yellow crayon, two blue crayons, brown crayon, three gray crayons

November 26, 2018 ------------
- took akaoni09, musashino13, akaoni10, kipass12, musashino15, godbreath06, kipass13, godbreath08 fro spell academia

November 18, 2018 ------------
- took iceflower07, iceflower08, musashino11, kipass04, iceflower14, kipass08, kipass09, salt16, kipass11, iceflower15, musashino12 from spell academia

November 12, 2018 ------------
- took 3dgraphics19, diesel-san18, iceflower04, iceflower05, goofy06, iceflower06, salt15 from spell academia

November 06, 2018 ------------
- got twelfth11, chides08, doujigiri18, lightblue03, classical18, janna16, golden18, demonic11, sopheria06, two green crayons, red crayon for donating decks

November 04, 2018 ------------
- took akaoni02, homunculus01, akaoni04, akaoni08, jewel02, homunculus02, homunculus03 in spell academia

November 01, 2018 ------------
- got deyansu16, introverted10, fisttype19, rozan04, sanadaschool12, bofu04, purehavoc11, multi-size16, orichalcum12, chosenhero19, ghosthouse01, acuity08, meromero01, ally19, deadly06, bling10, awaken08, tonfa06, 3 orange crayons, 2 green crayons, 2 brown crayons, yellow crayon and gray crayon for turning in sketchpads
- exchanged mushroom15, mythicals18, neshitteru20, non-human17, non-human18, nonary01, nowhere03, ogata11, openings15, pc-9809, pokken07, pokken17, post-skip03, post-skip13, pre-skip03, pre-skip19, psypher11, purple11, puyo11, qipao02, rainbowroad18, remakes06, replacement18, rins07, machina09, machinery16, machines16, madainsari17, madamered02, madao08, madder19, madnautilus03, madness04, maester11, mafioso17, magatama04, magedom06, magedom18, magicalfire19, magicguild17, magicguild19, magickey01, magickey01, magickey07, magickey08, magickey16, magikazam16, magikoopa04 for keffiyah17, keffiyah18, keffiyah19, diesel-san06, diesel-san07, diesel-san13, diesel-san14, diesel-san15, mahou08, mahou09, mahou12, mahou14, mahou18, headphones10, headphones11, headphones14 in art studio

October 28, 2018 ------------
- took labcoat19, keffiyah09, 3dgraphics03, salt14, keffiyah10, 3dgraphics07, keffiyah15, keffiyah16 in spell academia

October 27, 2018 ------------
- took hemoglobin02, nucleus02, parasitic01, cytotoxic01, phagocyte01, clotting01, aiaigasa01, manji01, onread01, wfd02, class1-a16, goofy20, keffiyah20, hemoglobin01, nucleus01 from release

October 21, 2018 ------------
- took kipass05, keffiyah07, kipass06, kipass07, musashino09, keffiyah08, musashino10, salt10 in spell academia

October 14, 2018 ------------
- took salt11, labcoat12, keffiyah13, labcoat13, labcoat14, salt13, 3dgraphics16, labcoat17, keffiyah14, 3dgraphics17 from spell academia

October 07, 2018 ------------
- took musashino04, musashino05, kipass01, labcoat07, kipass03, musashino07, diesel-san05, musashino08 in spell academia

September 30, 2018 ------------
- got iceflower12, adventure15, adventure16, goofy12, iceflower13, goofy13, keffiyah11, adventure17 in spell academia

September 24, 2018 ------------
- took adventure10, keffiyah04, adventure12, keffiyah05, salt03, keffiyah06, goofy01, adventure14 in spell academia

September 15, 2018 ------------
- exchanged adaptations18, aeons05, arcana18, chalice02, darkening13, flowers01, flowers05, gnosis05, grandmas10, gray07, gray19, guertena02, guertena04, halloween08, hamha09, himecuts19, icebeam19, ironfist16, ishidaa15, kizna10, kuuderes07, labyrinthia14, magitek07, magnus07, youngest17, younglings16, youngmen13, youngmen19, youngwomen09, youngwomen15, yourhonor03, yourhonor06, youthful03, youthful06, yoyoi09, yuihan15, yuki-onna14, yupyup08, yupyup19, yuujinchou15, zanarkand11, zanei01, zauber04, zauber12, zelda17, zessen19, zookeeper03, zoologist03 for clow20, misguided05, misguided08, misguided11, misguided12, misguided13, misguided17, chivalry09, chivalry10, chivalry11, chivalry12, chivalry13, chivalry14, chivalry15, chivalry17 in art studio
- took providence03, chivalry05, keffiyah02, providence10, iceflower03, adventure02, adventure05, chivalry08, keffiyah03 in spell academia
- took cockroaches07, cockroaches13, distant01, distant03, distant05, distant07, distant11, distant18, flashing03, flashing04, flashing05, flashing08, flashing13, flashing16, heroines19, needcool09, needcool10, needcool12, needcool14, needcool15, needcool16, needcool19, needcool20, yosakoi05, yosakoi08, yosakoi09, yosakoi12, yosakoi14, yosakoi15, yosakoi16, yosakoi19, yuigahama03, yuigahama06, yuigahama09, yuigahama10, yuigahama11, yuigahama12, yuigahama13, yuigahama14, yuigahama19, ogikubo10, ogikubo11, ogikubo12, ogikubo14, ogikubo15, ogikubo19, ogikubo20 as mod pay
- took lancers14, sabers02, grayscale06, grayscale09, grayscale14, 3dgraphics10, 3dgraphics18, 4thchild05, adventure09, adventure18, adventure19, cruiser04, cruiser09, cruiser10, cruiser14, cruiser15, cruiser16, cruiser20, cockroaches01, cockroaches02, cockroaches03, cockroaches04, cockroaches05, cockroaches06, cockroaches08, cockroaches09, cockroaches10, cockroaches11, cockroaches12, cockroaches14, cockroaches15, cockroaches16, cockroaches17, cockroaches18, cockroaches19, cockroaches20, distant13, nfu14, nfu16, nfu19 from recycled art

September 11, 2018 ------------
- got arcusprima12, eldest18, spandex20, phones11, stg12, touma11, freespirit12, bassist01, crybaby14, highjump20, dragonwhip16, aeons05, redjewels02, onewing09, 12thpillar14, pity20, cindy18, iaigeri16, upper-class06, icespells07, openings15, holyposes01, comnet08, magi06, dln-00a20, ally07, drawing15, archest04, legilis15, cleanfreak06, guile07, fetishes15, golem10, victory20, fightmoney15, xcution11, shouryuuken12, usagi04, uberhero18, adaptations18, skycrusher14, janina03, cruxis07, ghostfire12, tinker02, plasmagica01, chibalotte06, masculine11, guile02, shaman19, bloodwhip05, punyaan18, absent01, bloom12, rainfell15, airpirate09, streamlight17, romantia14, uu18, fix18, lakeview04, heir01, lifeguard19, nemurin02, tasco12, jewel09, appearance15, crazyd15, lotte16, shinmeiryuu11, piano17, code32615, arcana18, socialmedia15, chalice02, hi-potions07, negate14, flame15, astrorobin01, vikingtiger15, glazinglove03, gynophobia01, sleipnir10, shingetsu06, scrambled12, notlost15, grayscale18, amber20, bangle09, utsuwa04, turfwar18, prakk19, vaneltia02, zexen18, player207, reticent16, mameshiba07, careless18, low-key07, jyuuken10, electrifying19, anti04, orangejuice06, sandrock14, odoru17, gardener20, dragonwhip12, chrysalis13, nishi02, proverbs19, daruma20, famicom09, respectful15, haraezuki02, ball09, igalima16, shapeshift04, masterwolf10, trebleclef17, birthright20, obedient14, blitzball09, oujuu13, grannvale14, sogeking10, darkfusion08, adaptor06, harmonius08, nonary01, mermaids18, ryuseisui18, mirakurun14, exeter13, wabisuke11, thefool01, snowboard02, allergen12, firstfolio08, kutanagi13, doujigiri08, ariadoney16, tree01, nailart16, phazon11, natsu04, berserkers20, notlost14, chemistry14, blackharu09, albhed13, daathic10, devilchild20, ocean19, miracle06, thebest11, boots05, jadedragon16, vendor17, stalker01, gamuza12, memoirs06, bel03, simple15, mornings14, kazus10, shinto01, fukurodani04, traitor07, ikebana19, model01, catpaw15, suggestion20, requiem12, kismet06, laughing02, scissors10, mudabijin14, recall20, vicious10, berserkers12, classa20, rep02, snowstorm02, illness10, sonic17, lines20, noa19, dullahan07, jakob03, hideandseek20, elrond02, literate03, nqm16, bk-20106, rinrin11, taisa12, pickpocket11, minor11, four green crayons, five brown crayons, four yellow crayons, four red crayons, two blue crayons, purple crayon
- got myboy03, hosenka08, depend19, nines02, cureetoile02, countup09, extraclass20 in booster pack

September 06, 2018 ------------
- took heroines03, heroines04, flashing01, heroines07, chivalry06, chivalry07, heroines09, heroines11 in spell academia

September 05, 2018 ------------
- MASTERED ADULTLIKE, MASTERED BAPTISM RITE, MASTERED GARDENS, MASTERED BLUEBEARD, MASTERED BRIDE, MASTERED CHALDEAS, MASTERED MIRAKURUN, MASTERED PSYCHOLOGY, MASTERED WAR FLAG, MASTERED AE86, MASTERED DROWSINESS, MASTERED FUTON, MASTERED MITSUME, got ae8618, drowsiness13, futon19, mitsume15, mitsume16, mitsume17, mitsume18, mitsume19, mitsume20, ogikubo05, ogikubo07, ogikubo08, ogikubo09, amaken18, vanship19, judas14, camraderie01, 72pillars10, aimstalker10, sparkwave06, betreida14, marriage12, unstable11, pluto08, sigma04, sunflower11, fundoshi09, bravery19, redaxe03, glacier01, intoxicated15, former19, hairstyles20, oddjobs10, untouchable12, bookeater13, ulysses07, silkyheart08, darkening13, red crayon, three orange crayons, two yellow crayons, green crayon, blue crayon, two brown crayons, three gray crayons

August 31, 2018 ------------
- got leyline06, force01, benishidare14, realian11, seconds05, marriage04 in host club

August 30, 2018 ------------
- exchanged aces03, aces04, aeons01, appmon03, arrows16, assassins15, blue11, brows01, brows17, call05, captains17, christmas13, cids10, cooks18, cosplay19, danderes12, detectives17, endings01, everybirdie04, fairies15, fflove03, fflove03, freckled10, gainax16, 4thdistrict11, appraiser20, big18, blade08, chromatus07, chui12, competition01, dcn-02901, diesel-san11, exodia03, explode11, feisty08, flow06, friendly07, gemknight06, glassmaker02, guchu13, hakudan10, judecca06, kattelox01, korobokkuru19, lesson05, lotus20, m002 for clow10, clow11, clow13, clow14, clow15, clow16, clow18, clow19, bride11, bride12, bride13, bride15, bride16, bride18, bride19, mirakurun19 in art studio
- got housemaid12, dimension16, foxtail16, kinshara09, boulder13, negatives02, miare17, swimming17, likedad08, blue crayon, gray crayon, purple crayon for donating decks
- got footsteps08, america14, choir11, mushi14, blades18, cheater08, surprises11, purple11, grandmas10, yellow crayon, red crayon, orange crayon for donating decks
- got envoy17, outlandish13, defected14, origami08, nursing18, tealeaves13, heatwave20, begging18, meganes07, brown crayon, gray crayon and blue crayon for donating decks
- took flowers01, mahou03, misguided01, mahou04, idolclub03, clow09, headphones08 from spell academia

August 29, 2018 ------------
- got naga05, darkchip11, akala02. tomorrow19, baths19, prana12, greenpearl20, sweatdrops06 in
- got zero-one17, harsh11, channel02, guillotine06, sixthroom18, endra06, rely20, defendin09, pursuit14, tomboyish14, morganatic06, sequencer04 and a green crayon in host club
- got hoppip15, conspiring07, sexfavors03, gallant19 in help miss kamila

August 28, 2018 ------------
- took bluebeard13, ae8601, bluebeard15, ae8608, ae8612, mitsume11, ae8616, mitsume12, chivalry04, clow08, mitsume13, mitsume14 in spell academia

August 26, 2018 ------------
- got taiko09, jiggle10, argentea19, firstfolio07, metsuhadoken03, whitecloud14, concealment12 in booster bundle
- got keffiyah12, critical07, foxmagic08, pebble11, westwind11, basement01, internet13, manynames10, buster12, blanket12, yasako15, ghouls20, rainmaker12, insania04, axe10, brassband17, indecent16, ditzy03, rosegarden14, killerqueen11, kataomoi17, kaka20, jadedragon01, wildgeese15, male08, kamui10, littlekitty03, skyking08, furball02, dandelion07, might01, ballet02, denpakei01, santeem03, vex01, nosebleeds05, caution10, dragon08, goals03, innovator11, noir01, marriage20, pinch06, nichirin04, machinegun10, blank09, mindofgod10, foxhound10, time09, marksechs20, pikarigaoka14, nstackle15, marksman08, frozenword03, distinction10, underground07, westwind04, resembool12, laughing07, granvale16, dcn-03212, french18, moondestiny19, professional06, burn03, kora17, lightblue01, mizar02, nabradia16, genbushin06, everybirdie04, icebeam19, replacement18, kizna10, two red crayons, orange crayon, two yellow crayons, four purple crayons, brown crayon as mod pay

August 22, 2018 ------------
- got 2 red crayons, orange crayon, 2 yellow crayons, 4 purple crayons, brown crayon as mod pay
- got calamity09, otaku20, seiryuu15, ambitions10, onpu18, hiroya28, composer04, 1stlt16, tsukuyomi17, aces04, fflove03, magnus07, sexytype13, himecuts19 in booster pack
- got shirogamon12, crystalsaber01, sword01, mepo18, impulsive05, usamin16, dwn-02208, rareitems04, ploys03, guertena04 in colorseum
- got sororicide07, 27yearsold14, kimaris18, blazingyato09, 026703, incivil18, sound18, rukh02, paisleypark20, rising14 in colorseum
- got airyglyph01, alice09, walking01, poland09, harvard15, sanction20 in host club

August 21, 2018 ------------
- got animation09, ghoststory18, silverswor16, dealer05, sins03, syowa17 in colorseum
- got loudmouth05, sing16, piratehat19, holding10, racing18, scribe12, minerva12, veggies12, air05, shorinji06 in colorseum
- got andromeda19, antecdent10, airiel09, conventional10, sleepyash02, battlemem12, hokage02, kindhearted18, tackle12 in anniversary day 19
- got floatserve05, kcpd16, blue crayon, gray crayon in anniversary day 15
- got trusts04, honoo08, otomen10, seaslug15 in anniversary day 11
- got villagers07, ironfist16, runes10, maybirthday16, worst02, fun14, kyrie11, gravy08, jet-black01, overexcited09, schoolidol11, twentyone06, dachshund07, trickyfox04, topknot02, cleaver02, cyborgidol07, odani11, waitress07, triskellion05, mirakurun09, mirakurun10, mirakurun14
- got incivil18, compulsive18, babymonster20, kouka16, stranger06, china12, weed01, demonk15, humandrug17, blackdog08, onpu13, parkour06, code21420, code05607, catcrossing12 in pick a color
- got greateight18, mercenary19, hoteldusk20, impulsive11, ruinprincess04, voi17, eaglegazer17 in anniversary day 18
- got greateight19, curewhip19, nightmare04, kayo-chin03 in anniversary day 19
- got greateight12, speak19, insurance19, aurite03, sylphid06, unlimited09, twisted12, vendor05, green crayon, red crayon in anniversary day 12
- got greateight08, sister10, ryusoken04, seven19, cids10 in anniversary day 08
- got holywar16, maru20, storybooks06, greateight05 in anniversary day 05
- got clarines15, catgirl11, nanza13, coach16, claws06, dwn-01401, pierced11, darksun16, speech13, ishidaa15 in colorseum
- got got shoujo07, waltz02, lemu01 in colorseum
- got imperator01, fuuga05, anko17, devout17, foughten16, malefic15, flowers05 in booster pack
- got arbitrator12, meridiana04, collector11 in colorseum
- got hawkedge07, robotabuse05, messiah05, psychiatrist10 in colorseum
- got foodpuns11, cerulean06, needles17 in colorseum
- got a green and gray crayon in colorseum
- got gaps13, redaxe11, builder19, loveme20, burst01, marchhare12, apos03, necklace04 in colorseum
- got mysong04, lightsnow03, feminine11 in colorseum
- got rosenburg09, saiyawoman08, skirt07, tsukuyomi04, axe17, hitoriomou13 in host club givewaway
- got following07, composer10, ocarina18, wisel20, position007, phan-site09, dim-witted16, round18 in colorseum
- got social10, handcuffs12, mega-playboy20, deltoro07, imperal13, blonddevil08, bastion15, eldermaid02 in shadow watching

August 19, 2018 ------------
- took drowsiness05, mitsume07, psychology19, psychology20, drowsiness09, mitsume08, warflag20, mitsume09, mitsume10 in spell academia
- took honorable01, cookie01, diva01, online01, neofantasy01, keffiyah01, zoom02, 18plus02, berserkers13, maxwell02, maxwell03 from the release

August 12, 2018 ------------
- took chaldeas16, chaldeas17, futon15, mirakurun18, ogikubo04, chaldeas19, chivalry03, mitsume06, chaldeas20 in spell academia

August 05, 2018 ------------
- took psychology15, psychology16, mitsume01, mitsume03, warflag17, mitsume04, warflag18, mitsume05, psychology17, warflag19 in spell academia

July 29, 2018 ------------
- took mirakurun04, mirakurun05, psychology11, psychology12, ogikubo02, drowsiness04, mirakurun07, mirakurun08, psychology13 from little spell academia

July 22, 2018 ------------
- gor gambler06, married18, submarine02, umeboshi15, snowfairy12, suna-suna10, shigofumi07, kaziklibey11, hitsuzen07, conquest09, seiken07, defected07, kalina05, klutz07, leadership10, rapier12, seawitch13, savvy15, species07, squad42211 in pick a color
- took adultlike16, adultlike17, futon03, futon04, futon13, chaldeas14, chaldeas15 from spell academia
- took layabouts02, decay02, hotmilk02, x-eros02, fleurdelys01, goldenspark01, blasted01, chlorophytum01, hollow01, delphinium02, concealment06, otakulife03, otakuwife03 from the release

July 16, 2018 ------------
- took shepherd04, bluebeard01, chivalry02, bluebeard05, futon02, bluebeard06, bride09 in spell academia

July 08, 2018 ------------
- took adultlike11, warflag12, adultlike12, adultlike13, drowsiness11, warflag13, warflag14, adultlike15, chaldeas13, adutlike16 in spell academia

July 01, 2018 ------------
- took adultlike05, adultlike08, baptismrite18, baptismrite19, psychology08, adultlike10, baptismrite20 from spell academia
- got greateight20 for posting the day
- took greateight17, baptismrite17 and chaldeas18 from anniversary day 17

June 30, 2018 ------------
- took greateight16, baptismrite16 and chaldeas11 from anniversary day 16
- took greateight15 from anniversary day 15
- took clow07, baptismrite15 and greateight14 from anniversary day 14
- got greateight13 for posting the day
- took greateight11, chaldeas12 and warflag15 in anniversary day 11
- took greateight10, baptismrite14 and chaldeas10 from anniversary day 10
- took baptismrite12, chaldeas09 and greateight09 from anniversary day 09
- took ae8619 from anniversary day 08

June 29, 2018 ------------
- got greateight06 for posting the day

June 27, 2018 ------------
- got greateight04, villagers17, yard09, shortcuts16,endings01, blue11, aeons01 in anniversary day 04
- got greateight03 for posting the day
- got greateight02 in anniversary day 02
- got greateight07, chat08, do-it-all03, chengdu20, manakete14, danger17 in anniversary day 07
- got greateight01, believe20, headache13, saboteur14 in anniversary day 01

June 25, 2018 ------------
- got wildman07, extinction10, soyokaze03, badboxart14, tragedy10, twilight12, acrophobia11, labyrinthia14 in colorseum
- got monk11, smiling20, daathic18 in finalist spotlight
- exchanged across17, aimo11, allsunday19, accurate12 for tabiidol20, triskellion07, grondement08, aide10
- got sharering19, seiken09, aces03 in finalist spotlight
- got baka16, witchcraft02, elecbeam10, neko-neko03, snowman13, hug02, southern02, retailate01 in colorseum
- got hollywood12, blackbelt16, contests07, fenrir17, chousin01, eldermaid18, christmas13 in booster bundle
- got galaxian01, defend10, rosegarden08, dojo15, babysitter19, longdau07 in seiyuu guess
- got zanei01, whiskers10, brag16, cubic01, glomp08, across17, naginata08, shinai02, akaoni20, ganbaruby13, amphilyon10, lifeguard07, watchers20, cheer03, izayoi17, yourhonor06, babel08, jikochuu10, honeyflash06, mohawk20, ghostwriter02, world16, mmlove11, squad42214, pokken17 in pick a color
- got kind15, futon08, tactical12, clones12, hymmeli01, akuma18, voice18, idolclub18 in colorseum
- got rascal20, sharilton11, birthmark09, onii-chan11, circles03, pc-9809 in host club giveaway
- got chakra10, twig11, soup15, lightmusic16, burn10, seele18, assassins15 in booster bundle
- got supremekai14, brainwasher18, stalker06, un-sorcerer19, firstlevel19, witch01, constancy17, guilty12 in help miss kamila

June 24, 2018 ------------
- got benishidare09, heir10, medium19, hairclips09, top103, astronaut14, bangs04, wildgeese16 in colorseum
- got biology09, weak13, starboar04, digipad17, mantis08, chi08, kiss18, musical01, dialect13, apprentice09, scar16, left04, rockwall12, riches20, harumaki01, benishidare13, softball16, stargaze10, novoselic01, soscary10, dwn-01413, amamikado19, sunshine13, dwn-04713, angelic05, flowershop09, nurseschool10, purify03, mysteria15, opposites06, kimono07, lefthand19, database06, radio17, whitecoat06, pandaemonium12, spot08, ditelada02, sorceria15, sinbad04, ballet04, kitchen05, udonge07, rainmaker16, dousing18, zauber12, supreme17, sakuras17, toybox06, lightmusic06, kuuderes07, homunculi12, two orange crayons, five yellow crayons, six green crayons, three blue crayons, three purple crayons, four brown crayons, three gray crayons
- got netsafety04, sanctuary09, number219, rolling05 in help miss kamila
- got ooparts19, demonsnow20, cruiser03, skill-out06, sphinx207, sky17, snakesword16, wry08, smol03, tragedies13, fogtroupe20, yatagarasu18 and red crayon in seiyuu guess
- got rook16, elegant11, gynophoia04, territorial12, firefist17, rainbowroad18 in host club giveaway
- got curtain16, dingjun06, legend08, cries11, ghostalley13, menace13, lionhead06, badluck19, bue crayon and gray crayon in colorseum
- got mermaids20, free08, biscuit10, cleric15, firebringer15 and godknows13 in seiyuu guess
- took warflag11, psychology05, psychology07, baptismrite09, baptismrite10, baptismrite11, warflag09, warflag10 from spell academia

June 17, 2018 ------------
- took baptismrite07, baptismrite08, warflag08, gardens19, gardens20, chaldeas07, chaldeas08 from spell academia

June 11, 2018 ------------
- took chaldeas05, gardens10, baptismrite05, baptismrite06, psychology03, gardens11, gardens12, gardens13, adultlike03, chivalry01, gardens14, gardens15, gardens16, gardens17, gardens18, psychology04 in spell academia

June 07, 2018 ------------
- exchanged lyricist19, genie12, leblanc12, thepawn18, tours18 for tenebrae04, hammerhead03, lucis04, tv03, agoraphobic03 in book of cards

June 03, 2018 ------------
- MASTERED BLUE IMPULSE, BOHEMIAN, BREEDER, CAIN, EPYON, FEMININE, GUITAR, IDOL FAN, LESSONS, MAGOI, MIBUGUMI, NANDEMO, NERV, NOSEBLEEDS, QUEEN BEE, REFOREST, SENPAI, POSEIDON, TOMBOYISH, UNIFORMS, BAKUZAN, got poseidon02, poseidon03, poseidon06, poseidon09, poseidon11, tomboyish01, tomboyish07, tomboyish16, tomboyish19, tomboyish20, uniforms08, uniforms18, uniforms19, bakuzan07, bakuzan08, bakuzan13, bakuzan14, bakuzan15, bakuzan16, bakuzan18, gardens09, virtual02, idiom03, bigpuppy07, secretarea20, leftover03, whitemage09, karma08, warmonger17, piratehat01, teapot05, sbjk11, tactical13, highland11, carrier02, platinum04, rebel04, power18, valm04, hi-potions18, yoshiro19, oceanside11, myunit03, therat07, trusting04, reactions18, syringe15, analyzing09, iceland05, armor15, sociable19, renowned14, seychelles17, sticker08, topspin08, hyakkiyakou08, purewhite09, zessen19, obnoxious09, gears11, phazon13, appmon03, fairies15, red crayon, 5 orange crayons, 3 yellow crayons, 2 green crayons, blue crayon, 5 purple crayons, 3 gray crayons for mastering
- got baptismrite04, drowsiness03 and psychology02 in anniversary day 2

May 30, 2018 ------------
- got blueimpulse11, blueimpulse13, blueimpulse16, blueimpulse17, bohemian20, breeder14, breeder16, breeder18, breeder19, cain10, curiosity04, curiosity06, curiosity13, feminine13, feminine18, feminine19, feminine20, guitar01, guitar02, guitar05, guitar08, guitar11, guitar16, idolfan08, idolfan12, idolfan14, lessons03, lessons04, lessons05, lessons10, lessons18, lessons19, magoi10, magoi16, magoi17, magoi20, nandemo05, nandemo06, nandemo08, nandemo10, nandemo12, nandemo17, nerv07, nerv10, nerv13, nerv18, nerv19, reforest17, reforest18, reforest19, reforest20 as mod pay
- traded charmed03, charmed20, humiliated02, occultfreak02, orbital02, shorinji01, starcadia02, starcadia04, walpurgis01 to nidoking for mibugumi19, mibugumi20, sulfide02, treachery02, kipass02, mitsume02, dreamycrown03, ninja12, northkanto08
- took cain11, cain13, cindy06, compy02, create19, cybele08, deathtrap18, deathtrap19, december2503, emptiness06, emptiness12, fantasy06, freezer03, grafeisen01, grafeisen03, grafeisen04, grafeisen10, grafeisen11, grafeisen13, grafeisen17, grafeisen19, lunarbase05, lunartear01, nandemo07, nandemo13, nandemo16, needcool17, nonocchi14, oddjobs01, oddjobs05, oddjobs09, oddjobs17, oddjobs18, perlite05, perlite18, poseidon10, probe04, probe18, replicant02, replicant18 from recycled art

May 27, 2018 ------------
- took reforest14, epyon17, bohemian17, reforest15, bohemian18, blueimpulse03, reforest16, blueimpulse10 from spell academia

May 26, 2018 ------------
- MASTERED ASSASSINATE, BUTTERFLIES, CONQUEROR, DEAD END, DROOLING, HAUGHTY, HOLIC TRICK, KAYO-CHIN, PRINCESSLIKE, REQUIEM, SPELUNKING, SWING ROCK, TENSION MAX, VIKING TIGER, SMOL, KAJIYUU, STARMAGIC; got smol07, smol08, smol09, smol10, smol11, smol12, smol13, smol14, smol15, smol16, smol17, smol18, smol19, smol20, reforest09, reforest10, clow02, clow03, buusagi07, buku15, limited16, arrows16, junkcube14, tonkotsu02, starfox15, samuraifan03, danderes12, selfpublish17, puyo11, grappler05, unification16, burst18, oneforall04, attracts17, conventional05, wrestler11, bark05, crow05, honneamise13, kilenc11, drugs02, confirmed08, formalities02, sangriarosa15, firststring03, clock03, funyarinpa18, doumei06, bookofd12, zookeeper03, mechapilots15, mythicals18, reflexes15, chastiefol01, multi-size08, unreliable19, four red crayons, four orang crayons, four green crayons, blue crayon, two purpe crayons, rown crayon and gray crayon
- took photonray01, whitetitan01, grondement01, shorinji01, walpurgis01, occultfreak02, humiliated02, charmed03, starcadia02, orbital02, archers01, adultlike02, bakuzan03, baptismrite03, chaldeas04, gardens08 from release

May 24, 2018 ------------
- gave serve14, serve16 to nidoking
- exchanged dizzy02, dizzy03, dizzy08, dizzy11, dizzy13, dizzy17, serve05, serve07, serve10, serve11 for epyon04, epyon09, epyon12, epyon13, epyon14, epyon15, mibugumi02, mibugumi05, mibugumi07, mibugumi11 in book of cards

May 22, 2018 ------------
- traded crescent08, hephsin06, heroic16, hi-potions06, insensitive06, mars12, memorized04, mercury10, mortal02, pulse12, raising17, relic12, uncouth01, wilkis16 and sigs to admiral for breeder12, breeder17, dreaca17, dreamycrown16, needcool13, nosebleeds20, firewhip18, firewhip19, flashing17, 3dgraphics08, 3dgraphics09, argent05, chopping03, nonoriri10 and sig

May 20, 2018 ------------
- took bohemian10, bohemian11, bohemian13, chaldeas03, baptismrite02, chaldeas02, reforest11, reforest12, reforest13 from spell academia
- got queenbee09, queenbee14, queenbee15, queenbee17, queenbee19, senpai06, senpai14, senpai17, senpai19, senpai20, nosebleeds02, nosebleeds04, nosebleeds08, nosebleeds13, nosebleeds20, gardens03, gardens04, gardens05, gardens06, gardens07 in mod pay

May 08, 2018 ------------
- exchanged 4minutes20, abilities10, accessories16, adepts05, assassins08, biometals06, tanabata11, termina15, tsunderes04, u-1710, versicolor18, wakamoto14, world04, ylisse20, zearth06, occidental14, odyssey18, ogata18, older09, onod12, onoken13, palicoes11, passiontype09, pc-9812, 20th14, 20th19, 3rdregiment03, 3rdregiment03, 3rdregiment05, 3rdregiment06, 3rdregiment20, 4thbatter07, 4thbatter19, 66704, 66715, 66907, 72pillars12, 89th12, 89th13, 8years16, 92fs03, abandon17, abel06, abel07, abh20, abroad09, absence14, abyss11 for smol06, kayo-chin06, kayo-chin14, kayo-chin15, kayo-chin16, kayo-chin18, kayo-chin19, kayo-chin20, starmagic03, starmagic04, starmagic10, starmagic13, starmagic14, starmagic15, starmagic19, starmagic20 in art studio
- LEVELED UP; got redtower12, naivete02, chromatus07, tanagura09, blade08, 4thdistrict11, mindbadge03, diesel-san11, friendly07, prussia09, optimist13, feisty08, rebellion12, titanic05, big18, hakudan10, kattelox01, tipster05, explode11, shining20, tempest20, lesson05, nyanpasu19, moped10, korobokkuru19, place09, exodia03, perceptive11, trypio02, memorybomb17, wabisuke19, pendragon09, chui12, lotus20, ponta02, seagod19, parasol07, competition01, flow06, gemknight06, motor17, dcn-02901, scholar06, nekopunch13, kayo-chin01, kayo-chin02, kayo-chin03, kayo-chin05, kayo-chin07, kayo-chin09, kayo-chin10, kayo-chin11, kayo-chin12, kayo-chin13, two red crayons, three orange crayons, two yellow crayons, two green crayons, two gray crayons for levelng up
- took candidate19, warflag05, warflag07, reforest07, candidate20, tensionmax19, princesslike18, adultlike20, princesslike19, reforest08 in spell academia
- exchanged candies for candidate14, candidate15, candidate16, candidate17, holictrick14, holictrick16, holictrick18, haughty20, vikingtiger07, vikingtiger08, vikingtiger09, vikingtiger10, vikingtiger13, vikingtiger13, vikingtiger17, vikingtiger18, spelunking06, spelunking07, spelunking08, spelunking09, spelunking10, spelunking11, spelunking12, spelunking13, spelunking14, spelunking15, spelunking16, spelunking17, spelunking18, spelunking19, spelunking20, swingrock05, requiem07, requiem10, requiem11, requiem15, swingrock14, swingrock18, swingrock20, baptismrite01, princesslike05, princesslike06, princesslike07, princesslike08, princesslike09, princesslike11, princesslike15, princesslike16, candidate18, smol05, vikingtiger19 in shopping street
- exchanged orange crayon, 7 red crayons, 2 gray crayons and 2 brown crayons for candies in shopping street
- exchanged halloween candies for haughty18, haughty19, candidate11, candidate13, smol03, smol04, blueimpulse04, blueimpulse05, tensionmax16, tensionmax18, breeder07, reforest03, reforest04, reforest05, reforest06, vikingtiger01, vikingtiger04, vikingtiger06

May 06, 2018 ------------
- took spelunking05, warflag04, swingrock01, reforest02, bohemian03, breeder05, swingrock02, curiosity01, candidate08, candidate09 in spell academia
- got blue crayon, brown crayon and orange crayon in pick a color
- got mflove17, dwn-020, abandon07, knowledge01, freeshooter09, mechanical04, discord17, catmask12, cares18, crossraven10, cybernetic01, deathmetal02, ramen05, curiosity18, cowlick02 in pick a color
- got pay03, gladsheim16, chariot01, violent09, ichii-bal03, hebirote13, pallum16, emptiness19 in colorseum
- traded green crayon to 9tales for orange crayon

May 05, 2018 ------------
- got 9 red crayons, 5 orange crayons, 11 yellow crayons, 8 green crayons, 10 blue crayons, 8 purple crayons, 13 brown crayons, 6 gray crayons, banshees04, sonic16, hearts01, yesyesyes20, freespirit09, android17, beatdown13, grimreaper06, disith03, touching13, maybirthday08, moonwalker03, kalosqueen15, cycle10, february04, gear05, dragonblood18, wildlion17, okikurumi07, greedy07, sultry07, lilikin20, morganatic18, wing12, class11, inherited01, chisha05, rivalry06, bet16, lorasia02, tenchou05, wilkis16, introvert15, shiro01, gravityhole13, beauteous11, lithuania03, ryuuseigun03, amour07, soundless16, kill02, sinners03, gunblade05, author08, ocean20, chips02, spiderwebs05, courage12, herbalist08, self-driven04, warpstar09, stalking09, angelo10, entercards03, rins09, andromeda15, rody17, spoiled16, paradise17, rewrite08, seele10, houdai08, enroll08, hakubaiko04, cynophobia05, poorthing08, womanizer01, southitaly18, pe02, scouter07, gin08, libera10, witchgirl14, old12, fangs02, sex19, fists07, talentshow09, firstson11, mepo06, distrust14, witchelny10, uguu06, shingetsu16, hug05, songwriter08, sanctioned10, foxes04, wyborg16, grain02, moonbroke20, darkmay09, prisoner10, iris03, megaring16, heavens07, lycee01, kshatriya02, bake-danuki04, create07, warpstar14, housenka16, intoxicated19, man17, worthy06, datadrain10, taka04, sabbat02, odyssey18, fulfill05, destiny17, faction15, rainmaker01, headstrong13, paternal05, innuendos05, nowhere03, nekoma02, jealous03, raimeiki20, archaeology11, headphone03, meridiana09, delinquent08, syringe16, fuujin19, fold01, infertile04, enjoying13, curara10, sketchbook10, gaps18, galland07, girlfriend20, herbalist04, noheart19, fortree06, gentleness18, skywalk18, endurance17, narcissist03, dancer13, misinterpret03, pistols13, benishigure03, engetsu15, theguild15, scorching16, hanagumi05, cakepig08, precognitive01, forelock18, sweaters10, twin09, octava10, sticks07, benten20, therapist07, code19, crane09, dwn-04003, rooster08, avalon08, nil20, spacepirate15, over900007, serious14, call05, tidy01, younglings16, biometals06, humanist15, sil8006, imitating19, rollflash09, leveller06, hephsin06, maschera11, satan18, npc01, deceptively19, manly16, genie12, abuse15, alarm18, skeletal02, betrayed07, height01, weaponry08, idiot09, kneel08, morning04, ilmago06, receptionist05, happylucky19, buddha03, halide17, book02, karateka02, mountain18, jealous06, 2ndchild12, interview17, volleyball10, perm07, physics13, fallfairy10, trinity12, wildlife15, ruinhunter01, ignore02, iaigeri12, passedon12, aristocracy09, captains17, fd3s13, emerald04, notebook02, humbug15, turkey02, wandering10, cosplay19, illegitimate08, schiff09, dogoopencil20, kalosqueen02, uravity09, oldgrowth05, fincutter03, impossible15, exp11, war14, madao08, gray07, curebeauty15, kagemusha19, taunts20, lightofgod07, pervy05, scissors18, scholar07, lolishota05, kemari02, hotarumaru16, fragarach04, aquarium08, ginnungagap04, necessarius07, flamenblue16, blackhawks02, guertena02, judecca15, tours18, blackbelt17, gerudo03, hana13, cointoss19, slimes02, kirinfang17, revenant04, nine17, hamha20, harpy03, ricky12, rosettaarrow11, exsphere08, taguel08, neshitteru20, form04, destruct04, littleevil16, berrybell13, kshatriya01, whitefang20, nee-san04, non-human17, zelda17, fflove03, mercurius01, shorthair20, humiliated06, yorha04, takeout19, chainsaw10, chick19, guardians19, agogo13, director11, gryphon02, limited04, ise17, kira07, assistant03, scribbled06, byakugan07, jinen18, iwa-chan14, mourning07, pikopiko16, tennyo09, rasetsu01, voile04, jakob03, scholar16, outerspace02, shards15, lupan20, overpriced10, darkloid04, kazu01, dull07, lunartear02, dreamisland04, coroner12, answer16, memorized04, islero09, sponsored08, proudclad05, magickey01, robber17, thebest02, banchou06, manly09, freckled10, sakugarne08, always15, fix10, gnosis05, playmaker07, carmine19, kunst13, highrollers10, glacier08, clover04, modo-modo20, darkones01, dnn03, cellophane03, hakubaiko05, moonrace03, pentagram02, musashino06, ko02, conducts12, hakuda09, myhero01, diving04, liberator03, alseides12, makaiju03, familia13, pantheress04, magitek07, goldsaucer11, nelde12, village09, dummy04, clueless11, facade06, exercising07, magedom06, duty05, sensitive04, muramasa02, cursed13, aquaactress08, feminine15, nonbinary01, heavyarms20, weak12, android02, abes04, general13, antivirus13, gaudy10, 300iq08, bugle08, loveless17, lovewing04, tomochin20, srn-00102, gekokujou11, bum11, phosphate05, neojapan15, totalwood15, villagerb04, prideful08, spoons18, handmaid05, doumei19, peripheral14, jiangshi13, pursuing09, bandit18, rainmaker18, kingsaw08, serenade14, curefelice04, toughguy11, grayscale19, invention08, onod12, particle02, amphilyon01, scrawl01, raising19, wield20, coexistence17, crested01, playboy04, bandage04, mameshiba14, princesskey16, milk15, astraeus19, cedef01, detectives17, advisor04, sunfist12, underground06, tartar02, pisky07, demure05, wolborg20, totem-pole11, romeo09, firstroom07, profiler11, prosecutor02, heatwave08, dranzer04, romancekiss16, yo-yo03, messhouen09, pie03, drowsiness02, egret20, distaste09, childhood18, caregiver12, expedition06, rich04, launch03, inthebag18, hellguide12, lycee10, galileo04, greenshell09, zauber04, freespirit07, osananajimi12, galax06, astraea08, risingsun02, wasu08, cellphones07, sweeten15, class03, apos13, playgirl19, rattata07, sakamoto18, combat02, takarazuka12, serenade20, gravy04, mobage14, emptiness20, outburst20, no1curry20, idolfan03, nemesisq20, consultant19, pets18, harnais17, kingjj13, vanargand11, nobility14, yatagarasu15, 58yearsold10, mysteries08, hi-potions06, lancelot12, dexterous09, grudges15, rafflesia06, limsa01, commentary06, mathematics05, stew08, huge20, letranger06, beatjumper17, jet-black04, superhero02, darkflame11, awa-awa16, pyrotechnics19, bodhisattva16, hat04, greatwhite11, teacup15, yamigitsune08, tauburn10, ddd08, musicboxes16, revolt01, composed05, masou05, firstlevel19, english16, medic19, mars12, devour14, attentive13, egotistical14, reliable07, friendship02, lovequeen10, swindler05, dwn-03705, thechariot17, dnn05, reinherz14, blinky12, gaia18, sweetheart12, catholic14, meikai05, harmonica09, camellia03, nadeshiko18, ookwee13, fate05, jimmies12, guts05, distrust03, soscary20, admired05, cellophane09, lalalulu03, loveletter11, galactic14, mission10, feiris16, genki03, cuarta07, wakamoto14, alseides16, bluestar02, gloves03, bubble11 as mod pay

May 03, 2018 ------------
- exchanged carsick06, carsick10, carsick16, carsick16, carsick17 for candidate01, candidate02, candidate03, candidate04, candidate05 in book of cards

May 01, 2018 ------------
- exchanged alchemists16, blue08, bunaru16, catsndogs11, cids10, dancers14, darkening19, detectives13, easternmyth09, eyepatches18, greythorne16, greythorne19, hamha09, horror01, janbirthday20, jobs15, julbirthday05, koryuji18, lucavi03, marbirthday15, meganes02, metafalica14, neshitteru01, octbirthday17, yukipon07, yukipon10, yukipon18, yupyup20, yuugataget14, yuujinchou02, zackpedia13, zafkiel04, zagan01, zagan04, zagan08, zaibatsu09, zaibatsu12, zaku17, zanber12, zanei19, zangetsu05, zangetsu19, zanza02, zanza11, zauber01, zelda19, zero-type04, zippo13 for kajiyuu05, kajiyuu15, kajiyuu17, kajiyuu18, kajiyuu19, kajiyuu20, starmagic01, starmagic02, conqueror19, conqueror20, assassinate06, assassinate07, assassinate08, assassinate19, assassinate20, haughty17 in art studio

April 30, 2018 ------------
- got 5 red crayons, 9 orange crayons, 7 yellow crayons, 5 green crayons, 7 blue crayons, 8 purple crayons, 4 brown crayons, 1 gray crayon fr one year's worth of deck pay
- got usamin02, lostvayne04, niichan20, orphanage12, schiff07, invisible16, maintenance08, luckystar18, fiery15, fish13, earthpulse05, protect13, horseback20, utsuwa05, doctorine03, athlum13, curebeauty09, five15, cham13, maiko16, charmed12, requests04, impressions05, shotgun20, submarine03, imitating01, starvevenom12, restart01, daisuki09, grumbly12, respirator20, choir08, harpnote06, yoshiro02, non-human18, mgronald02, naming03, timeskip20, falena06, raising17, swordsman01, topspeed01, tol11, watashi08, nailart09, universe704, multibug19, shattered09, maps10, cola20, orchid06, ginka16, brigandia03, abusive13, magnagate16, benetnasch11, howl19, redhood02, nakochi01, tekkadan17, artemisbow10, redgem03, c-virus06, headache13, athlum07, picky06, idols08, yoohoo13, teddybears08, hamha09, strom02, headbutler06, wodontimes20, cloaked15, clothespeg11, pervert18, kazahana04, planners06, vaniville08, accurate13, cherryboy09, squishy08, thejackal17, schwert08, illegitimate07, poffins11, deliver03, balance13, femme09, clock12, sign13, y-ko02, allsunday10, heropon18, naive06, corratec09, mercurius13, nonoriri20, wien14, starlight20, fieldwork20, facade10, ghosts10, ruckus17, headangel03, liladan04, laevatein03, titania15, second06, gloves20, strictcoach04, goofy09, luxury10, kaminome09, reticent08, thresher10, circle15, diariumejus05, mysticruins09, highentia04, fallere18, opening06, raijin19, baker19, shiokaze08, rins07, bailang11, seal20, romance03, glintarmor11, klarerwind12, harumaki07, mature11, tenyears16, ladle20, galactic16, thefamily06, catgirl06, madamered02, spirius01, effort19, disguise17, newton08, rouge10, warflag06, across20, griffolyon02, sanction16, sailorcap11, blackfang19, ultimateshot06, scientist19, restraint06, victim1617, greenpearl19, parenting08, reserved06, crow06, kalina20, tune09, risappe03, honneamise05, grandcross15, 3rdchild05, koubu03, golden14, demure19, dwn-00901, rareitems05, library01, shark19, crane19, wrestler06, lonetiger02, mobage17, amphilyon13, medabot10, conjurer02, totty18, lostvayne02, 4minutes20, carryon06, desertland19, conflicted03, compelled06, kagutsuchi05, delinquent06, usamin17, dynamite02, direction13, algorithm04, highpeak11, shard19, scales20, rpgmaker17, maxwell13, powdersnow16, colorball10, curara07, whitemouse07, policelady14, timeloop08, avarice10, kirakira10, assassins08, chryse10, shotgun20, left05, peterpan12, create18, earring06, spandex05, pulse12, soul07, musubi11, animals19, sound14, xscar04, artistic01, silent04, markv15, impact20, mochiguma07, photonray18, eldest03, galactic19, machinery16, magikoopa15, pikopiko07, winddance09, amiable12, camembert15, eligible10, pokedex10, blueknights12, genome09, skateboard11, eccentric13, second04, designer03, lumberjack20, amaranthine13, adepts05, nyan01, magister01, incapable07, liaison08, tsunpo17, heroic16, crescent08, whiskey08, onihime02, mysterious12, magikoopa04, rival20, myths12, cocky17, chocolat10, sekigan07, altergeist15, x88s18, magma09, mainyu18, sacrifice12, cooks18, yousoro09, halloween08, cockroaches16, neurotic04, soloship19, kaiser17, kirara03, mockingbird07, swap11, wetsuit02, harumaki18, flankshot11, dualwield10, muscles05, catears02, patient13, tasco13, madness04, mooncell06, 15120, shopping01, sirix16, trickster14, raitei16, sailorfuku19, beauteous08, kita13, headboy01, warmonk13, y-ko03, likable07, voyager05, proud06, perceive17, dunceney16, bluesteel05, pokute05, milkcan10, wildgeese05, devout09, tensho12, crowanima04, lovers18, tenjiryuu14, duality09, box07, mellow05, curesunny11, stringless14, timberowl15, flashing12, warmonk18, hyakka09, undertaker04, no17, beauteous19, kansai06, fang07, exercising02, tennyo11, following11, huge04, deadlines02, safety01, corneria01, chomechome02, m002, agent12, mature20, fascinated14, klarerwind03, galux07, marimo04, muda09, civics06, genma17, intellect12, tokugawa13, occidental14, soul10, redgem19, u-1710, burmecia08, poodle01, reploids10, voile11, eleventh03, whitehat01, bishi05, rocker07, niconico18, zanarkand11, strom15, exposition19, amaterasu07, sunflowers14, systems19, comrades10, purify07, coils08, sniff16, fog17, older09, doorshrine10, protection20, izanagi07, composer12, step-mom17, curemuse13, kritya19, blackmage20, nirvana08, greatest12, pipe03, carrots13, russia05, toybox06, kape15, nonbinary06, passiontype09, yasako19, kyuudou01, littlebuddy15, ring14, tsunderes04, silverstar02, taming12, switzerland14, dolphin01, birds12, delivery02, indoors05, piercedboy11, masochism18, ylisse20, tellme10, senpuujin04, incubus02, bloom18, uranohoshi05, dragoon17, pe13, rookie16, tomahawk03, weapons17, backstroke10, yupyup19, drugs16, over900012, fogtroupe03, copying15, schwarzwelt05, cantonese17, dumb15, dreaming07, exorcist11, curse03, gainax16, absent05, world04, prisoner19, sin04, uneven08, clones02, respected20, quadra20, juniorjr12, triad16, unstable04, slob07, rival15, pirate01, ghostgirl13, abilities10, place07, pitcher15, theguild03, firefighter04, normalcy14, uravity01, challenge04, distracted05, madnautilus03, belittled10, foxmagic05, ronin07, eros03, serious03, everafter16, schwarzer17, loved10, reddevil01, voltswitch09, corporal07, straycat18, spider17, kotodama18, bootylon05, accessories16, gray19, kazus03, cyber608, lark06, medusa14, veggies20, yosuga13, eon10 as one year's worth of deck pay

April 26, 2018 ------------
- exchanged badfuture06, badfuture10, badfuture12, badfuture16, bloodlust14 for nerv01, nerv02, nerv04, nerv06, no701 in book of cards

April 25, 2018 ------------
- got crime06, barefists07, notequal14, devotee05, hyperion19, outburst19, proper14, story14, spirius05, hotheaded17, delete12, blue08 andblue crayon in seiyuu guess
- got emishi16, shadowsword11, scientific19, persocom05, muse19, gruesome05, movepoint12, metalrod09 in colorseum
- got lierate02, selamatpagi04, artificial13, himegimi07, lesson10, bloodshot15, braves07, endurance14, rosebleue15, scuro16, uphold15, weather01, cake08, lily20, bookoflaw03, seagod16, failure02, requiem09, revenant20, luzrov05 in help miss kamila
- got protagonist20, kanabo07, kakusei02, cowlick15, frugal20, copybot17, lastking20, mole13 in colorseum
- got enforcers19, opera20, manners16, dead01, debauchery19, clean02, fullbringer08, shuei-gumi19 in colorseum
- got dragoon20, returns07, future18, mattsun11, spirits19, bigdipper06, mercury10, position006 in colorseum
- got competitive12, tomochin12, grownup16, gemstone07, greece18, weapons14, fushigi02, bail08, onigiri04, yellow crayon, brown crayon and green crayon for donating decks
- got karateka02, grin08, dreamyard05, scientist17 in help miss kamila
- got levitation07, maple02, adolescent15, top101, executed14, optimistic10 in seiyuu guess
- got dwn-03313, knucklehead05, joajna05, dynames12, infamus07, npc15 in seiyuu guess
- got lorasia05, prankdevil07, lefthand04, demonchild12, yoyoi09, demonfists05, monapizza12, misspeak05, saneprince06, makki17, skywalk20, nyan02, whitecoat10, ukki11, pureheart09, sakamoto19, pokken07, jobs15, koryuji18, sakuras20, ships05, greythorne16, marbirthday15, pc-9812, metafalica14 in pick a color
- got rice19, intelligence12, become08, chemicals02, ophelia17, mu09, brookhaven12, sideburns02 in colorseum

April 24, 2018 ------------
- got swimmer18, kotodama07, passive04, trainer11, saikoku08, calnus19, iwa-chan16, dogs09, yellow crayon and gray crayo in colorseum
- got box09, blackmage13, warrior15, mighty08, deinnomos09, spin16, eins07, diverdown06, smokyjail19, lefthand18, blackthorn05, doha01, selfies18, ship03, intoxicated06, numberone03, darkening19, hamha09 in pick a color
- got ogata18, easternmyth09, greythorne19, alchemists16, julbirthday05 in pick a color
- got doberman01, monotonous19, sleeping17, passion15, beer04, nudist08, lucavi03, termina15 in colorseum

April 23, 2018 ------------
- got gungnir09, growth07, revuesstar05, maxwell12 in help miss kamila
- got tsukuyo07, inugami01, compromiser14, devon16, honest03, thechariot11, caring19, dedication20 in colorseum
- exchanged yuujinchou02, shrine15 for yuujinchou15, shrine01 in swap station
- got gemstone18, lure16, butterfly03, saikoku09, terpsichora04, chisho08, lightmusic07, idols17 in colorseum
- got ophelia07, flowery11, photos10, lancer06, denying01, massage03, firefly01, kilenc09 in colorseum
- got all-purpose03, nickel06, information15, wrist06, adonis02, whitenight10, genome01, novelist06, champloo13, neurotic17, amber13, magikazam16, underground20, javelin05, quindecim05 and purple crayon in pick a color
- got traditional19, schemer09, pliskin15, yami04, t-shirt10, christianity01, mezzaluna06, schemer03 and two red crayons in colorseum
- got friedeggs08, princes10, reckless20, magickey08 in colorseum
- got zoologist03, territorial07, totem-pole10, tabiidol14 in help miss kamila
- got hakume13, sheeh14, deck18, ducati15, cosmos18, academia10, zearth06, dancers14, sisters10, versicolor18 in advent calendar
- got society09, ragecandy04 in advent calendar
- got 43rdsong07, miroku10, real01, military19, starcave10, maverick10, drugs19, taekwondo02 in colorseum
- got chides20, windcrystal05, sexpistols01, exuberant14, conspiring04, kurokami05, hihio11, nosebleeds10 in colorseum
- got deco17, spunquel06, netherworld18, kipass10, straylize10, esper02, astronomer20, neshitteru01 in advent calendar
- got nirvash07, excluded01, greedy09, successor07, minerva16, ast19, troy02, royalty08 in colorseum
- got burstspear04, cosmicmind20, liladan15, yatsufusa07, junkcube12, greathawk03, porsche13, blackbird15 in colorseum
- took butterflies20, drooling13, drooling17, haughty15, haughty16, conqueror17, conqueror18 in spell academia

April 22, 2018 ------------
- took spelunking03, requiem05, requiem06, nova02, haughty12, spelunking04, haughty14 from spell academia
- got mochiguma09, relic12, tanagura02, monado07, smile05, mercurial10, sphinx101, newkama13 in colorseum
- got universe704, phan-site08, chores11, machine07, bathtub10, gallant10, humanist19, megaten08 in colorseum
- got tennis14, glassmaker02, nadeshiko06. highjump01, judecca06, appraiser20, guchu13, palicoes11 in colorseum

April 21, 2018 ------------
- got thefalcon03, results08, aqours16, ghostlock12, policelady12, logout10, wolfbeil03, adultlike07, meganes02, red crayon, yellow crayon, gray crayon for donating decks
- got manynames11, choromi18, esteem06, shrimp16, innocence01, drowsiness12, curtsy06, krik05, guild16, green crayon, yellow crayon and gray crayon for donating decks
- got mortal02, spin13, ran20, haro03, oyaji09, engines04, automail02, yasakani07 in colorseum
- got humandrug12, tragedies01, wakaba12, kaleidostar05, tights04, officelady13, sun17, passionate11 in colorseum
- got spaz20, pay18, honesty17, aoitori03, vengeful06, immigrant06, whitewhale07, uncouth01 in colorseum
- got four06, admiring20, leonhelp07, man06, takasugi02, godhand11 in seiyuu guess
- got a green cand from catfriend
- got dropi16, serpent09, whiteclown20, insensitive06, maintenance18, knights05, dragonwhip06, alexandria19 in colorseum
- got demifiend13, komachi11, surnames15, revive08, ancestor17, sharnoth09, striaton04, remakes06 in colorseum
- got dewicious01, puku03, signora12, beatdown17, sunshine17. observer04, meikai11, kunoichi19 in colorseum
- got lascivious01, barrels15, matriarch06, sorcerers09, lovementor03, weak02, playing15, tantalus11, falborg03, bronco19, parenting07, ignored11, denial04 in pick a color
- got gekokujou05, swan10, osmanthus20, roll17 in help miss kamila

April 19, 2018 ------------
- got deepsea06, subway14, klarerwind07, theinferno07, danes06, paimon02, nataku16, bunaru16 in colorseum
- got loyal14, yupyup08, shivers02, horror01 in help miss kamila
- got excitable18, raise11, prodigy14, guarddog09, toyboat20, daddy10, tellme12, auntie12 in colorseum
- exchanged woman02, woman09, woman11, woman18, woman19 for deadend04, deadend11, deadend13, deadend14, deadend16 in book of cards

April 18, 2018 ------------
- got elemio02, copybot14, otomen02, efficient17, body09, flow07, gecko02, valkyrie05 in colorseum
- got legal13, respect16, earphone18, freespirit20, place08, honneamise05, sheltered18, blackrabbit07 in fan mail

April 17, 2018 ------------
- got gladsheim20, powerpuff12, birdcalls13, trapmaker06, likable17, pokute07, transform05, loveng04, whisker01, copybot08, demonrose18, issachar07, mantis12, ridiculed04, jinchuu14, purple crayon, red crayon, yellow crayon in colors league
- got kyotouryuu04, acepilot12, race06, cards03, pawn16, haughty13, lowborn07, conducts09 in fan mail
- got refined13, windwhip10, fimbulventr04, aodaisho05, mourning14, sonicboom14, pariah06, canary04 in anniversary day 16
- got opera06, tootall07, skill-out13, maniwa06, eyepatches18, carrier04 in colors anniversary
- got asapin07, lipstick10, hadome02, beelzebub10, lastking15, uriah08, bloodwhip19, hellguide08, xylophone06, fairytale14, gladiator19, mortician15, pro08, talented16, lastmagnum06, morphus02, technician12 in pick a color
- got astray04, relic11, desertland14, orange crayon for donating decks
- got bookoflaw05, nullify11, gigant19, inabox17, shadow15, nataku20, yellow crayon, brown crayon for donating decks
- got gestalt01, childofgod05, homicide16, funland19, crawling15, lyricist19, clean-cut09, eponassong17, psypher11 red crayon, blue crayon, yellow crayon for donating decks
- got comnet13, rots12, kanjipuns08, fakehero04, aimo16, mystery15, proxy19, octbirthday17 in colorseum
- got exercise15, alleluia10, haikei18, indecent13, rosetta13, watchers17, chuu20, melchsee18 in shadow watching
- got ppse07, sorbonne12, isako01, lance02, traumatic11, atonement16 in seiyuu guess
- got shinya09, udonge05, tongue15, lastation04 in help miss kamila
- got skirt01, ifraid07, buhii09, icequeen11, gray crayon and blue crayon in colorseum
- got dwn-03911, empowering04, legs18, 108th06, datadrain11, mibugumi06, vinea16, sexyguilty01, consume20, shifter15, porcelain10, fly20, pinky19, lieseltania03, blocker14, forehead03, samurais17, robots03, detectives13, qipao02, tanabata11, catsndogs11, sawashirom08 in colors league
- got sir19, indifferent01, hexes09, milk04, benefits07, scares14, overshadowed18, angra17, bloodhound06, arlia18 in colorseum
- got grumbly18, wind-up04, dln-00801, grandson09, wyborg19, esaka08 in friend report
- got kickboxer01, therion11, explosives04, incarnate04, drops16, gemknight12, prayer16, cids10 in shadow watching
- got masks05, foodpuns16, earrings05, druid19, hougu10, girl04, flamboyant19, bracer03 in shadow watching
- got einstein07, johto16, ravenous06 and janbirthday20 in help miss kamila

April 16, 2018 ------------
- took kajiyuu03 and butterflies19 from april fools release

April 15, 2018 ------------
- took holictrick12, butterflies18, spelunking02, haughty11, drooling03, conqueror16, requiem04 from spell academia

April 13, 2018 ------------
- got haughty01, haughty02, haughty03, haughty04 from nidoking
- exchanged sniper02, sniper09, sniper09, sniper10, sniper12, sniper12 for aughty05, haughty06, haughty07, haughty08, haughty09, haughty10 in book of cards

April 08, 2018 ------------
- took butterflies12, warflag03, butterflies13, butterflies14, butterflies15, butterflies16 from spell academia

April 02, 2018 ------------
- took riders01, chryse01, deliveries01, breeder13, warflag16 from release
- took conqueror11, butterflies10, conqueror12, deadend06, conqueror13, conqueror14, conqueror15, butterflies11, deadend09 in spell academia

March 25, 2018 ------------
- took butterflies03, butterflies04, butterflies05, butterflies06, drooling02, butterflies07, butterflies08, butterflies09 in spell academia
- took logic01, logic03, butterflies02 from release

March 24, 2018 ------------
- MASTERED CARAMELS; got vocal13, christianity17, conqueror07 and green crayon
- got chaldeas01, beast15, bicycle18, breaking02, class19 from nidoking
- MASTERED RETRO; got flat05, affable16, bunbunmaru17, kajiyuu01 and red crayon
- got wolf16, remembering09, popnbeat11, armadillo03, gravy12, righthand14, contests16, lax06, cousin08, impostors10, submit03, supremekai11, amaken19, iceblue11, duel17, midnight06, assassin12, otouto14, fun18, memorywipe01, changing16, whitemage02, abel06, onoken13, slap18, rottencop08, himeya09, oasi14, irises15, stage11, 5thdan03, nitro10, canada03, rottencop19, byakugan14, vassal05, pebble14, domino09, mammamia07, devon20, four purple crayons; four gray crayons; two blue crayons; two red crayons; three brown crayons; three green crayons; orange crayon for mastering
- MASTERED 2ND CHILD, got ridiculed20, MASTERED BEAR CAT; got schemer14, MASTERED BILLIARD; got sun06; MASTERED BUUSAGI; got sun07; MASTERED DI TELADA; got sun12; MASTERED DIX NEUF; got sun13; MASTERED HELLA FIRE; got sun14; MASTERED JUDGE; got sun19; MASTERED JULIA; got symphony13; MASTERED LEY LINES; got symphony16; MASTERED MONOCHROME; got symphony18; MASTERED ODANGO; got symphony19; MASTERED SHRINE; got symphony20; MASTERED SWEET; got caramels03; MASTERED VOID GEAR; got caramels07; MASTERED YUUJINCHOU; got caramels08; MASTERED RIDICULED; got conqueror04; MASTERED SCHEMER; got caramels17; MASTERED SUN; got conqueror05; MASTERED SYMPHONY; got conqueror06

March 23, 2018 ------------
- gave nailart18, waltz15, waltz16, foresight06, harumaki03 to nidoking
- exchanged thecalm02, flamebody08, pinkdiamond15, rockwall08, rockwall17 for nailart18, waltz15, waltz16, foresight06, harumaki03 in book of cards

March 18, 2018 ------------
- took warflag01, conqueror08, conqueror09, breeder03, breeder01, conqueror10, humanity02 in spell academia
- took archpriest01, tol01, smol01, spelunking01, construction02 from new release

March 15, 2018 ------------
- exchanged 199805, aces17, adaptations14, gransys17, guns18, illegal05, isshu06, laguz14, lapistier04, lgbtmanga02, mechapilots20, menoris06, musicians19, newyears20, partner19, red07, romipaku15, shounen01, shounen15, stmichaels07, strikers15, morikawa06, morikawa17, villagers15, vulnerable01, warcannon18, wearsamask02, whirlwind02, whirlwind15, whiteblood04, wield19, wield20, wien17, worldcreate12, worlds02, worlds08, worry18, wounds02, wrongbag10, wuzhang04, x31s04, xiv16, yamaken10, yang04, yomi06, yomihime05, youshow10, youthful10 for retro06, retro08, retro09, retro10, retro11, retro14, retro15, retro19, ridiculed11, ridiculed12, ridiculed14, ridiculed15, ridiculed16, ridiculed17, ridiculed18, ridiculed19
- exchanged 15 gray crayons, 7 blue crayons, 14 purple crayons, 16 green crayons, 22 red crayons, 7 brown crayons, 14 orange crayons for bearcat07, bearcat09, bearcat10, bearcat19, voidgear11, voidgear15, voidgear17, voidgear20, billiard14, billiard15, billiard16, billiard17, billiard18, billiard19, billiard20, buusagi10, buusagi11, buusagi15, buusagi18, schemer11, schemer12, schemer13, ditelada06, ditelada09, ditelada10, ditelada13, judge08, judge12, judge16, judge17, judge20, sweet03, sweet07, sweet15, sweet16, sweet17, hellafire11, hellafire12, hellafire13, hellafire15, hellafire17, hellafire19, ridiculed01, ridiculed02, ridiculed03, ridiculed04, ridiculed05, ridiculed06, ridiculed07, ridiculed08, ridiculed09, ridiculed10, julia01, julia08, julia12, julia13, leylines04, leylines05, leylines08, leylines09, leylines12, leylines15, leylines16, leylines17, leylines18, leylines19, leylines20, odango12, odango14, odango17, odango19, shrine18, symphony10, symphony12, yuujinchou14, yuujinchou16, yuujinchou18, yuujinchou19, yuujinchou20, conqueror01, conqueror02, 2ndchild01, 2ndchild02, 2ndchild06, 2ndchild07, 2ndchild08, 2ndchild09, 2ndchild10, 2ndchild11, 2ndchild13, 2ndchild16, 2ndchild17, 2ndchild18, 2ndchild19, 2ndchild20

March 14, 2018 ------------
- exchanged 10join17, 1stchild07, 4thdistrict02, 66720, abandon19, abes06, absolute03, acchan08, accident20, accountant10 for valentines chocolates

March 10, 2018 ------------
- got monochrome19 from instrumentality as valentines gift
- got retro05 from beezebeora as valentines gift
- got billiard12 from nidoking
- took yuujinchou13, shrine14, yuujinchou12, shrine16, bearcat04, billiard11, billiard13 from spell academia

March 08, 2018 ------------
- exchanged nautilus03, nautilus08, nautilus12, nautilus15, nautilus16 for dixneuf11, dixneuf17, dixneuf18, dixneuf19, dixneuf20

March 01, 2018 ------------
- exchanged porn06, porn07, porn13, porn15, virgin16 for buusagi01, buusagi06, buusagi07, buusagi08, jewel01

February 25, 2018 ------------
- took monochrome12, billiard09, leylines06, monochrome13, symphony09, billiard10, monochrome17, leylines07 in spell academia
- got regret14, varuga19, discipline02, ballet11, performance10, drowsiness18, x31s04, bendback01, deathangel05, cosmoses17, psyqualia15, orphan01, daddypon09, kaze13, dknight01, mikan19, snakes08, shinya09, illegal05, swap08, rocker03, kaleidostar20, shocking04, squishy05, sleepy12, acchan08, odani02, ore-sama15, bluebomber20, hollywood17, patience01, shadowpath02, menoris06, flirty19, premonition10, uncouth07, breath16, deepsky17, mercurius16, deadpan09, demonking09, no02, prithivi12, recessive01, calculated13, radiance06, creamland17, marseille12, newyears20, jaganshi19, blackbird06, seireiden05, idiotson19, abandon19, telepath15, paternal03, hesitant12, tentyris07, bohemian09, absolute03, medic04, shivers13, bookstore20, chikuwa13, text16, softhearted18, seacrusher09, hearingaids18, romipaku15, magicalfire19, isshu06, legionnaire18, 10join17, dum13, prosecute19, manchuria11, bomber19, thriller02, sagittarius07, brynhildr16, magikoopa15, themoon14, androgynous04, gemstone01, risingsun13, maids07, replicant01, sun11, whirlwind02, firewhip04, twinstar18, resentful17, talentscout20, oarfish10, dynamite09, redaxe14, harumaki13, self-driven02, orchid09, nohomo05, failure20, befriend14, cubes15, bullmask08, communicate13, milk07, hairclips16, imposter02, hermitcrab05, prosecute18, halftone16, maitreya13, neatfreak20, archenemy20, playgirl12, ghoststory13, launch05, yomi06, powerless02, dualwield16, shogiclub02, iron-blood06, lilac10, dependable02, acting06, wien17, shigofumi06, wnba02, devoured11, hideandseek02, verycute20, motivated16, fate07, toss16, teller13, red07, littlerookie18, shounen01, memories08, golem15, kamui02, whiteblood04, navigate19, dreadlocks08, elecstorm19, tensionmax17, junk11, rabbitears02, betreida12, studybug01, liladan18, gloucester07, wuzhang04, heaven08, leaves06, norespect19, aliens20, reading13, airplane05, scanning06, manaegg16, dutiful16, germany01, thecalm02, two18, fiddle17, fear03, isolated12, canada12, no-nonsense10, fortissimo07, paint15, tabiidol11, falchion07, accountant10, crocodile16, goldwyvern08, s-class06, fractale09, sinker14, lgbtmanga02, liberation18, meat14, unselfish20, ki02, messiah13, cockatoo07, shouryuuken14, duck11, traditional17, kamatari19, capsules06, nabradia11, prayer13, abes06, magedom18, flailsword20, boyslove09, cheery19, lionsguard07, soft12, papillon17, demonsnow08, sideburns13, headstrong14, karate04, luck08, jizaikon09, plumber17, peace09, powdersnow12, ducati08, hellguide08, geek06, scribbled05, rico09, marshmallow03, partner19, worry18, bombs16, third18, wield19, loss01, chibalotte17, genking07, prize08, lenster01, skeleton17, samekh04, idolfangirl14, duty05, epinard10, journalist04, excluded08, ecstasy01, phobia19, exercising16, snake04, doujima19, riverbank04, halos18, teaching03, hat17, mongrel06, schiff20, purplehaze20, bigeater15, trichronika15, formal18, health01, tsundere01, imperatore11, tristan09, strip01, fieldwork13, hirazen05, yang04, worldcreate12, repeat10, children03, greedy02, dimwitted11, nurseschool19, cruiser12, knife-throw04, ridiculous18, conjurer10, boy20, ramble10, tsukikage07, silpheed16, kindness20, painter04, yourboy11, sinners17, project13, carmine03, channel4201, vulnerable01, striaton10, janna01, society18, data15, labcoat16, chespie17, holyark18, kingsaw04, frog19, twinkling09, empress03, overclock06, ciaossu15, octopus14, detached03, trueblood18, xiv16, isako05, journey18, analyzation11, ogikubo13, calamity03, killerqueen19, vaneltia11, piano16, wearsamask02, simulation01, konpeito08, tao12, foundyou02, talented01, swindler04, shepherd03, droids06, loveng01, emonzaemon02, frontkiller11, dantalion05, nests08, libertine03, apocrypha14, novoselic16, swearing13, villagers15, nukes13, lessons20, vocal02, hartmann02, shishitou07, elocution06, apollo08, panda09, southitaly10, yomihime05, uza-uza12, legalwife16, flame01, universe701, spirited10, corneria09, shivers16, scalchop12, miare01, chips01, kneel07, dinosaur11, strategy09, runesage08, youshow10, carsick16, defected14, barrier15, metroline15, tall19, charmer20, musicians19, suzaku18, gasoline20, trinity20, kritya07, oodachi20, fireorb18, teaching07, prepared16, stmichaels07, know-it-all20, christianity08, ooparts19, tenpa-kun05, mystdata06, imanity09, famous19, kita08, fates07, girl06, shounen15, 4thdistrict02, yamaken10, whirlwind15, devilstrill17, rayearth17, tactful11, bringer13, worlds08, jewelknight13, retroclover17, paperthin17, guns18, jello07, jazzdance20, bamboo09, hitwoman02, raitei08, kerberous03, worlds02, sopheria13, gentleghost04, skywalker07, maiko18, misnamed03, deargho03, corazon10, gigant13, studybug17, sharnoth18, fakekey14, nyan06, appearance18, icy18, shonichi04, necklaces07, ninjas18, dwn-04220, debut13, graduate04, businesslike01, danafor09, iceslasher01, pe06, professor09, gransys17, kataomoi14, curryudon16, viginti07, elf09, skipped04, strikers15, takeover03, ikaruga13, thehero19, maester11, aki-lucky19, blame12, akahebi20, beasts08, decalogue07, mellow02, gunblade19, handmaid13, leblanc12, dote16, greaves01, 199805, nose01, primo05, accident20, current04, harbors19, anxiety19, warcannon18, slave04, insensitive11, pisces04, adaptations14, paranormal08, civilian13, eyebrows05, shopping10, mgronald03, rosebleue12, tsukihime13, disintegrate12, dim-witted01, hamster11, cureheart14, wrongbag10, skateboard20, moonchild17, 5 red crayons, 4 orange crayons, yellow crayon, 5 green crayons, 2 blue crayons, 5 purple crayons, 3 brown crayons, 8 gray crayons in deck pay
- LEVELED UP; got bite14, trash-talker17, sex-favors17, orbis04 and yellow crayon
- LEVELED UP; got seance07, bouncer09, fencing15, girly05 anf green crayon
- LEVELED UP; got housekeep08, crocodile01, late13, aces17 and blue crayon
- MASTERED FIRE WHIP; got laughing13, frei20, billiard05 and green crayon
- MASTERED APPROVAL; got exodus20, luxury06, billiard03 and green crayon
- took gardens01, treachery01, blackluna03, halide01, phosphate01, hardness01, sulfide01, breaking01, dioxide01, icespells20, sig_aru, judge04, judge07, yuujinchou10 from release

February 22, 2018 ------------
- took symphony08, hellafire06, shrine12, shrine13, odango09, odango10, hellafire09, odango11 in little spell academia
- exchanged nine02, nine19, bringer09, bringer10, bringer20 for undefeated03, undefeated04, firewhip12, firewhip15, firewhip17 in book of cards

February 11, 2018 ------------
- took approval16, yuujinchou11, approval17, approval18, approval20, sweet12, sweet14 from spell academia

February 08, 2018 ------------
- exchanged peppy03, peppy06, peppy13, peppy15, peppy17 for shrine02, shrine04, shrine06, shrine08, shrine09 in book of cards

February 04, 2018 ------------
- took sun02, yuujinchou06, yuujinchou07, billiard02, yuujinchou08, odango01, odango05 in spell academia
- took approval12, yuujinchou03, approval13, judge01, judge02, monochrome04, yuujinchou04, approval15 from spell academia

January 27, 2018 ------------
- MASTERED MID-CHILDA; got bass13, mechapilots20, karateka02, retro04 and orange crayon
- MASTERED SHIPS; got laguz14, dialect18, wield20, retro02 and brown crayon
- MASTERED LGBT GAMES; got obsolete10, kyokygen10, zzgundam01, mid-childa13 and orange crayon
- MASTERED ARCHANGEL; got tipster16, righteous10, approval11 and gray crayon
- MASTERED MAIDS; got mononoken18, screentone01, approval10, purple crayon
- MASTERED HARNESS; got rooling14, abes14, approval09 and green crayon
- MASTERED AKKO; got transfer11, ateapot20, approval08 and green crayon
- MASTERED 80 PITCHES; got cascade07, lapistier04, archangel09 and brown crayon
- MASTERED 20TH; got bigbang12, youthful10, archangel05, green crayon
- exchanged faintattack02, faintattack04, faintattack06, faintattack07, faintattack08, faintattack10, faintattack13, faintattack17, faintattack19, faintattack20, hosoyan15, femaleidols15, femprotags02, femprotags11, femprotags14, femprotags18, gainax01, gainax10, gainax13, oaktree02, oaktree04, oaktree11, oaktree14, oaktree19, uninterested16, unrequited08, usagibrand14, usas06, veda09, videocamera04, vietnamwar11, viina20, vikingtiger05, virus14, volvagia20, warheit03, watch10, weaponry04, whatkey04, whitewolf02, wildgeese12, ueno02, xel02, yamazaki16, yami06, younglings04, zangetsu02, zelda01 for ships13, ships15, ships16, mid-childa05, mid-childa07, mid-childa10, mid-childa11, mid-childa18, akko09, akko11, akko12, akko17, akko18, akko19, akko20, approval07 in art studio
- exchanged yuujinchou02, injured07, argent14, godbreath15 for yuujinchou17, injured20, argent02, godbreath04

January 24, 2018 ------------
- took leylines03, maids18, approval06 as bonuses from release

December 31, 2017 ------------
- took maids20 and akko13 from advent calendar 23
- took maids17, archangel07 from advent calendar day24
- took ships12, maids16 from advent calendar day 21
- took hellafire04, hellafire05 in advent calendar day19
- took archangel11 from adcent calendar day 17
- took maids14, maids15 from advent calendar day 15
- took akko08, maids10 from advent calendar ay 13
- took 20th10, schemer02 from advent calendar day 12
- took maids11, maids12 from advent calendar day 11
- took harness08 from advent calendar day08
- took 20th01, 20th02, 20th04 from advent calendar day 07
- took ships05, ships11 from advent calendar day 06
- took maids07, maids08, maids09 from advent calendar day 05
- took bride08, ditelada04 from advent calendar 02
- took harness03, hellafire03 from advent calendar day 01

December 30, 2017 ------------
- got ships06 from beezebeora as holiday gift

November 23, 2017 ------------
- exchanged charismatic01, charismatic05, charismatic16 for labcoat01, labcoat03, labcoat06

November 09, 2017 ------------
- exchanged green crayon and yellow crayon for blocker20 and forehead19 in art shop
- MASTERED EXORCISM; MASTERED RED COMET; MASTERED BLOCKER; MASTEDED FOREHEAD; MASTERED HAMBURGERS; MASTERED SUKEROKU; MASTERED RAKUGO; MASTERED MARI; MASTERED EVANGELION; MASTERED EYLSTADT; MASTERED LGBT MANGA; MASTERED ROMIPAKU; got mari17, mari18, evangelion15, evangelion16, evangelion17, eylstadt09, eylstadt10, eylstadt14, eylstadt15, blocker19, lgbtgames13, lgbtgames14, buku08, solitary05, mediocrity18, drill15, kingo07, veda09, sleepy19, skydragon15, baking15, bauxite11, wildgeese12, usas06, badda-boom15, slender03, folklore13, relax07, vikingtiger05, commoner01, deathzone16, minigun13, planners06, gears06, alltrades01, babymonster05, spellcaster08, endings15, two red crayons, orange crayon, yellow crayon, two green crayons, two blue crayons, purple crayon, two brown crayons, gray crayon
- exchanged special09, special10, special12, cherrytree09, cherrytree16 for sangriarosa03, sangriarosa04, sangriarosa05, queenbee06, queenbee08

November 01, 2017 ------------
- exchanged fflove16, kakkii01, kugimiya12, nonary12, otherworld18, palicoes12, pilots01, post-skip03, pre-skip03, psi17, rainbowroad09, rollout07, sekit10, suzuken06, thunderbolt07, black04, black07, black10, black11, black18, umn18, spellcaster08, endings15, leleti19, lemonade14, lemonsoda03, lemonsoda19, lempicka11, lemu06, lemu09, lemu14, lemu17, lemu19, lenster03, leo16, leonhelp12, leopard03, leopard03, letranger07, lettuce09, lewdness09, lewdness16, leyline02, lhantmanor17, lhantmanor18, liar01, liar08 for lgbtgames15, lgbtgames16, lgbtgames17, lgbtgames18, lgbtgames20, ships02, ships03, ships04, harness12, harness14, harness17, harness20, 80pitches06, 80pitches07, 80pitches08, 80pitches14

October 31, 2017 ------------
- exchanged seven yellow crayons, seven brown crayons, three red crayons, twelve green crayons for blocker11, blocker12, blocker14, blocker15, blocker16, blocker17, blocker18, hamburgers15, hamburgers16, hamburgers17, hamburgers19, hamburgers20, sukeroku17, sukeroku18, rakugo17, rakugo18, rakugo20, forehead03, forehead05, forehead06, forehead07, forehead08, forehead11, forehead13, forehead14, forehead15, forehead16, forehead18, eylstadt18

October 19, 2017 ------------
- exchanged kunst09, kunst12, kunst13, kunst16, civilian07 for bride01, bride02, bride03, bride05, cain02 in book of cards
- got balthasar08 from sinew
- got guild09 from niyo

October 12, 2017 ------------
- exchanged asphalt12, asphalt17, asphalt19 for uniforms03, uniforms05, uniforms07 in book of cards

October 01, 2017 ------------
- exchanged 2-a02, 2-a07, 2-a08, 2-a10, 2-a12, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a15, 2-a20, 3-a02, 3-a03, 3-a04, 3-a05, 3-a09, 3-a10, 3-a14, 3-a16, 3-a17, 3-a19, 3-a20, ambidex11, blue20, easternmyth05, faintattack06, libera03, libera14, liberator19, libero09, library17, lie10, lifeguard04, lifeguard13, light16, lighter03, lighter03, lighter10, lighter11, lighter18, lightning05, lightning15, lightningorb19, likeabird02, likedad03, likedad03, limiters02, limiters18, line12, lineface06 for lgbtgames03, lgbtgames04, lgbtgames05, lgbtgames06, lgbtgames09, lgbtgames10, lgbtgames11, lgbtgames12, sukeroku06, sukeroku07, sukeroku08, sukeroku11, sukeroku12, sukeroku13, sukeroku14, sukeroku15 in art studio

September 28, 2017 ------------
- exchanged cureberry01, cureberry04, cureberry19, single09 for feminine09, feminine11, feminine12, redcomet18 in book of cards

September 21, 2017 ------------
- exchanged honneamise01, honneamise04, honneamise09, honneamise11, encourage04, encourage07, encourage07, encourage07, encourage20, enthusiast16 for evangelion03, evangelion04, evangelion05, evangelion10, evangelion13, dixneuf02, dixneuf10, dixneuf14, dixneuf15, nonoriri02 in book of cards

September 14, 2017 ------------
- exchanged marry03, marry04, marry16, marry20, otoko19 for right04, left04, left05, left06, left07 in book of cards

September 03, 2017 ------------
- got c-class15, propagation19, innuendos06, sigma01, invisible04, farmer17, tall04, forehead20, effortless15, raccoon07, expressive18, friedeggs03, medical17, faintattack06, smirk03, psychometry19, forgive08, koyaku07, flash07, siva20, tsuki01, arsenal03, handystick20, enjoying18, thefool13, tinker04, rosesplash19, dollydolci14, convey11, brakeoil20, holybell12, pilots01, stern17, pk03, raremedals14, slingshot07, positive16, sleeves05, kusanagi01, ocean17, two red crayons, two brown crayons, two yellow crayons, orange crayon, four green crayons, gray crayon in colors league
- got woman02 and vesta08 from ivoryandhorn
- took romipaku04, romipaku09, romipaku12, romipaku15, romipaku18, rakugo14, rakugo15, rakugo16 as colors league prizes
- traded 7 blue crayons and 3 yellow crayons to netbug009 for 6 red crayons and 4 graycrayons
- got swingrock11, mayor17, monado16, jindujun03, eligible17, akitsukami07, whatkey04, cult05, sakugarne05, yellow crayon, red crayon, gray crayon for donating decks
- got grumpy20, 66720, overpriced19, abuse04, dantalion11, tonfa12, tennights01, social20 in colorseum
- took 2-a02, 2-a07, 2-a08, 2-a10, 2-a12, 2-a13, 2-a14, 2-a15, 2-a20, 3-a02, 3-a03, 3-a04, 3-a05, 3-a09, 3-a10, 3-a14, 3-a16, 3-a17, 3-a19, 3-a20, flamenco02, flashing02, flashing20, garrote02, garrote04, garrote06, garrote08, garrote10, garrote12, garrote13, garrote14, garrote15, garrote19, pluviose03, pluviose04, pluviose05, pluviose07, pluviose17, pluviose18, pluviose20 from recycled art
- got nose20, brigade16, mesmerizing02, daru01, kouhai17, jinen19, mafioso17, manipulate01, psi17 in colors festival game 06
- took lancers01, billiard01, warflag02, lunches01, lipreading01, easternmyth05, kugimiya12,
- got horologium16, teamaqua14, medicinal06, sekit10, goldwyvern17, regain20, sunglasses20, kararagi11, akahebi10, cigarettes16, carry14, aqours15, mezzopiano17, cryokinesis18, cascade04, viina20, sakanade18, beyond07, reins07, raising10, flamebody08, bloodfang11, partcat16, pitcher12, red crayon and green crayon in colors league day 5
- got timeskip13, nibelung06, moumentai15, stupiddog11, usagibrand14, marinebio05, proudclad06, injured08, green crayon in colors festival game 3
- got drawers17, watch10, shinmeiryuu14, sparrow09, furball18, daughter12, strongone03, blue20 in colorseum
- got thunderbolt07, brawn12, menace08, zelda01, kirinfang14, nekopunch02, oyajijokes20, itomori05, rakugo12, lgbtgames02, green crayon, yellow crayon in colors league game 07
- got memorized07, poland18, starling09, awkward08, splendid20, goldfish19, snakesword19, machines16, azuresea03, triplefinish04, purple crayon and orange crayon in colors festival game 01
- submited powder16, oasi08, intoxicated17, jupiter15, froppy11, banekick06 to colors festival game 2; got wounds02, sensitive13, modernmagic13, scanner20, younglings04, misty15, sensitive04, swordmaster13, ser-veresta10, yorha02, pre-skip19, post-skip13
- got tail12, theinferno03, theinferno08, ultrasouls08, uniforms12, woman18, wounds02, yorha18, yosakoi11 from nidoking
- got locodol10, zangetsu02, moe09, hammer03, singing03, oshu11 and yellow crayon in colors festival game 1
- got homura16, promiscuous06, forced17, lettuce16, beli01, blueimpulse15, hod12, camcorder10 in pick a color
- got poisonivy13, firstaider14, barbarossa03, earring12, lhantmanor18, uninterested16, onigiri18, firespin18 in colorseum
- got majokko01, notes17, trophy10, ragingtiger16, american06, 1stchild07, dense09, constable09 in colorseum
- got laughing04, neonlight06, vietnamwar11 and gray crayon in scrapbook
- got babylon06, passive06, kickboxer16 and orange crayon in scrapbook
- got blackswan01, stitches15, live03, foulmouthed06, pronto11, yamazaki16, talented11, information11, darkboots13, merciless05 in colorseum
- got lalalulu02, sirens17, mikura16, stg18, patience04, chespie11, kakusei12, doorshrine16, rare06, rollout07 in colorseum

September 02, 2017 ------------
- got cowlick04, whitewolf02, english18, thepawn18, rakugo08, rakugo10, rakugo11, green crayon, yellow crayon in pick a color
- got palicoes12, specials11, specials15, kakkii01 in pick a color
- got buster17, shesmay13, exchanger03, mtek-zero12, simulation12, ignore01, dull12, kora11, focusing10, hyuponia20, obsession11, cuter02 in help miss kamila
- got carsick06, cake05, hair19, insania16, duchess11, videocamera04, financial10, respectful12, grin04, foxmagic04 in colorseum
- got cobra01, shepherds03, blurball17, mako-chan01, scribbled20, nirvash08, bastion01, sadistic18, carefree04, chopping05 in colorseum
- got prakk14, mariebelle02, sparkball01, volvagia20, herbblends12 rainbowroad09 in host club giveaway
- got thethorn03, desu13, blood09, bluemoon01, recipes11, red crayon, orange crayon, blue crayon in anniversary day 20
- got powerplant15, builder20, blackswan04, nonary12 in anniversary day 03
- got a purple crayon, gray crayon, two red crayons, exorcism18, exorcism19, exorcism20, rakugo07 in anniversary day18
- got pining13, premonition15, gruesome20, recipes07, phan-site16 and red crayon in anniversary day 15
- got otherworld18, ambidex11, umn18, suzuken06, kajiyuu14, fflove16, marshmallow20, darkloid19, agogo13, weaponry04 in anniversary day 11
- got brainwasher11, nag02, foxhound19, tent18, heavenguide10, haircut02, rosepin04, historian08 in colorseum
- got megu20, unrequited08, xel02, dokidoki10, shaolin01, assassin18 in clues
- got orange crayon and two brown crayons in anniversary day 2
- got runner04, dwn-01014, promiscuous01 in colorseum
- got sideburns12, sweettooth07, bullets01, insects17, warheit03, friend16 in anniversary day 17

August 31, 2017 ------------
- exchanged runes14, runes18, sabers06, sabers11, sakamoto12, sakurait03, sakurait20, secretrealm15, sexytype14, ships08, shoujo05, shoujo16, soulunion19, spellcaster10, spellcaster17, suits11, super10, supporters04, supporters14, suzuken10, thunderbolt10, younger12, yuri16, zanpakuto05, lines09, lines14, lion07, lion12, liondance03, lionhead03, lionsguard05, lionsguard06, lip-ring09, lip-ring20, lipstick13, listener03, listener08, listener13, listless06, literature07, literature20, lithuania11, littlerookie12, longdau16, lovegun16, lucarionite08, lumen16, lycanthe11 for exorcism08, exorcism09, exorcism10, exorcism12, exorcism13, exorcism14, exorcism16, exorcism17, lgbtmanga14, lgbtmanga15, lgbtmanga16, lgbtmanga17, lgbtmanga18, lgbtmanga19, lgbtmanga20, lgbtgames01 in art studio
- exchanged intestines01, intestines04, intestines12, intestines20, medium16 for akko04, akko05, akko06, akko07, mari16 in book of cards
- got warflag02, billiard04 from laciewings
- got dreamycrown03, honeytachi11, risappe11 from phibby
- got lessons06 from kippi
- got hamburgers13 from ivoryanhorn
- got bohemian14, idolfan04, motivated01, motivated09, spicyageha07 and purple crayon from anaraine
- got erratic10, drooling08 from admiral
- got eccentric15 from eclair
- got lovequeen12 from moikyuu
- got gray crayon from lady_paine
- got hamburgers05 and hamburgers18 from instrumentality
- got nerv16 from 9tales
- got dreamycrown11 and stylish08 from laciewings
- got yuujinchou15 from canute
- got eylstadt16 from bobanaicha
- got iceflower11, motivated13, nandemo14, puririn17, spicyageha13 from vethica
- got exorcism07 from neverbepractical
- got exorcism15, rakugo06, sukeroku09, sukeroku10, sukeroku20 from toffeecat
- got kayo-chin17 from caitstarlight
- got sukeroku16 from pinkoctopus
- got hamburgers05 from beezebeora
- got exorcism07 from junee
- got evangelion09 from nidoking
- got bohemian04 and dreaca13 from scblakdrgon
- got blocker05 from catfriend

August 30, 2017 ------------
- MASTERED WEDDING; got ueno07, cupnoodles11, blocker08, brown crayon
- MASTERED THE STAR; got sixth07, greeneyes04, blocker07, orange crayon
- MASTERED CHEATER; got theguard20, quiet05, blocker05, blue crayon
- MASTERED CHAM; got virus14, aoitori17, blocker03, orange crayon
- MASTERED SCANNER; got commoners10, giraffe11, blocker02, yellow crayon
- MASTERED LUCKY SEVEN; got schiff02, plants05, punishment15, gray crayon and instant mastery of yorha

August 24, 2017 ------------
- exchanged no01, no07, no08, no20, entermachine01 for hamburgers06, hamburgers09, hamburgers10, hamburgers14, gunbster06 in book of cards

August 22, 2017 ------------
- took shinyrod02, triskellion02, yourboy02, shinychariot02, brows01, brows17, pre-skip03, post-skip03, mushrooms01 from the release

August 18, 2017 ------------
- exchanged garden08, garden17, bluebird18, bluebird20, drilling06 for bohemian07, bohemian09, compy01, swingrock07, swingrock09 in book of cards

August 17, 2017 ------------
- gave madainsari02 to scblakdrgon
- gave anastasis09 to instrumentality

August 16, 2017 ------------
- gave archaeology13, exalt01, gloomy01, gloomy09, lenster03, mari08, mentor08, mentor12, mentor15, mentor17, mentor20 to 9tales
- gave tazmily10 to canute
- gave fix10, fix11, fix12, fix13, fix14, gymnast01, health-care04, health-care05, health-care06, health-care07 to nidoking
- gave photographs13, seize10 to kippi
- gave gastronomy12 to pinkoctopus
- gave bearhound09 to catfriend
- gave colorball03, pawn09 to beezebeora
- gave future05, future16 to lady_paine
- gave incubus15, mute10, ridiculed10 to ivoryandhorn
- gave after02, after20, companion06 to caitstarlight

August 15, 2017 ------------
- gave trouble07 to indiwyn
- gave novice14 to eclair
- gave chiefmaid09, puppeteer02 to arcadianmyrmidon
- gave mushi05 to neverbepractical
- gave diepencil13, speak17, speak18 to moikyuu
- gave babble06 to junee
- gave camembert15, 6609 to lahariel
- gave acrobatics14, acrobatics18 to laciewings
- gave newgen03, gero04, gero10, gero16, telepathy07 to needles
- gave steam11, steam15 to dustybunny
- gave kwg05, rosewood19, stg11 to netbug009

August 13, 2017 ------------
- gave welcome16, chatty10 to admiral
- gave hairstyles13 to vethica
- gave titrel05, caregiver10 to anaraine
- gave akaoni13, apples02 to phibby

August 12, 2017 ------------
- gave seasalt08, wayward06, wayward16 to toffeecat
- gave bloodyrose14, flameslash13 to camilovesyou
- gave sekigan07, elegant04, elegant10 to kelliedee

August 10, 2017 ------------
- exchanged flying18, flying18, infected18, deluded07, deluded08 for epinard01, epinard03, cerulean01, cerulean02, vesta01 in book of cards

August 08, 2017 ------------
- traded a-hall11, rely17, temptress17 to ivorandhorn for acrophobia05, redflash07, trichronika17

August 03, 2017 ------------
- exchanged wandering01, wandering14, wandering17, wandering18, competitive02, competitive05, competitive10, competitive12, competitive14, buster03 for fix10, fix11, fix12, fix13, fix14, health-care04, health-care05, health-care06, health-care07, gymnast01 in book of cards

July 31, 2017 ------------
- exchanged 17 gray crayons forscanner04, scanner05, scanner06, scanner07, scanner08, scanner09, scanner10, scanner11, scanner12, scanner13, scanner14, scanner15, scanner16, scanner17, scanner18, scanner19, scanner20

July 30, 2017 ------------
- took scanner01, attacker01, humanity01, wounds01, pacifism01, cheater15, cheater17, cheater20, pre-skip03, post-skip03 from release
- exchanged chalphy19, menoris10, menoris18, mflove14, misguided19, mothers06, mufflers01, musicians12, musicians14, namimori06, nightshade04, nonary18, oaktree11, onoken15, otherworld20, passiontype12, pink07, ponytail01, portalstone18, pristo04, prophecy09, puyo07, robots09, runes01, lithuania05, lithuania05, lithuania16, littledevil14, live09, lively03, lively14, livinghell17, livingzombie01, livingzombie20, locket10, logical19, logicshow15, 300iq09, 72pillars06, a-10010005, acdc06, adoration07, aisu02, alioth03, alloflove02, amamikado04, america02, analog18, analysis19 for lgbtmanga05, lgbtmanga06, lgbtmanga07, lgbtmanga09, lgbtmanga10, lgbtmanga11, lgbtmanga12, lgbtmanga13, cham01, cham02, cham05, cham06, cheater10, wedding17, wedding20, blocker01 in art studio
- got luckyseven18 in anniversary day 18
- got luckyseven14, pariah04, soundless13, lhantmanor17 and sukeroku04 in anniversary day 14
- exchanged a gray crayon for scanner02

July 27, 2017 ------------
- exchanged origins05, origins09, origins10, origins12, origins17 for thestray01, thestray02, thestray04, thestray05, thestray06 in book of cards

July 08, 2017 ------------
- got rockwall08, verdancy12, 300iq09, cardians07, androphilia12, tsunshun05, midnight17, razorwind20, pendant06, yellow crayon, green crayon, orange crayon for donating decks

June 30, 2017 ------------
- MASTERED SAIYAN; got oracle04, flat05,wedding18, purple crayon
- MASTERED MAPLE; got zippo13, chalphy19, wedding15 and green crayon
- MASTERED STAYING; got stars15, greatwhite01, wedding14, green crayon
- MASTERED SOUR; got see04, interview04, wedding11, gray crayon
- MASTERED SOPHERIA; got poacher07, taichou04, wedding09, green crayon
- MASTERED SBJK; got conclusions14, jewelthief04, wedding06, gray crayon
- MASTERED MIKAN; got fushigi10, leopard03, wedding04 and brown crayon
- MASTERED LOVE STORM; got shiningone02, shortsword18, wedding03 and blue crayon
- MASTERED KILL YOU; got hadome11, quindecim07, saiyan20 and red crayon
- MASTERE FORWARD; got marriage01, popo01, saiyan13 and purple crayon
- MASTERED COLONY; got revival12, exalt18, maple20 and purple crayon
- exchanged shogi01, shogi15, shogi17, shogi18, wisel05 for thestar08, thestar17, thestar19, thestar20, cheater04 in book of cards

June 29, 2017 ------------
- MASTERED BAD GRADES; got maple14, catpaw04, heritt02, purple crayon
- MASTERED MFLOVE; got trickclassic13, mflove14, janina09, lgbtmanga04 and orange crayon
- exchanged 15 red crayons, 5 yellow crayons, 3 green crayons, 10 purple crayons and 4 brown crayons for lovestorm04, lovestorm05, lovestorm06, lovestorm08, lovestorm09, lovestorm10, lovestorm11, lovestorm12, lovestorm13, lovestorm14, lovestorm16, lovestorm17, lovestorm18, lovestorm19, lovestorm20, staying12, staying15, staying16, staying19, staying20, saiyan05, saiyan09, saiyan10, sbjk11, sbjk16, sbjk18, sbjk20, sour06, sour09, sour10, sour13, sour16, sour18, mikan16, mikan17, mikan18, mikan20

June 25, 2017 ------------
- got ae8604, ae8611, angelysugar04, anklets05, anklets16, archangel20, argent09, badboy01, badboy18, band01, benois13, bicycle10, blackblood04, blackblood05, blackblood10, blueimpulse07, breeder20, brilliant05, brilliant14, brilliant20, cham15, diesel-san02, diesel-san08, distant02, distant04, distant06, distant16, distant17, distant20, djinn16, djinn18, drooling05, drowsiness02, effort03, epinard09, epinard19, epyon02, eylstadt04, firewhip01, firstmate06 from recycled art
- took lovestorm01, tenebrae02, lucis02, pining04, gawds02, ghosts05, lovestorm07, wedding07, hamburgers07 from the release, also took a copy of my sig
- exchanged logout04, logout19, loleus01, loleus03, loleus20, lolita05, lollipop03, lollipop05, lollipop08, lollipop12, lollipops03, lollipops19, lollipops19, lonesome06, lonesome10, lonesome11, lonewolf07, lonewolf10, long-range15, longing05, lovers03, loyalty03, luckless04, lunartear04, 8-bit04, braids03, chalphy06, cutetype10, decbirthday06, ecchi08, hoshido01, keyhole12, keystone19, kinkan20, kizna15, koyasut12, koyasut19, kuuderes06, labyrinthia02, lapistier07, mages05, magitek03, magitek06, maleprotags06, manatree18, mecha02, mechas14, mechonis19 for mflove10, mflove14, mflove15, mflove17, mflove18, mflove19, lgbtmanga02, lgbtmanga03, colony15, colony16, colony19, killyou14, killyou15, killyou16, killyou18, killyou20 in art studio
- got colony14 and mflove09 in anniversary day 19
- got colony13, killyou12, badgrades14, staying09, saiyan02, forward13, sbjk10, mikan15, maple10, mflove07 in anniversary day 10
- got luckyseven20 from anniversary day 20
- go luckyseven19 for posting anniversary day 19
- got luckyseven17 in anniversary day 17
- got luckyseven16 and colony10 in anniversary day 16
- got luckyseven15 and colony06 in anniversary day 15
- got luckyseven03 and mikan13 in anniversary day 03
- got luckyseven11 in anniversary day 11
- got wry06, cyber615, analog18, burglar01, amamikado04, durandal07, tari16, hoshido01 in colorseum
- got three red crayons, blue crayon and orange crayon in anniversary day 7
- switched allergen16, assertive07, gullible15, empty03 for wombat17, epinard14, lgbtgames08, lovestorm15 in switch it up

June 24, 2017 ------------
- got animals08, bigbenkei02, spellcaster17 in colorseum spotlight
- swapped rakugo05, misguded16, oaktree14, holictrick11 for rakugo09, misguided19, oaktree11, holictrick20 in swap station
- got kyokugen08, iyashikei10, trumpet08, whiteknight18, kakyoin18, whiterabbit11, unpleasant05, soulunion19 in colorseum
- got luckyseven10 in anniversary day 10
- got luckyseven05, sharnoth09, milkcan20, kitchen02, emotional09, georgie19, kawarimi10, stylish13, pucelle02, blackgale20, habu20, negi12 and yellow crayon in anniversary day 05
- got luckyseven06, powder12, firefist10, ecchi08 in anniversary day 6
- got rascal20, sockpuppet19, big10 in colorseum spotlight
- got kattobing02, marching05, vanguard18, countess07, sympathetic13, shirogamon10, secrecy07, headmaster17 in directions
- got haraezuki09, jimuguri15, no1curry10, shamisen19, old15, rash09, adoration07, faust07 in colorseum
- got maids13, sharnoth08, naga10, nejiko01, glacies07, scythes07, nia09, ferret04 in fan mail
- got youshow02, iyashikei10, tenpa-kun12, chui13, shoutoku10, melonpatch13 in friend report

June 23, 2017 ------------
- got traitor15, astra18, chuunin04, imperatore13, champloo04, belarus15, journalist17, pinkdiamond15 in shadow watching
- got aroused10, foggyglasses06, lucarionite08, virus07, braids03 in pick a color
- got three blue crayons, green crayon and gray crayon in pick a color
- got fluffal11, romantia02, zagan04, necklace20 in help miss kamila
- got longdau16, madder19, orpheus06 in colorseum spotlight
- got boat04, kungfuhead06, uguu05, shiitake11, dousing06, otomen10, hiphop03, barbarossa03 in shadow watching
- got paintrain11, tennyo02, fishanima08, breaker16, meteor10, anklets01, gekkooin11, onoken15
- got echo02, naraku07, susanoh12, extar17, oasi08, sundless16, orphaned09, obedient02, thestar07, two brown crayons and yellow crayon for donating decks
- got kid03, quick02, triplefinish17, desserts20, vexed09, tidy16 in seiyuu guess
- got gunner09, idols16, heavens08, swordswoman08, biscuit16, curry14, citro18, utahime06, mild12, foggyglasses12, mindset13, decbirthday06, orange crayon, blue crayon and two brown crayons in art lessons
- got a-10010005, tusk13, jupiter15, magiic16, bluebomber02, iceprince05, superhero10, returns01 in colorseum

June 22, 2017 ------------
- got aisu02, femme15, memories14, lithuania11, seemly19, otherworld20, blue crayon and purple crayon in friend report
- got camatotz20, ruinprincess10, kaleid02, leleti19, dna16, itchy17, replicant11, musicians12
- got iinodoue07, judgement06, vaneltia01, speed10 in help miss kamila
- got thiefking17, artskill14, shy05, birdcalls16, echoball10, soothsayer07, privilege19, pink07, koyasut12, spellcaster10, runes18, runes14 and two purple crayons in pick a color
- got knightmare18, xiii07, orbis18, chorrubor17, junes06, erokappa02, fencing11, spiritenergy12 in colorseum
- got lovestorm03 from canute

June 17, 2017 ------------
- got twin02, bounce19, wyborg06, heroes17, trance18, kinkan20 in clues
- got sitar08, pain15, bride04, empty03, freckles19, killerwolf18, acdc06, encourage09 in directions
- got lace19, gatsuga07, 72pillars06, monta10, tenyears07, nee-san12, lycanthe11, nice18 in colorseum
- got mental10, mistress08, revive05, slap07, entrails14, doujigiri06 winddance02, ridiculed16, purple crayon and blue crayon in colorseum
- got perceive16, glazinglove19, second16, machina09, unsurpassed11, chousin05, copybot13, drooling18 in colorseum
- got analysis19, tantalus14, setz13, sakura19, catpaw20, heart08 in host club
- got nukes15, handmaid02, eyeshadow03, exalt15, tragedies18, itegumo09, lightning05, investigator14, nameko16, okonomiyaki15 in fan mail
- got wired08, vanguard12, demonstone07, oyaji05, kizna15, 8-bit04 in friend report
- got dynamite13, beretta12, prismvoice01, fifth01, hallowwoe05, seawizard15, supporters04, younger12 in shadow watching
- got novel09, cipher11, littlerookie12, dln-06711, wombat16, allergen16, ragnell15, kuga-p08, shopping20, bluesky07, surpass07, puyo07 and green crayon in puzzle chains
- got maids06 from tiddly_widdly
- got surf14, skydragon18, captain19, chiropteran18, chainsaw14, magitek03, chalphy06 in colorseum
- traded caesarpro09, flamenblack15, highrollers09, redaxe08 to chronikle for maids05, approval05, rakugo05, sukeroku05

June 16, 2017 ------------
- got excluded16, bibliophile06, chozo10, fuerza02, shield12, inherited12, hymmeli10, shintenshin02, kiseru06, orthopedics07, assertive07, marksechs07, psp02, carsick16, mongel07, bugs10, musashino14, urbanus20, melonpatch04, super10, cutetype10, runes01, supporters14, thunderbolt10 for turning in valentines event candy

June 13, 2017 ------------
- got luckyseven13, colony03, mflove04 in anniversary day 13
- got luckyseven12 for posting the round

June 11, 2017 ------------
- got benois03 from nidoking
- got badgrades02, badgrades08, badgrades12, staying02, sopheria20, sbjk03, sbjk05, saiyan01, maple08, maple09, mikan05, mikan06 for turning in chocos from valentines event
- got luckyseven07, america02, starmagic05, alloflove02, hiwa02, ursula13 in anniversary day 07
- exchanged brash01, brash10, brash11, brash19, footloose04 for sopheria04, sopheria08, sopheria13, sopheria18, voidgear03 in book of cards
- got luckyseven09 for posting the round
- took sbjk02, forward05, maple05 and luckyseven08 from anniversary day 8

June 05, 2017 ------------
- took maple04 and luckyseven04 from anniversary day 04
- got badgrades10 and luckyseven02 in anniversay day 02
- gave fashionable14, fix09 to nidoking
- gave hamelin10, gigolo06, gigolo15 to commandant
- took center12, center19, collected06, colony05, colony09, gallop01, honorific16, immelmann11, immelmann17, jump05, jump06, jump07, jump08, jump16, jump17, jump19, jump20, mahou01, mahou07, mid-childa01, mid-childa02, mid-childa03, mid-childa04, mid-childa06, mid-childa08, mid-childa09, mid-childa12, mid-childa14, mid-childa15, mid-childa16, mid-childa17, mid-childa19, mid-childa20, stands06, stands16, saiyan03, saiyan06, saiyan07, saiyan15, sbjk15 from recycled art
- got luckyseven01, 4-dpocket06, carsick10 and overanalyze11 in anniversary day 01
- gave orcatrainer10, orcatrainer14, phazon06, phazon08, phazon14 to 9tales

June 04, 2017 ------------
- got alioth03, gekokujou18, bankruptcy05, pisky20, babylon17, trophy14, banekick06, memento15 in colorseum
- got fashionable14, swindler15, sphinx104 in host club
- got shadowyato13, echo02, analyzation15, references03, fightmoney17 and red crayon for donating a deck
- got compy15, hissing06, harpnote05, titrel01, veggies06, gullible15, oblivion09, travel18, three gray crayons for donating decks
- got robots09, hanjyuu12, oaktree14, trophy19, lumen16, tsukihime14, oshu19, shark07 in colorseum
- got foundation08, cureberry04, magicguild19, fade19, ratatouille10, barrelroll14, sunrune17, five08 in colorseum
- got biscuit01, dreamer14, encourage20, scorched16, rattata16, sleeves03, causation06, doctor14, scarf10, hostility18, mace13, syringe01 and green crayon in seiyuu guess
- got stvlas15, mochimazui12, lovegun16, yasakani04, queen16 in colors chat
- got pikarigaoka17, splendid06, kujakki16, peacekeeper20 in costume party
- got fireorb08, ditzy16 and shoujo16 in pokeradar
- got fix09, suzuken10, lawnmower18, ufo09, benishidare04, dwarf13, separate11, modo-modo04, possible09, ryuseitai02
- got cheersquad05, chair08, golem01, sapphire13, apathetic11, sparkball05, solchakram15, professional01, yellow crayon and blue crayon in colorseum
- got band08, elemental06, stinger05, nerv15, virtual10, gainax13 in costume party

May 25, 2017 ------------
- exchanged crawling05, crawling08, crawling10, crawling14, lavaorb11 for magoi03, magoi04, magoi06, magoi09, balthasar01 in book of cards

May 24, 2017 ------------
- MASTERED MALE IDOLS; got hacker11, apologize07, grumpy01, mflove01 and brown crayon
- MASTERED VOICE; got author18, murian09, abroad08, maleidols20 and gray crayon
- MASTERED WILDFLOWER; got kabukidance10, pk17, killyou09 and green crayon
- MASTERED RESTAURANT; got reporter14, adventure01, killyou05 and gray crayon
- MASTERED TIDY; got karayachief17, slapjack08, killyou02 and red crayon
- MASTERED STAR HEALER; got beguile03, leader15, wildflower17 and gray crayon
- MASTERED SPEARHEAD; got seduction08, curehappy12, wildflower14 and green crayon
- MASTERED PLACE TO BE; got senbon09, victory19, wildflower12 and green crayon
- MASTERED NO EDGE; got icedragon07, rank15, wildflower08 and purple crayon
- MASTERED FORGET; got yakisobapan01, quote02, wildflower05 and red crayon
- MASTERED FLASK; got amaranthine08, bride07, wildflower04 and orange crayon
- MASTERED BURLY; got haratetsu19, fryingpan01, restaurant17 and red crayon
- MASTERED BLUEBIRD; got digimon13, robotabuse13, restaurant16 and yellow crayon

May 22, 2017 ------------
- exchanged idolizer12, idols06, ifraid17, ifraid20, iga05, iga08, iga10, igalima15, ignite03, ignite09, ignite10, ignition09, iinodoue08, ikaruga02, ikaruga03, ikaruga11, ikazuchi15, ikebukuro03, ikebukuro10, ikebukuro11, ikebukuro19, illegitimate05, illness08, illness17, arcana03, augbirthday09, biometals15, clow05, gentletype06, headphones13, horror08, irides18, josei17, junbirthday12, kalos07, keyhole01, nowhere10, nowhere15, nowhere17, odyssey04, odyssey20, older07, oriental16, ossan14, otherworld14, ousaka19, partner03, partner04 for placetobe11, placetobe14, placetobe16, placetobe18, placetobe19, bluebird19, flask15, flask16, voice17, maleidols04, maleidols06, maleidols09, maleidols12, maleidols15, maleidols16, maleidols19 in art studio
- exchanged 11 red crayons, 9 yellow crayons, 7 green crayons, 8 blue crayons, 12 brown crayons and 4 gray crayons for bluebird03, bluebird04, bluebird05, bluebird08, bluebird10, bluebird12, bluebird14, restaurant07, restaurant09, restaurant10, restaurant11, tidy04, tidy05, tidy10, tidy11, tidy13, tidy14, tidy16, tidy18, tidy19, burly08, burly10, burly13, burly14, burly15, burly17, burly20, spearhead02, spearhead07, spearhead11, spearhead12, spearhead15, spearhead16, spearhead18, spearhead20, forget01, forget05, forget15, noedge01, noedge04, noedge05, noedge08, noedge11, noedge16, placetobe08, placetobe09, placetobe10, starhealer08, starhealer15, starhealer16, starhealer17

May 18, 2017 ------------
- exchanged highclef01, highclef15, cloudshrine01, cloudshrine02, cloudshrine18 for tensionmax04, tensionmax05, holictrick03, holictrick02, holictrick08 in book of cards
- exchanged calamityhawk01, calamityhawk02, iceorb01, iceorb12, amadeus12 for roulette06, roulette07, vendor10, vendor11, catpuns05 in book of cards

May 17, 2017 ------------
- took bluebird16, bluebird18, blackblood04, 20th06, akaoni12, akaoni15, killyou08, camcorder01, camcorder11, forget09, spearhead14, placetobe02, placetobe04, placetobe05, placetobe06, placetobe20, headphones03, headphones04, maleidols03, maleidols14 from recycled art
- took butterflies01, reforest01, nailart01, neoaikido01, entomologist01, killertennis01, supreme01, outerspace01, folklorist01, pious01, lgbtmanga01, noedge17, killyou17 from release
- gave orange crayon to 1angelette
- got bassist03, bag14, soyokaze18, taichou18, entermachine05, ardent02, dryjuice16, kalos07, mysterious02, cgi17, canaan19, armlet01, doctorine05, cares14, puririn18, buttercup05, spearhead03, rope19, onlyreason15, roids07, gears19, growth15, dwn-01216, trouble07, crane14, boat12, flaming04, chores02, secretrealm15, summoned02, bluemaiden18, abroad09, arcana03, imperator04, ethereal19, theguild13, shunshin16, lemonsoda03, horse07, impersonate02, feared04, shark08, editor18, suishouhime17, inadequate14, egotistical20, scalpels10, blackmail09, energetic16, passiontype12, emotions16, bloodelf01, eternia02, musket01, iwa-chan18, mainstream05, tellme02, azuresky03, oblivious07, milkyway19, 3rdregiment03, ships08, moirae15, g-6005, kyotouryuu03, heir11, betray09, beastking07, charmbuster20, lunartear04, exchanger05, banchou19, esp14, minigun03, scribe01, nande16, eating18, lackey17, uza-uza19, suits11, sailor20, irides18, reckless11, spandex01, boat19, redshell04, kamatari14, hairstyles13, feste19, loyalty03, fincutter05, ichijyokan06, endra15, namekian06, driving14, sezan20, starfighter04, gleipnir18, androphobia18, chartreux06, candystore17, mask13, herbs05, artifacts19, firebird05, surf17, yoohoo03, mari08, schwert12, 89th13, holictrick15, moirae04, thestray19, gentletype06, foodpuns18, fallere14, paramedic06, wildbear09, wisewolf15, bestfriend06, saisei19, tutor08, gouf12, maps05, wildflower07, photographs20, seafaring14, gemini18, likeabird02, monomane16, foster05, overruled03, peachpie03, coldblooded08, foxtail18, touch14, eccentric04, cryogenic19, affable19, museum02, hair15, orangejuice18, eyelashes01, kite17, pursuing12, cocky20, horseback11, therese19, unkillable17, chuunin05, makaiju13, logicshow15, mibugumi10, tough17, fantasize01, sunrisecafe08, welcome16, haiku11, deathdrive11, cuter19, quindecim11, fortree12, birthplace01, searching14, lemonsoda19, oar19, emptiness16, prediction16, shishi-oh05, twosides17, toxin19, shoujo05, goron05, escape03, twinknives13, profit02, fallfairy09, expedition06, possessive02, namakura15, harvest20, thethorn17, curefelice17, variable15, dtr13, kanazuchi09, financial20, silly09, stress13, universe619, uppercut08, waspsting05, four-leaf04, sharilton09, kaiser06, lolita05, potential17, crawling05, sablier11, prima08, railgun17, dwn-01811, denpakei14, outbreak16, shulshagana04, spokeswoman02, mochimazui04, tenacity02, camellia02, locket02, noedge19, deadman04, blueknights11, cureberry19, japanese17, cannoneer07, zanpakuto05, aurora02, gourmet02, rockwall17, sinker04, yeti02, koubu02, chevalier18, touda14, military16, horror08, madainsari02, beer08, immigrant11, paladienne13, choir12, susanoh03, islander12, hence19, mermaids06, april17, stupiddog11, altoclef17, headphones13, cr-s0112, military16, worry02, bullets20, freshgreen20, colorful04, thumbsup02, catlover14, better01, nonary18, underground15, moogles20, kyrie06, taisa07, well-spoken02, musicians14, create02, yuri16, firetruck11, granddream16, maihime15, east13, chouki12, lollipop03, bendback08, augbirthday09, controlled17, brat09, paperthin19, shikamadooji02, archaeology13, dwn-02315, hornless13, mom01, trinity20, analyzing03, futuring17, rebel11, headstrong03, neomu19, oldfriend06, music03, nakochi13, bluegrad04, souleater19, morphus09, blogger03, voltage03, prodigy07, siblings19, sake03, wander12, risingsun16, eroge06, daggers15, bluemaiden13, infatuation09, fractale08, sakamoto12, sanadaschool20, palette07, mangaka07, pillowtalk12, greenshell08, unorthodox11, cuter19, dressup01, mp301, nice09, forget10, tripping20, evolver08, happyclap08, tachikaze16, precognitive18, boxingring10, nautilus16, madainsari17, cannon12, four red crayons, three orange crayons, three yellow crayons, three green crayons, five blue crayons, three purple crayons, nine brown crayons, four gray crayons as mod pay

May 13, 2017 ------------
- got skeleton15, pants17, takosuke02, docodemo12, akaoni13, player212, teller14, workout13, puppeteer18, purple crayon, gray crayon and blue crayon for donating decks

May 12, 2017 ------------
- got muromachi05, bangs15, videocamera02, retriever19, bodyswap18, brain17, dwn-01113, cockatoo06, chaldeas06, modeling17, tattooed06, chatty10, notes01, junbirthday12, tensai14, dumbo08, encourage07, buchou02, hotheaded11, idolclub01, draciel08, japanese02, inherited18, nurturing02, comical19, champloo04, halberd18, sunglasses14, peony10, tsunpo08, bund01, pudding10, moodmaker09, intestines01, chuusen05, clow05, gravityhole09, cruiser17, manynames05, bund10, onion11, miracles05, yoshinon15, challenges17, king12, nichirin13, 2 red crayons, 2 orange crayons, 4 yellow crayons, 3 green crayons, 1 blue crayon, 4 purple crayons, 3 brown crayons, 4 gray crayons for turning in sketchpads

May 11, 2017 ------------
- exchanged redhood01, redhood06, redhood08, redhood13, redhood18 for mari01, mari02, mari04, mari05, mari06 in book of cards

May 05, 2017 ------------
- took maids01, approval01, sukeroku01, rakugo01, moves02, wetsuit05, bro05 fro the release, took bluebird02, burly05, restaurant06 for the bonus

May 04, 2017 ------------
- exchanged flowertalk05, flowertalk19, yuugataget01, yuugataget02, taka01 for tvshows06, tvshows07, hypnotizing05, hypnotizing06, moral05 in book of cards

April 27, 2017 ------------
- exhcnaged jello02, jello03, jello04, jello05, jello09 for exorcism01, exorcism02, exorcism03, exorcism04, exorcism05
- got forget02 from neverbepractical
- got speak17, overseer13, acrobatics14, lavender07, zero-type04, sexytype14, dragonship16, mariko15, camera13, kuderes06, ryuuseiken11, nomercy19, zelda19, namakura03, catpuns03, alamode10 in activity rewards
- got tails17, seize15, mariebelle14, freeze11, ambitions04, mu02 in seiyuu guess
- got phonecalls09, fractale11, kazamidori14, blondie13, pluviale17, yomihime06 in seiyuu guess
- took yosakoi20, yebisu04, yebisu08, yogurt17, wombat08, wombat19, vesta03, lunartear04, lunartear07, lunartear18, mflove03, romipaku05, ships07, ships10, misguided03, misguided10, misguided15, misguided16, misguided19, misguided20 from recycled art

April 23, 2017 ------------
- got burly11, noedge20 and placetobe01 from scblakdrgon

April 19, 2017 ------------
- MASTERED SANCTUARY; got caregiver15, sergeant12, biometals15, voice14 and blue crayon
- MASTERED FAMILIARS; got springfairy12, xscar08, lovers03, voice10 and red crayon
- MASTERED WINERY; got eighth02, 198819, starhealer07 and orange crayon
- MASTERED MANCHURIA; got pulse04, stardragon02, starhealer01 and green crayon
- MASTERED UNDERWORLD; got sugar03, stardragon07, manchuria19 and red crayon
- MASTERED TAROT CARDS; got dictator15, coffee18, manchuria18 and red crayon
- MASTERED SHOGUN KA YO; got hermitcrab19, spiral19, manchuria17 and yellow crayon
- MASTERED RAT; got baptismrite18, stronger15, manchuria16 and red crayon
- MASTERED HEDGEHOG; got flashlight12, pikopiko09, manchuria15 and red crayon
- MASTERED HATSUTARO; got austria02, third17, manchuria14 and purple crayon
- MASTERED CROWDS; got chores17, prison20, manchuria13 and orange crayon

April 18, 2017 ------------
- got scythe12, pronto15, bandages07, devil13 and durandal13 in april fools release
- took starhealer20 and voice15 from april fools release
- took curemiracle01, curemagical01, curefelice01, clamp01, burly03 from release

April 17, 2017 ------------
- exchanged shoujo10, shugo16, silhouettes14, slimes18, solum12, splat02, squad42214, strikers18, sugitan05, suits02, super20, superheroes03, superheroes18, swimtrunks09, swords05, swords10, tanabata15, tartarus06, tartarus12, termina11, thecrows15, trinisette12, tsukumogami14, tsukumogami15, louvre14, loveberry10, lovegun16, loveless04, loveless14, lovelove09, lovemaster10, lovers16, lovespells09, lovey-dovey13, lovey-dovey15, lovey-dovey18, zelda14, zelda15, zelda16, zephyr14, zephyr18, zero-one08, zero-one09, zero-one12, zero-type01, zero-type04, zero-type12, zexen05 for familiars11, familiars13, familiars14, familiars17, familiars18, sanctuary02, sanctuary03, sanctuary05, winery01, winery02, winery03, winery06, winery10, winery14, winery16, winery20 in art studio
- exchanged ahoge04, ambidex19, fantasia14, femantags18, headphones05, heirs15, henshin16, hoenn01, hoshido11, isshu07, jinchuuriki16, josei07, scars17, seele07, seele15, seinen06, sevenstars15, shades03, shades04, shinen19, replacement04, replacement06, replacement19, replacement20, lordalberion17, lorelei16, loss06, lost09, lostseraph05, lostseraph05, lostwife01, lottery11, lotus07, loud08, loud17, loud18, zauber01, zauber15, zauber19, zealous14, zelda03, zgundam01, zgundam06, zippo13, zodiva10, zombie01, zombie08, zombie09 for hatsutaro16, hatsutaro17, hatsutaro18, hatsutaro19, manchuria08, manchuria10, manchuria11, manchuria12, sanctuary09, sanctuary10, sanctuary11, sanctuary15, sanctuary18, sanctuary19, voice04, voice05 in art studio
- exchanged four red crayons, ten brown crayons, two gray crayons, four blue crayons, eleven orange crayons, fourteen purple crayons, nine green crayons for manchuria03, manchuria05, manchuria06, manchuria07, hatsutaro03, hatsutaro04, hatsutaro05, hatsutaro07, hatustaro09, hatsutaro10, hatsutaro11, hatsutaro12, hatsutaro14, hatsutaro15, rat07, rat09, rat10, rat12, rat13, underworld03, underworld10, underworld15, underworld17, shogunkayo03, shogunkayo04, shogunkayo05, shogunkayo06, shogunkayo07, shogunkayo11, shogunkayo12, shogunkayo13, shogunkayo14, shogunkayo15, shogunkayo16, tarotcards11, tarotcards12, tarotcards13, tarotcards14, tarotcards15, tarotcards17, tarotcards18, tarotcards19, crowds05, crowds11, crowds15, crowds16, crowds17, crowds19, hedgehog09, hedgehog12, hedgehog13, hedgehog14, hedgehog15, hedgehog16, hedgehog17, hedgehog18, hedgehog19

April 13, 2017 ------------
- exchanged coroner07, coroner11, coroner12, coroner12, coroner13 for flask01, flask02, flask03, flask06, flask07 in book of cards
- got rat20 as valentines gift from nidoking
- got tarotcards20 as valentines gift from indiwyn

April 06, 2017 ------------
- exchanged isako03, isako07, isako08, isako09, yankee10 for literary17, literary18, literary19, literary20, teller02 in book of cards

March 30, 2017 ------------
- got shogunkayo01 from canute from valentines event
- got familiars07 from neverbepractical from valentines event
- got rat06 from zeittari from valentines event
- got shogunkayo17 from toffeecat from valentines event
- got familiars05 from beezebeora in valentines event

March 23, 2017 ------------
- exchanged oakenstaff09, oakenstaff11, oakenstaff11, nickel07, nickel07 for retriever03, retriever04, retriever05, onlypurpose04, onlypurpose05 in book of cards

March 16, 2017 ------------
- exchanged towel01, towel02, towel04, towel05, saneprince09 for foundation03, foundation05, foundation06, foundation07, aki-lucky02 in book of cards

March 15, 2017 ------------
- got mochi04, strings06, two13, divinelaw10, straycat10, biancaneve19, vegetation13, octava08 in colorseum
- got cheese03, unique02, sake09, camellia07, luckless04, elfhelm20, idiot11, netidol10, fang05, gray crayon, purple crayon and yellow crayon dor donating decks
- got deadpan04, hypervision10, trashy14, yeast15, vocal18, buckler20, bubbles15, firewhip09 in pick a color
- got twosides14, scarlet18, lonewolf07, moonwalker02, shinigami17, filth20, ghostwriter01, odyssey04 in colorseum

March 12, 2017 ------------
- got tidy15 from camilovesyou
- got rat17, tidy03, underworld08, wildflower07 and wildflower14 from vethica

March 05, 2017 ------------
- got familiars19 from nidoking
- got eylstadt13 and eylstadt17 from pinkoctopus
- got shogunkayo19 from scblakdrgon from valentines event
- got tarotcards09 from buttmage from valentines event
- got tarotcards01 from sharksteeth from valentines event
- got ambidex19 from eclair from valentines event
- got goatee13 in advent calendar
- got forehead12 in advent calendar

February 26, 2017 ------------
- MASTERED AMBIDEX; got zero-one09, distaste12, femantags18, familiars04 and orange crayon
- MASTERED HAYASHIBARA; got musselback16, pact12, merman05, ambidex19 and green crayon
- MASTERED RELAX; got observer04, hungary06, tarotcards08 and brown crayon
- MASTERED HAWK EYE; got koyaku10, pitviper13, tarotcards07 and brown crayon
- MASTERED YAKUMO; got fukurodani19, friedchicken18, tarotcards06 and brown crayon
- MASTERED WHIRLPOOL; got particle10, killrecord08, tarotcards05 and brown crayon
- MASTERED LUZROV; got aquarius01, professor16, tarotcards04 and purple crayon
- MASTERED KAMUI; got reshbal13, cantus19, tarotcards03 and blue crayon
- MASTERED INFERTILE; got nervous14, creamland14, tarotcards01 and purple crayon
- MASTERED HOLY WAR; got vixen07, 300iq03, relax20 and blue crayon
- MASTERED FABULOUS; got itch06, wolf18, relax15 and blue crayon
- MASTERED DIAMOND DUST; got playboy16, esp18, relax13 and blue crayon
- MASTERED 999; got bored02, order14, relax08 and gray crayon

February 25, 2017 ------------
- got wait10, gal10, stararrow18, aurite19 in help miss kamila
- got vanship01, vanship02, vanship03, vanship06, vanship08, vanship09, vanship14, vanship17, vanship19, merman01, merman12, merman14, thecrows03, flask19, ise02, ise03, ise07, ise16, ise17, ise20 from recycled art
- got konghou11, docodemo15, jior18, businessman14, principal19, alltrades01, outcast09, accurate14 in colorseum
- got fantasia14, competitive05, idiom18, abh18, curiosity05, silversword13, roll19, immigrant06, 1stlt06, itch18, red crayon ond orange crayon in go fish
- got tights17, starfighter19, apathetic03, hamburger13, brising18, headboy10, idiotson04, unmask08 in colorseum
- got yang06, relationer01, abh12, nickel07, nautilus08, claw05, yellow crayon and orange crayon in friend report

February 24, 2017 ------------
- got ichijyokan19, limsa09, abusive20, bugle10, orchid11, holictrick17 in seiyuu guess

February 14, 2017 ------------
- exchaged halloween candies for diamonddust05, diamonddust07, diamonddust09, diamonddust20, holywar06, holywar08, holywar10, holywar16, kamui03, kamui09, kamui10, kamui18, kamui20, whirlpool09, whirlpool10, whirlpool13, whirlpool14, whirlpool15, whirlpool16, whirlpool17, whirlpool18, whirlpool19, whirlpool20, infertile15, infertile16, infertile18, relax03, relax04, rat04, wildflower03
- exchanged 12 orange crayons, 16 yellow crayons and 6 gray crayons for fabulous01, fabulous02, fabulous03, fabulous05, fabulous06, fabulous07, fabulous08, fabuous09, fabulous10, fabulous11, fabulous12, fabulous13, fabulous14, fabulous16, fabulous18, fabulous20, hawkeye02, hawkeye07, hawkeye08, hawkeye10, hawkeye11, hawkeye12, hawkeye14, hawkeye16, hawkeye17, hawkeye18, hawkeye19, hawkeye20, yakumo11, yakumo12, yakumo13, yakumo15, yakumo17, yakumo19

February 12, 2017 ------------
- got carrot17, teller10, greatardent09, railway12, namakura15, foulmouth13, 882316, battleaxe04, islero20, ahoge04, octbirthday04, prelati11, hakoniwa18, snowmaru09, morikawa17 in colorseum

February 11, 2017 ------------
- got futon01, futon05, futon06, futon07, futon09, futon10, futon11, futon12, futon14, futon16, futon17, futon18, futon20, mflove02, mflove06, mflove08, mflove11, mflove12, mflove13, mflove20 from recycled art
- exchanged lovey-dovey19, lowborn05, lrig20, lucavi04, luckycharm09, lumiose12, m1613, machiavelli15, machine14, maelstorm05, mafioso19, magical08, 098820, 100friends12, 100friends15, 12thpillar20, 23713, 2-d15, zombie15, zombie18, zombie19, zookeeper14, zoologist14, zura11, allstars19, ambidex03, ambidex17, caelin14, dragon-type01, grayscale19, guns01, halloween09, headphones09, heartless12, heirs05, heirs12, twintails01, utakata11, valentines07, villagers12, wakening09, warlord05, white19, x-scissor13, yanderes04, ylisse11, younger13, younger15 for luzrov10, luzrov13, luzrov14, luzrov15, luzrov16, luzrov18, luzrov19, yakumo10, hayashibara15, hayashibara16, hayashibara17, hayashibara19, ambidex01, ambidex05, ambidex11, ambidex16 in art studio

February 06, 2017 ------------
- got dreaming12, froppy11, broomstick06, chupa14, centurion07, foxhound15, pug16, fairy07, war19, elevator15, repressed15, durandal04, fatal08, lovewing13, saluki20, chastiefol13, capturer08, harvester15, fabricated17, wayside19, yuihan15, tokimeki01, quack05, piratehat16, jizaikon19, bloodhound11, zauber01, cake07, buddypolice15, thebrain16, geek16, swiftblade03, auntie07, tertium17, seed11, skyjack06, fugaku05, alioth07, wildchild08, binbougami12, nukes14, donmai16, four-leaf06, trickclassic14, indoors08, psg112, evindil13, shinen19, taciturn20, enamored15, withlove07, onmyouji14, boy-crazy18, grappler15, rollflash19, oriental16, mob06, javelin15, imperious15, bubblegum05, chozo01, souschef09, creator19, sing01, onmyoji13, opposite14, amara19, dragon-type01, seifuku17, heightened06, melancholy09, triplefinish14, fortunelove13, racing18, genbu15, baka08, replacement04, hair20, headache13, cabbage04, mechanical03, boat11, dhampir17, flowerclip01, younger13, tinto04, gynoid05, eggplant04, tianshui07, wayward06, dandelion17, satella17, aoitori17, forgiveness01, trips06, inlove12, fisttype03, worker12, megane20, elysian13, kaiser07, broke19, caelin14, fujoshi06, ambitions11, atonement08, band10, takara11, monster03, brash19, follower16, saiyaman05, grandcross18, broadway16, valentines07, translator14, solar09, capturer15, nameless13, arrogant04, noheart01, searching07, scold07, yggdrasil09, purple18, gunslinger01, dandelion05, invincible13, harbors15, infant10, illegitimate05, serpent20, ideal12, wrestler20, train04, defense05, scar15, sociopathic17, forte14, egoist16, mokuton20, box11, cyber618, hive02, bloodscythe15, helpful03, greatfox20, bluewater10, agape17, henshin16, kagutsuchi19, gewehr04, tails19, zaku17, code01, tobiume06, cookies12, deargho19, peacekeeper02, financial13, chitchat03, noedge15, magatama04, immature16, sour05, vocalist03, sorcerer01, eternity02, pacifist17, kokushin10, collar08, reverse11, wordplay02, firefist12, mushi05, shiruko13, cranny20, sakanoshita15, doit07, starfighter03, shinsou11, command02, shadows11, sororicide12, blazers02, honeytachi06, famicom08, greennoa03, laundry20, butt15, icequeen18, leo16, champloo07, smokyjail07, red crayon, orange crayon, three yellow crayons, two green crayons,two blue crayons, two purple crayons, two brown crayons, three gray crayons as deck pay

January 25, 2017 ------------
- MASTERED EROS; got seance15, kite15, yakumo09, purple crayon
- MASTERED STAMMI; got western16, permafrost01, eros18 and yellow crayon
- MASTERED SNEEZE; got blood17, dazzling11, stammi10, purple crayon
- MASTERED PROGRAMMER; got irontail12, artskill13, stammi09, brown crayon
- MASTERED GOATEE; got five06, drossel18, stammi08, green crayon
- MASTERED GALAX; got belderiver01, cyber07, stammi07, green crayon
- MASTERED FLOAT SERVE; got buddhist06, grandkid12, stammi06 and gray crayon
- MASTERED FIRST SON; got champion10, sniper09, stammi05 and brown crayon

January 24, 2017 ------------
- exchanged 9 blue crayons and 17 gray crayons for stammi11, stammi12, stammi13, stammi14, stammi15, stammi17, stammi18, stammi19, stammi20, eros03, eros04, eros05, eros06, eros07, eros08, eros09, eros10, eros11, eros12, eros13, eros14, eros15, eros16, eros17, eros19, eros20

January 23, 2017 ------------
- LEVELED UP; got stammi04, alioth14, heichou14, wildfox15, ignition09, orange crayon
- LEVELED UP; got stammi03, manipulate09, roses03, psychometry06, apples02, red crayon
- LEVELED UP; got sneeze15, burgers02, 12thpillar20, elite07 and gray crayon
- exchanged assassins09, brickbreak13, christmas01, chuunibyou07, colossi11, decbirthday10, earthquake19, furniture14, ghibli10, gnosis20, gramarye01, gramarye08, lumberjack17, luminous10, lumiose12, lunallena18, lunar08, lunar12, mage02, mage14, mage20, magiccancel17, magicfire01, magicguild16 for hayashibara08, hayashibara09, hayashibara10, hayashibara11, sneeze04, sneeze06, sneeze10, sneeze12 in art studio
- took eros01, stammi01, agape02, leylines01, eylstadt01, hayashibara06 and luzrov03 from the release
- got four red crayons, four orange crayons, seven yellow crayons, six green crayons, seven blue crayons, five purple crayons, fourbrown crayons, seven gray crayons, saisei11, benten20, yakumo14, furniture14, warpstar19, broadcast08, kanjipuns18, jokes12, maitreya20, oilpaint08, hotcakes18, pyromaniac07, anti-hero20, warrior01, yeast17, stringer20, heyheyhey14, heaven16, witness06, kasshin13, heavenguide13, beyond17, immelmann04, cerberus13, sinker05, guard03, setz06, selfdefense06, crowanima20, voodoo20, enforcer04, metalgear14, heatwave15, idiotson18, strictcoach17, cradle17, silverknight20, name14, heretic20, magitek06, sadako19, pluglariat18, tea06, susanoo18, totori04, follower15, phoenic17, firebuster17, birds18, disith10, water14, ideo-delta06, 23713, tealeaves11, heresy13, asakawa19, wraith06, suzumushi17, sungod06, sage08, arrogant13, necklace06, abyss11, sagittarius05, bossun13, horn12, kanazuchi15, laughing10, soryuju08, kindhearted15, bridge15, warfare09, bakuzan09, mutt02, crossdrive08, slimes18, after20, stammi16, unemotional04, dln-00b05, icolo20, inspector10, greatardent10, shotgunice10, xscar12, deceptively18, restraint02, hotdog17, sandal10, laptop14, iwa-chan07, jimmies20, beach18, healer11, persistent05, superior04, etherrifle06, libera03, reddragon11, oneforall07, demoness09, masks20, smokyjail01, bel14, realist18, ladle20, cyber05, nyanpasu18, dualwield09, trinisette12, bararaq08, indra17, kanjipuns08, calligraphy20, nameko09, pharaoh19, lineface06, rip-off18, unfaltering03, mild14, pristo04, hardworking04, wildman05, jinchuuriki16, moonblast13, nameless19, nagumo15, dictator06, idiocy02, grandkid02, m1613, revocs17, suidream16, surf13, likedad03, ussocom19, troy07, flowertalk19, troy20, machiavelli15, arme13, hornless07, pursuit12, blackharu06, nebula15, hre09, ninja05, galaxy09, kawarimi11, poacher08, hyakuretsu06, badluck09, braveface08, amiable19, pirateflag07, plugin11, nemesisq10, calligraphy07, 3rdregiment06, reins20, hoihoi12, happysong02, attractive11, silkmoth14, infected18, hexes15, engines12, truth13, cavalry14, identity16, collision02, krauser10, grimreaper01, blackvoice17, blindfold19, valet13, punisher19, kukulcan20, dituono19, deathzone04, spicegirl15, sengoku13, buchou03, shattered12, twelfth18, softball08, lander11, nikushogun03, willbeokay20, gravityhole12, ballet18, pariah08, bastion09, supermarket03, solar15, oneesan19, ossan14, aptx486902, analyst02, twintails01, mercenary02, twilight04, shocking15, ibis19, bossy03, pink11, stravinsky01, retro16, sphinx115, hungry10, 92fs03, memory19, udon20, guns01, keyhole12, bride14, musubi01, puppeteer12, immovable01, gaps05, kind18, unseeable14, unitone01, hakama16, koukaku13, lostseraph05, bombs12, drilling06, budget16, xiv18, 098820, opening10, swimming15, leasing15, cuteness12, waterfall08, logout04, bikes14, mumei12, wires17, spiderwebs04, enchantress15, swan15, admirer18, hebirote12, chopping11, leeks08, childhood05, firebringer08, papillon12, stayathome04, shujin11, twirl04, spore05, here08, musubi03, shinto03, mechonis19, cetra19, jindujun09, foxes12, chainsaws02, bananas18, rainfell18, stitching11, leyline02, 2-d15, terpsichora11, survive19, aisu01, immature02, troubadour11, insect01, porn15, gramarye01, spicy03, chimon01, bloody01, nanamin10, knuckles01, colorful13, bling01, coulddie06, g-8907, commander04, gear06, pikohan18, stealth05, kei18, gundanz05, muramasa02, darkdjinn09, muga17, royalties04, 4thbatter19, voodoo06, megamerge17, shugo16, grebe07, paradox10, actionhero18, dull20, mental19, alter09, animes16, galaxyidol13, insurance15, feminine17, kickboxer11, lackey16, eternal14, conjurer12, chiefmaid09, flight01, skydragon20, nabradia20, tartarus12, disaster09, wirukun04, airyglyph02, candystore09, heartereki15, expedition19, nthcolor17, dragonein04, pig18, fairy14, stera07, change07, russia06, distrust14, xylophone02, starvevenom04, curebeauty02, meatbun16, jellyfish05, kali-yuga14, guilty09, adonis04, deserteagle12, abel07, winchester16, timetravel16, shouryuuken14, wildlife19, almighty13, gnosis20, brusque08, dux06, rosenburg11, speedosound20, clocks09, multi-size15, psyco15, icefairy14, chuunibyou07, x24s14, ditzy01, straw19, privileged07, contramundi05, bigbear09, thunder15, barriera14, private05, spotted15, sadako19, punchout06, yamazaki02, elysian20, spaz04, ptrd-4112, akabari20, straylize08, sexpistols03, cynical16, collider19, cheer02, figurine20, humble02, special09, christmas01, bewitching10, viera16, tomboy18, sakurairo07, furpelt10, goldenrod10, maverick05, nstackle02, octava20, microbes19, mameshiba05, precognitive08, perfection06, neptune10, gondola08, leader13, hyakume08, corrine09, ultrasouls04, helpful08, praetor18, analyzer13, aurora09, countrygirl10, competitive14, icecar08, gero04, grumbly04, desudayo02, weather11, exsphere08, birthmark11, halloween09, conqueror03, luckycharm09, injured10, nowhere10, defender06, peppy06, magical08, passion12, regalia13, moumentai04, dusk13, tazmily10, flashing19, greatwitch03, go-getters19, seer16, opera11, summon04, barriera16, mages05, maxter04, incubus15, lumiose12, nerd11, vest01, freeshooter05, camembert15, toon18, bossun19, scilab08, ethics14, starsinger10, colossi11, soisagent12, sheikah18, bookstore20, firststring14, assassins09, vampirecat03, hahi11, blackwave04, gramarye08, dadadadan11, gyrostorm15, nickel07, darkflame12, left09, melodious16, lightningorb19, devotee09, number207, pendant05, cherrytree16, elquixote12, survivor03, lonesome06, titrel05, partner03, alleluia16, lottery11, minchi01, engrish03, dauntless02, entermachine05, blondie07, alltrades15, author17, judecca01, acrobatics18, mafioso19, tyrolean01, consumption17, multi-size17, vikingtiger20, dollmaster11, demonqueen06, blinky11, gastronomy11, thehand09 from mod pay
- got dantalion10, blackstar19, coilturn16, gald20, penguin11, difficult15 in advent calendar day 03
- got blackwhite13, youngest10, dialect10, canaan13, nande08, whipsmack17, thejoker03, quincy01 in colorseum
- got dituono14, caution20, lifeguard13, maleprotags19, researcher15, vikingtiger16 in seiyuu guess
- got glacier09, fog19, spunquel15, playbirdie13, encourage04, smell07, star-shaped15, sabers06, red crayon, orange crayon in colorseum
- got elegant10, machine14, mist02, killyou10, forgiveness17, mecha02, eastern10, lasagna03, sensory05, catastrophe20 in puzzle chains
- got sousui19, guard20, yari12, ciaossu13, norende12, gero10, cannon02, novel03, bungee09, aging02, hymn10, moogles12 in shadow watching
- got suzumushi04, loleus20, moral04 in host club giveaway
- got nowhere15, earthquake19, flighty09, firefist05, goubain17, icequeen15, hyakkiyakou01, oakenstaff09, mayor09, vanship18, nephilim20, schoollife18, gray crayon
- got hotarumaru20, pyrokinesis01, academia13, mixcoatl05, mechas14, changban15, ghibli10, code15 in colorseum
- got youngest14, clerk06, goodcop12, firefly03, kyudo03, sunfish08 in friend report
- got brickbreak13 and utakata11 in advent caendar 08
- got sabers11, otherworld14, hamburger03, fourthchief02, undine19, cinderella13 in seiyuu guess

January 22, 2017 ------------
- took taka01, hairtie01, yuugataget01, moral02, demihuman02, tvshows02, hypnotizing02, maelstorm05, disorder05, flowertalk05, mobage16, programmer20, hayashibara05, moral04 from release

January 01, 2017 ------------
- got superhuman08, sockpuppet16, dizzy08, mohawk17, guts08, moped18, angelysugar05, hereditary03, iinodoue08, orange crayon, gray crayon and yellow crayon for donating decks
- got beatcall20, cola07, code0601, protein03, chorrubor20, gaebolg09, phazon06, family10 in advent calendar 4
- got pumpkin05, tarotcards02, motion10, softhearted17, entrails20, maniwa13 in advent calendar
- got dates13, actionhero11, kamui07 and rat03 from advent calendar day 21
- got hawkeye01 from eonflamewing from advent calendar event
- got succession17, chikuwa01, entrails01, betrayer18, badge16, pragmatist05, orphanage04, starboar01 in colorseum
- got scrapped07, interviewer14, gaps07, bluebird20, reserved05, nocturne01 in friend report
- got experience13, fakehero14, dcn-02520, undying15, savvy09, khilbet04, cap14, key01 in colorseum

December 31, 2016 ------------
- took kamui16, luzrov17 from advent calendar day 24
- took programmer19, sneeze05 from advent calendar 24

December 29, 2016 ------------
- took luzrov12, hayashibara04 in advent calendar day 19
- took redcomet04, sneeze03 from advent calendar day16
- took 99914 and luzrov07 from advent calendar day 12
- took 99915 from advent calendar day15
- donated mako-chan09, marriage09 and radio09, took luzrov09 from advent calendar day 14
- took luzrov05, 99911 from advent calendar day 11

December 27, 2016 ------------
- took 99910 in advent calendar day 10
- took luzrov01, 99913 in advent calendar day 09
- took 99908 from advent calendar day 08
- took luzrov06, kamui06 for advent calendar day 06
- took redcomet01, programmer17 from advent calendar 01
- got goatee20, renegade19, zephyr19, meanies04, decbirthday10 and blue crayon
- leveled up; got goatee18, star-shaped15, liondance03, tezcatlipoca07, older07 and blue crayon
- leveled up, got goatee17, latvia09, pilum12, create09, liars16 and brown crayon
- exchanged five red crayons, 19 green crayons and 16 brown crayons for floatserve01, floarserve03, floatserve04, floatserve05, floatserve06, floatserve08, floatserve10, floatserve11, floatserve12, floatserve13, floatserve14, floatserve15, floatserve16, floatserve17, floatserve19, floatserve20, galax01, galax03, galax04, galax06, galax07, galax08, galax14, galax15, galax16, galax18, galax20, programmer01, programmer02, programmer05, programmer06, programmer07, programmer11, programmer12, programmer14, firstson07, firstson11, firstson12, firstson18, firstson19 in art shop

December 26, 2016 ------------
- got kcpd14, actionhero12, shiratorizawa10, frilly17 in pick a color
- got hoihoi20, gerudo01, hawkedge20, suit02, hamburger01, banchou15 in scrapbook

December 23, 2016 ------------
- got yamazaki04, elegies20, labcoat09, pameruku01, earrings15, tetrageniot06 in scrapbook
- got regenerate06, hogyoku10, bangle14, kattobing11, 100friends15, cureheart02 in scrapbook
- got freedom03, asura15, boulder15, almenan13, scissors04, takatomon20 in scrapbook
- got copybot09, oracle15, crystal12, astral07, krik16, tactless03 in scrapbook
- got kazamidori05, cynical02, fragrarch17, pheromone09, noa03, redoni07, nowhere17, headphones09 in colorseum
- got stg11, nora18, champloo18 in host club giveaway
- got silent01, doorshrine01, precognitive13 in host club giveaway
- got ballerina18, historian09, zero-type12, science10, gloomy09, ora02, mariko13, tartarus06 in colorseum
- got frown13, fox12, steam11, schwarzer12, medicans11, sultry07, dummy01, izanagi03 in pick a color
- got oasi05, patient13, nobility05, tasla07, hairloss01, pururun15, major09, saikoku13 in shadow watching
- got stararrow08, shibainu06, all-knowing08, shadowpath13, handsome16, cleanup03, liberator19, respectful01 in colorseum
- got keystone19, broom19, eligible20, tsunshun03, uphold17, chomechome02 in seiyuu guess
- got swordspirit14, cocteau09, exalt01, similar15, tonfar08, compulsive11, schoolidol19, allstars19
- got barcode01, mute10, muramasa19, kyokugen20, deserteagle20, 20th19 in friend report
- got nekoma03, attorney16, arcusprima11, caster19, jimuguri10, yami-nabe17, musubi17, aodaisho10, niichan03, green crayon, purple crayon and blue crayon for donating decks
- got inventor10, trichronika07, mischief06, magickey01, violent16, reaper19, dodge05, blizzard04 in colorseum
- got bamboo04, indirect16, chocolat19, masses13, bossy04, copybot16, roadroller12, vixen18 in shadow watching
- got childstar13, godspeed12, benishigure09, elegant04, intestines12, hydropump03, inca19, quotations15 in fan mail

December 19, 2016 ------------
- got asgard05, deathtrap01, diving02, needcool04, thunderveil19
- got doujinka01, twosides17, entermachine01, pheasant14, knight-hart16, neighbor02, salon17, frog16 in colorseum
- got morikawa06, ogikubo18, animator11, imposter15 in coloring book
- got farmer01 and gray candy in coloring book
- got teapot01, claw18, substitute09, reliability12, miss19, iron-blood09, stalker07, fighting06, greengate20, princesslike10 in pick a color
- got rhodonite11, top101, hyourinmaru02, nemesisq09, catclaw13, satsuma17, redrose11, azure04 in colorseum
- got canaan02, catholic01, tail10, nephew08, balbadd18, golden19 in costume party
- exchanged 5stars04, 5stars19, aerialace19, aprbirthday08, black04, chronicle05, darkening19, gakuran06, gamevil19, gensokyo06, gentletype03, glasses08, lunar16, lunartear04, lunatic09, lunatic09, lure11, lure12, macho08, madcancer13, mafiaboss07, mafioso16, magdalene06, magdalene19 for goatee13, goatee14, goatee16, goatee16, ogata20, hayashibara01, hayashibara02, hayashibara03 in art studio
- got rebirth17, chemicals05, analyzation20, patriot18 in costume party

November 30, 2016 ------------
- MASTERED CHOUKI; got consultant06, drops05, goatee12 and orange crayon
- MASTERED VIINA; got rooster10, fantasy17, chouki07 and yellow crayon
- MASTERED PAIMON; got deadpan04, obey05, chouki06 and gray crayon
- MASTERED MATCHA; got moonside02, superheroes18, chouki05 and gray crayon
- MASTERED HATSHEPSUT; got koutei05, gao15, chouki04 and brown crayon
- MASTERED ASGARD; got biology13, kitchen14, chouki03 and brown crayon for mastering
- got swingrock13, visitor01, temptress17, spare01, dj12, ast05, zangetsu19, menoirs10
- got collected18, bookoflaw04, dreamseer11, carefree10, reader10, 100friends12, fourthchief02, demure12, doublesharp20, tornado01, tea07, chiwawa08, fistoflove04, brainburst08 and blue crayon in seiyuu guess
- got yips17, dreiklauen02, amusement16, menfestival08, tensho19, demoness14, butterfly20, difficult06, symphony11, supporter11, lander09, rich08, mako-chan14, sweeper17, dolphin08, donuts06, dreadlocks03, redchild04, kiyohime05, radar20, five brown crayons, two green crayons, purple crayon, orange crayon, gray crayon
- exchanged 5 gray crayons, 5 purple crayons, 6 orange crayons, 3 blue crayons, 7 yellow crayons, 9 brown crayons for asgard03, asgard05, asgard07, asgard13, asgard15, hatshepsut02, hatshepsut06, hatshepsut11, hatshepsut13, hatshepsut19, matcha03, matcha05, matcha09, matcha14, matcha16, matcha18, paimon16, paimon19, paimon20, viina03, viina08, viina09, viina12, viina13, viina14, viina20, chouki10, chouki11, chouki13, chouki14, chouki15, chouki16, chouki17, chouki18, chouki20
- got tanabata15, house15, killerwolf06, zanbatou17, zombie08, hatsushimo17, onihime03, demonking13, hachimaki07, chaldea17, birthright16, stuntpilot17, magiccancel17, brown crayon and red crayon in go fish
- got sinker19, zura11, chivalrous10 in host club
- got biscuit17, aspirebreak19, 4thdistrict06, malefic17, mercenary07, tactician12, gin06, gakuran04 in colorseum
- got deliver11, ranger02, windward20, moogle19, bigisland17, shunshin04 in kiss the cook
- got verycute06, 89th12, newspaper20 in host club giveaway

November 02, 2016 ------------
- donated an orange crayon to coloring book; got housekeeoer08, bells10, bake12, stubborn10, foster10, imaginal08, database20, badgrades01, superheroes03, josei07 in coloring book
- got doubtful04, balbadd13, skill-out13, yin-yang13, amon15, azuresea15, storm05, unafraid04, yamabuki04, black11 in fan mail
- got communicate17, curiosity17, sabbat09, lightning15, smell05, savate11, rozan11, listener08, pacifist14, mohawk18, christianity03, indecisive03, kwg05 and two gray crayons in go fish

November 01, 2016 ------------
- got palemoon14, darkroom07, prayer19, hitwoman12, waiting15, kaleid02, wingspiker20, respectful08, cradle02 in music station
- got curepeace05, platinum20, cares06, profiler09, prepared03, unitone15, intestines20, howl14, dancer08, fukurodani08, doodle08, josei17 in pick a color
- got prototype05, phonestrap18, innovator04, defending20, adorable16, insania10, feast18, crawling14, rash12 and aprbirthday08 in pick a color
- got drossel20, ratfleet19, inferior02, remembering15, warlock05, crossfire09, lunallena18, powerplant05, incubus05, manipulate11 in colorseum
- got zagan08, babysitter10, rent12, bloodwhip13, dog01, kodama14, takatomon03, souls14 in friend report
- got expelled08, meteor18, cupnoodles11, ojamajo20, embodiment13, asteroid14, hartmann16, camazotz18, yami18, lapistier07 in shadow watching
- got aeon20, monomi15, ultimarain19, pururun05, womanizing20, aniki02, balut18, termina11 in seiyuu guess
- got godbreath15, diamonddust13, kailu03, bigbang07, imperatore13, swordofodin19, swimtrunks09, 5stars04, black04, ambidex17, purple crayon and gray crayon in switch it up
- got dwn-02217, kanjipuns15, hairclips12, cafe09, flirt15, womanizing01, devoured12, kape17, humandrug04, darkening19, villagers12, chronicle05, green crayon and yellow crayon in go fish
- got chivalry17, ignite09, balbadd15, jigenhaoh16, economics10, midgard06, spells12, breast11, torchic17, heirs15 in colorseum
- exchanged arrows03, cakes03, catsndogs20, darkside18, ddr11, fairies19, fantasia14, fisticuffs04, fullbloom19, furniture17, gakuenk07, gakuran09, macaroon03, machinegun12, madao17, madao19, maestro08, maestro10, lupan09, lure02, lure07, lure13, lure13, lycanthe01 for ogata14, ogata16, ogata17, ogata18, goatee06, goatee08, goatee09, goatee11 in art studio

October 30, 2016 ------------
- got pacifica01, joajna02, compy17, ambrosia13, madcancer13, musicstart11 in help miss kamila

October 29, 2016 ------------
- took swordswoman07, pe02, pe04, pe05, pe07, pe08, pe10, pe12, pe16, pe18, talentshow01, talentshow02, talentshow03, talentshow09, talentshow10, talentshow11, talentshow12, talentshow15, talentshow17, homeroom04 from recycled art

October 27, 2016 ------------
- got yagoura07, regulus02, mooncell12, pucelle19, panther11, goya17, soldier14, swords05, fenrir02 in music station
- got magicfire01, indra04, poacher06, beelzebub03, deimosking15, longrange15, india19, maple03 in friend report
- got zgundam06, bladeking10, triad16 in host club giveaway
- got engaged16, lrig20, horatio07, bofu16, raremedals10, tomorrow17, 4thbatter07, fightmoney12, lure11, starmagic17 in shadow watching
- got devour15, grendel17, swimming03, soryuju14, attache03, vitalcheck13, shattered19, durandal12, steam01, eyes13 and blue crayon in costume party
- got guarddog11, heroking16, monster18, macho08, herculean14, gero16 in seiyuu guess
- got kita11, greatfox07, adore12, puns17, bandana15, loud08, kouki09, pants01, dachshund08, badboy14, lure12, turtle18, shinsou18, squadron01, tengumaru08, violinist13, sunfighter05, ruckus10, sniper02, ragingtiger15, jingling01, koopalings03, maidcafe03, moonflute10, undernet20, railgun02, akuma01, crimson09, eyelashes11, petal14, smart-mouth04, akagami08, estonia10, handbag15, sevenstars08, brigade02, papillon16, jimmies08, piratehat15, hamburgers01, woodytower17, thing05, imitation08, radiantwaltz16, swallow19, onigiri01, hypnotize20, kogal06, fraternity20, oyaji02, zelda16, thinking11, hakuda08, sos16, carsick17, limited20, former01, two brown crayons and red crayon in acrostic
- got apollo01, debauchery14, relic08, cartology15, secondroom03, tsunshun09, mafiaboss07, switzerland17, porcupine03, fencer06, namimori06, seele07, strikers18 in go fish
- got buddha15, monsters14, jet08, gross17, leader10, agent18, tiny14, shogunkayo20 in colorseum
- got ten03, sorceress08, hermitcrab03, rep17 in help miss kamila
- got scavenger01, runner04, andantino15, mako-chan09, chief03, aerialace19, isshu07 in music station
- got arrows03, colorball03, expelled16, cutting19, janina19, hakunon02 in friend report
- got curesunny07, prospero10, skirt20, firstroom14, zombie15, poisonsting05, officer17, whaleshark09 in graffiti
- got diamond17, rocker17, discipline15, multibug19, defend18, bags06, lunar08, potassium16 in shadow watching
- got flameking14, siren10, supernova11, live09, whitebreath11, slaughter12, gremlin18, shutter05, steward13, catcher13, rasetsu08, unchanging14, chaldeas07, trinity20, performage18, shinigami06, gunsmoker01, golem12, gaiadragoon16, lancelot01, health02, guild02, capturer16, cureblack05, playful05, itako17, reflection05, yggdrasil16, hopekingdom05, janbirthday12, orange crayon and blue crayon in fan mail
- got countryboy15, chessboard09, venomous18, seasalt08, mountain15, firstroom19, deer10, pureblood19 in colorseum
- got faintattack10, faintattack17, femprotags14, maleidols08, precure12, romipaku06, sanctuary06, sekit10, sekit11, ships14, godbreath13, godbreath17, godbreath20, guild15, hawkeye03, hawkeye09, honorific15, infertile10, infertile13, infertile17 from recycled art
- got oneesan01, heirs05, dwn-03720, zangetsu05, doumei12, shogi17, cielagate19, typical02 in shadow watching
- got blackknight13, knife16, number218, leocorp17, naming17, dodge14, ribbons11, echo14, hakama02, geika08, monotonous19, bunnybox10, lionheart16, bowwow20, x31s05, grandson03, nickel07, rage19, cutting06, catcher04, flagpole14, korobokkuru14, argent19, umbrella13, appearance09, grudges08, cowbell06, homicide12, 99912, fierydesire17, stern09, stallion06, rosy03, amadeus12, reptile13, boor17, cleaver08, zackpedia13, 5stars19, tantalus11, flying18, swan12, louvre14, setter02, claws03, keeneye09, purpose03, soundpod08, puppeteer02, eldarian17, fafnir11, martuba03, boy10, sweaters12, soda03, status03, odango16, stories01, conflicted14, values19, two orange crayons, two purple crayons, blue crayon and gray crayon

October 26, 2016 ------------
- got brawn08, lionheart02, kaijou20, ultimarain05, forelock07, gawrsh18, number218, geek03 in fan mail
- got rabbit04, x31516, deva09, prefect05, talent03, pururun11, literature08, policeman19, rose07, two purple crayons and brown crayon for donating decks

October 22, 2016 ------------
- took yakumo04 as a bonus from release

October 05, 2016 ------------
- MASTERED SYSTEMS; got hinomoto01, mws05, paimon12 and brown crayon
- MASTERED LOVE WING; got swords10, houdai07, paimon09 and brown crayon
- MASTERED MAJOKKO; got onion07, jetstream16, paimon07, green crayon

September 28, 2016 ------------
- exchanged 5 red crayons, 16 green crayons and 5 blue crayons for systems04, systems07, systems14, systems18, systems19, lovewing02, lovewing03, lovewing04, lovewing05, lovewing06, lovewing07, lovewing08, lovewing11, lovewing12, lovewing13, lovewing15, lovewing16, lovewing17, lovewing18, lovewing18, lovewing19, lovewing20, majokko01, majokko03, majokko05, majokko07, majokko08 in art shop
- got hedgehog11 and 99916 from madoka
- traded supporter03, armor17, outlook16, heroines01, yuigahama01, mascot18, baldy13, hyourinmaru07, kasshin10, three17, umbrellas07, viewpoint14, viewpoint20, squad42217, swimtrunks08, admiration10, crystaleyes19, flash20, fuhrer04, fuhrer15, jump13 to sujini for adultlike18, ae8620, akko14, argent10, class12, diamonddust19, effort12, firefly11, foundation04,lovequeen03, magoi05, masochistic12, retroclover20, sochin09, sochin10, sopheria01, sulfur03, surpassing05, swingrock19, touch13, 99918

September 27, 2016 ------------
- got maleprotags06, narcissist09, revocs03, heights14 in kiss the cook

September 26, 2016 ------------
- got shackle10, newtype17, cherry19, tongue19, intelligence08, attentive11 in seiyuu guess
- got stitching12, portalstone18, dragoon06 in host club giveaway
- got spoiled07, zephyr14, giftshop01, tattoo11, cheese02, xiii13, sumo17, tsukuyomi12, sex06, blood07 in graffiti
- exchanged inari08, cooking13, sylph13, antares07 and lycee10 for assassinate18, hawkeye13, heavenrend13, judge05, 99909 in switch it up
- got wodontimes16, crocodile11, ebracrypt18, axiom14, ghost13, mercurius16, fushigi06, womanizing19, woodpecker07, correct11, purpose08, ballerina12, catsndogs20, wakening09, oaktree11, setter15, princesslike04, vespa20 in go fish
- got devoted02, wickedeye09, baprismrite13, echo05 and purple crayon in help miss kamila
- got enchantress02, delivery15, okashira04, furpelt17, tearcut11, pay18, triplehole13 and orange crayon in music station
- got tactful09, supportive11, shining02, nyanyaya14, infected11, squad42214, sadhiporoja11, spacepatrol08 in colorseum
- got tooth11, sugitan05, brahms15, capoeira09, dreadlocks01, highcycle04 in player report
- got cakes03, thecrows06 and white19 in pick a color
- got america04, handmaid02, replacement06, bullfrog18, nanyatte02, memoirs15, forklift11, starfighter16, brave12, turtle09, lollipops19, gungnir14 and yellow crayon in seiyuu guess

September 22, 2016 ------------
- MASTERED HARASHO; got tranquil06, deimosking18, paimon01 and red crayon
- MASTERED NICO-NII; got roleplay20, engrish17, harasho20 and gray crayon
- MASTERED MINALINSKY; got memorybug03, conqueror03, harasho18 and gray crayon
- MASTERED MAVROU; got hagurotonbo07, yamigarasu01, harasho16 and red crayon
- MASTERED LAPTOP; got gemini03, nataku16, harasho15 and yellow crayon
- got teztatlipoca18, norimaki16, domineering09 and green crayon
- got labyrinthia02, kunoichi15, emotions02, ghosthouse20, plankton19, iciclefall14, brown crayon and red crayon for donating decks

September 21, 2016 ------------
- exchanged 3-a09, 3-a19, boxweapon20, cakes17, circus15, non-human07, non-human16, novbirthday08, restoration03, sailorfuku07, sailorfuku12, tackle05, disgusting09, disinfect14, dissonance17, distance16, distinction06, distinction14, machinery09, macho14, madao02, madao05, madao06, madao07 for harasho10, harasho12, harasho13, harasho14, ogata09, ogata10, ogata12, ogata13
- got immovable04, shortsword15, righthand15, feral06, syndicate05, menoris18, shinmeiryuu04, chasing16, blitz18, musket17, lip-ring09, fantasia14, free15, mop15, lobster05, godstongue06, admiration10, attract20, pasta06, cgi08, gray crayon, four brown crayons, blue crayon, three green crayons and yellow crayon from sketchpads
- exchanged ten red crayons, seven purple crayons and thirteen gray crayons for laptop10, laptop12, laptop15, laptop20, mavrou04, mavrou07, mavrou18, nico-nii01, nico-nii02, nico-nii05, nico-nii06, nico-nii09, nico-nii10, nico-nii12, nico-nii18, nico-nii19, nico-nii20, minalinsky01, minalinsky02, minalinsky04, minalinsky06, minalinsky07, minalinsky08, minalinsky09, minalinsky10, minalinsky11, minalinsky14, minalinsky16, minalinsky17, minalinsky18
- LEVELED UP; got harasho08, badges14, ophelia14, tuna16, divinelaw05 and orange crayon

September 20, 2016 ------------
- got icefairy09, american14 and pairs10 in go fish
- got beautiful18, archenemy10, pitviper07, eddiecall17, nejiko10, manly09 in player report
- MASTERED KOYASUT; got occult02, 7thheaven13, machinegun12, ogata08 and brown crayon
- MASTERED DISTRUST; got player101, fightmoney05, harasho07 and gray crayon
- MASTERED COMMONERS; got glasses08, speedstar12, harasho06 and purple crayon
- MASTERED CIRCLES; got shihouka15, thebrain06, harasho05 and orange crayon
- MASTERED BOREALIS; got firefly13, thaumaturge05, harasho04 and orange crayon
- got dnn18, escape17, reasons15, ahsha13, sonicboom13, kicking20, doubt18, picasso06, hornet07, seawitch05, demonstone10, chaste07, cooking13, letranger07, greatardent18, childhood02, redclan03, rivalry11, distant14, reasons15, competitive02, pirateflag20, jewel01, alseides16, heroking13, blackswan01, values06, memorybomb12, koikaze05, emoticon01, fisticuffs04, disaster03, kissme18, suave04, zombie18, beli07, cycle08, red crayon ,orange crayon, green crayon and purple crayon as mod pay

September 19, 2016 ------------
- got laptop16, shogunkayo08, dancefusion05, spicyageha04, tabiidol07, tyrolean08, babymonster13, needcool03, yosakoi10 from vethica
- took separate05 from the release
- got axes17, loud18, gentle04, shades04, granny15, lempicka11, oakenstaff11, borealis19, well-spoken19, nfu15, gaiseric07, rejection14, visitor06, water03, pipi18, titanic11, macaroon03, japan16, moirae10, crowtengu13, paintrain17, popnbeat13, chores14, woman04, beard12, youngmen13, spotter13, retroclover14, kendo13, ikazuchi15, scent02, origins10, fishanima13, shirogamon02, secondson19, inari08, praetor11, heritt16, mechapaniq13, heroines08, amati05, axolotl03, swimtrunks08, toss10, lecherous12, classy07, 20th14, kira02, 3-a19, priesthood07, jokes04, chamomile18, miare13, two green crayons, yellow crayon and two gray crayons in mod pay
- got harpnote06, shippudash02, shoutoku06, cola09 in kiss the cook

September 17, 2016 ------------
- exchanged five yellow crayons for commoners01, commoners04, commoners07, commoners08, commoners16 in art shop
- got never03, endurance06, toxin16, vexed14, housework03, hatsutaro13 in seiyuu guess
- got snacks18, locket10, sohcahtoa14, crusher16, mateba10, vocal02, glazinglove12, shinto09, tsukumogami15, poseidon08 in colorseum

September 16, 2016 ------------
- got literature07, brutal07, method10, bandana02, paralysis06, foul09, torment01, dragoneyes03, dimension08, tackle05, febbirthday15, cologne05, circus15, doujigiri07, feminist06, gloucester03, darkside18, sylph13, dane16, seinen06, pinkpearl02, dojo02, rekku11, gero02, luzrov08, hattrick17, onmyouji20, crocodile20, falling01, nicknames06, lovegun16, brand15, stern11, ayesir11, novbirthday08, inventor13, liberator02, usu17, wirukun11, top103, taijutsu14, two red crayons, two blue crayons and purple crayon as mod pay

September 15, 2016 ------------
- got stickynotes20, happiness03, hydrangea14, nadeshiko03, cups16, kaitou02, rufous17, admirer05, chainsaw13, armor17, lionheart10, surgery02, greenpearl14, naru18, furniture17, umeboshi07, end18, undernet16, shirosouzoku18, artistic03, two green crayons, two red crayons, two yellow crayons, blue crayon and three gray crayons for turning in sketchpads
- exchanged nine green crayons, five brown crayons, two gray crayons, three red crayons and three purple crayons for borealis02, borealis03, borealis04, borealis05, borealis10, borealis11, borealis15, borealis17, borealis18, circles06, circles07, circles08, circles12, circles19, distrust10, distrust17, koyasut13, koyasut14, koyasut16 in art shop
- traded scars07 and kid06 to eclair for mages01 and listless06
- took navigator02, disith02, present02, musketeer02, urbanus02, hedgehog01, tazmily07, medicinal16, fd3s04, midorikaru13, aces15, midorikaru15, captains09 and sneeze18 as a bonus from the release

September 14, 2016 ------------
- got kanebo17, split11, punisher03, heartless12, moonblast17, dtr18, switch03, maple02, spirited06, daru02, 3-a09, brains16, runesage03, ndlcanon05, male-type14, hive01, heroines05, gamevil19, sanjouin04, dictator03, shinai16, idol16, ragingtiger17, ddr11, femme12, yamaken20, maracas14, blanket20, corseit13, defender03, kilenc02, tensho04, faction01, german10, thinking10, tekou14, mezzopiano08, yoomtah11, ozeki19, railroad18, huladance15, sororicide11, kindness01, cynical03, happiness18, thorshammer02, gekokujou10, rude15, coolest01, cupid11, player118, frog01, lhantmanor18, throttle20, fullbloom19, gravityhole09, one-track07, hagakure17, thunder20, boxweapon20, libera14, guard08, tinker07, dj14, antares07, coach15, compass09, violence09, hylia06, grandcross03, grayscale19, firststring02, two purple crayons and gray crayon in acrostic
- LEVELED UP; got harasho03, restoration03, lazy01, dane06, insurance12 and red crayon

September 13, 2016 ------------
- FINISHED PORTFOLIO; got bodhisattva04, avoiddeath16, drifter14, panic18, two red crayons, yellow crayon and gray crayon
- MASTERED LYRICS; got classical04, spicyfood01, harasho01 and blue crayon
- MASTERED KAGUTSUCHI; got frozen14, rot09, lyrics19
- MASTERED PIG GIRL; got focused08, kirakira16, lyrics18 and green crayon
- MASTERED BAKA; got hosoyan15, sake01, lyrics17 and purple crayon
- MASTERED VILLAGER B; got pyuru16, sakuya07, lyrics16 and yellow crayon
- MASTERED LOVE YOU; got hotarumaru02, dull11, lyrics14 and orange crayon
- MASTERED CURE SUNNY; got turtleplush15, mage20, lyrics13 and red crayon
- got particle19, elrond04, bathhouse13, traditional06, cataclysm10, tonkotsu05, aman20, manatree18 in colorseum
- got hereditary09, himeya08, shizugatake19, cry19, kiseru02, beastking16, watakushi13, frigid10 in graffiti
- got sailorfuku07, orenji11, vicious15, meatbuns18, lionsguard05, agni13, beatcall10, 12thpillar16 in shadow watching
- got kyrie12, younger15, sbjk09, argent14, nekoma19, speedstar09 in seiyuu guess
- got doit13, marching15, iscandar15, bloodelf18, imperious18, wanderer11, ai09, brewery07 in colorseum
- got mechapaniq01, piercedboy11, phantom04, pe09, eleven13, cello15 in friend report
- got dwn-01104, 199802, aprbirthday06 and ki09 in kiss the cook
- got concern06, onmyoji05, gardener04, non-human07, shinigami04, pandemonium12, mixcoatl20, stripes04 in shadow watching
- got nuisance07, jaganshi17, affair15, lonewolf10, storybooks13, toon19, salmon16, tutorial16, psyco10 in pick a color
- got 12thpillar02, 4thchild02, 4thchild03, 4thchild10, adventure13, balthasar02, balthasar07, beast09, bluebird07, bluebird13, hayashibara12, kajiyuu13, koyasut02, koyasut05, koyasut06, koyasut10, koyasut11, koyasut15, stands14, voice06 from recycled art
- took calamityhawk01 and sneeze01 from the release

September 10, 2016 ------------
- got rosewood19, venus12, tophat12, shadow01, private06, wisdom20 in friend report
- exchanged four red crayons, twenty five orange crayons, eight yellow crayons, ten purple crayons, one blue crayon for piggirl02, piggirl05, piggirl10, piggirl16, kagutsuchi01, kagutsuchi02, kagutsuchi07, kagutsuchi10, kagutsuchi13, kagutsuchi14, kagutsuchi17, loveyou02, loveyou03, loveyou04, loveyou07, loveyou12, loveyou13, loveyou17, loveyou18, loveyou20, curesunny01, curesunny03, curesunny04, curesunny09, curesunny10, curesunny11, curesunny12, curesunny14, curesunny19, villagerb12, villagerb13, villagerb14, villagerb15, villagerb16, villagerb17, villagerb18, villagerb20, baka03, baka04, baka05, baka06, baka08, baka09, baka13, baka14, baka15, baka17, lyrics11
- MASTERED SIXSATIONAL; got grand10, legendary02, rainbow17, wry01, wry02, wry03, wry04, wry05, wry06, wry07, wry08, wry09, wry10, wry11, wry12, wry13, wry14, wry15, wry16, wry17, wry18, wry19, wry20 and blue crayon for mastering; MASTERED WRY
- got ae8603, alarm08, petulant05, overpower07, pikarigaoka07, ousaka19, tapereel09, itako17, ponytail01, adore12, aimo12, results07, melnics04, burst16, fenrir07, madao06, tuner20, immortality10, classrep13, otaku08, purple crayon and yellow crayon as activity rewards

September 09, 2016 ------------
- got jr03, ran07, diamonds01, hyourinmaru07, ribika14, cage09, gunjou03, rigging01, gaia08, cobra06, logical19, rosebleue14, pilebunker10, ambidex03, amahara04, lonesome10 and green crayon in activity rewads
- got shattered10, stew03, bracer09, introvert05, animus18, kujakki06, vixen10, wealth20, delve09, herculean19, psyco06, dtr11 and red crayon in activity rewards

September 01, 2016 ------------
- exchanged adaptations02, ahoge03, arcana12, bionis01, caelin04, cardevolve13, chernabog13, colossi20, dancers18, dogtags12, earthquake08, faintattack07, 001, 001, 005, 026714, 098805, 142cm05, 192cm14, 400years18, 1stlt01, 1stlt02, 1stlt17, 2-312, 30yearsold09 for lyrics05, lyrics06, lyrics07, lyrics08, ogata03, ogata04, ogata05, ogata06 in art studio

August 30, 2016 ------------
- got snow17, eastern04, fragarach09, byakko07, gyrostorm07, mercurius12 in friend report
- MASTERED YO-YO; got einstein10, meribia18, villagerb08 and yellow crayon; MASTERED ZESSEN; got choromi13, cruiser07, villagerb09 and green crayon; MASTERED PUBERTY; got sexfvors02, nakochi20, villagerb10 and orange crayon; MASTERED ELEGANT; got aerosmith15, canine18, villagerb11 and red crayon; MASTERED ISSHU; got gemstone01, risappe08, aircavalry08, ogata01 and purple crayon
- got feelings03, connect02, ki08, fastdraw01, hypocrite03, pants17, signorina14, tsuruko16 in seiyuu guess
- got entertainer20, gakuenk07, seagull10, miracle09, blend16, zero-one08 in seiyuu guess

August 29, 2016 ------------
- exchanged twelve blue crayons and four brown crayons for yo-yo01, yo-yo04, yo-yo11, yo-yo13, yo-yo14, yo-yo17, zessen04, zessen08, zessen10, zessen11, zessen17, zessen19, puberty01, puberty02, puberty09, puberty14 in art shop

August 27, 2016 ------------
- leveled up, got villagerb07, owngoal08, region12, dependable11, sevenstars15 and green crayon; leveled up, got villagerb08, beautiful18, rottencop19, pillowtalk03 and blue crayon
- got snowdrop03, renegades19, temple05, hyper01, vector15, arcana12, impressions19, prismvoice08, bloodlust14, spiderqueen19, pierced14, brokenrose02, renegades12, date05, sealand10, references19, crystaleyes19, lovequeen04, provider07, betray05, steals09, despair19, chakra20, moonwalker03, kerberous18, kanegasaki12, caliber15, themoon11, raider06, pianist03, fuuga06, bronco04, vinewhip06, dwn-00902, engaged02, stands04, pegasus09, disaster10, schism08, scissors10, six blue crayons, three gray crayons, green crayon, three yellow crayons, red crayon, two purple crayons, three brown crayons for turning in sketchpads
- got willbeokay03, mononoke04, engetsu13, television05, yamabuki07 in pick a color
- took providence08, providence15, queenbee07, underworld04, underworld19, underworld20, ultrasouls07, uniforms13, uniforms15, unpopular17, voidgear01, koyasut01, koyasut03, koyasut04, koyasut07, koyasut08, koyasut09, koyasut12, koyasut17, sekit20 from recycled art

August 24, 2016 ------------
- got 89th07, aki-lucky03, aki-lucky06, aki-lucky08, aki-lucky09, aki-lucky10, aki-lucky11, aki-lucky16, ambidex04, ambidex06, amidex07, ambidex09, ambidex18, ambidex20, badges07, badges08, badges14, badges16, badges17, betray01, betray09, betray20, binge09, binge14, binge18, binge19, blocker04, circles01, circles02, circles03, circles04, circles05, circles09, cirlces10, circles11, circles13, circles14, circes15, circles16, circles17, circles18, circles20, crowds02, crowds06, crowds07, crowds08, crowds10, crowds18, firstson01, firstson02, firstson04, firstson06, firstson13, firstson14, firstson16, firstson17, floatserve02, floatserve07, iwa-chan09, iwa-chan12, iwa-chan15, iwa-chan20, junkshop01, junkshop07, junkshop08, junkshop16, junkshop18, junkshop20, kamui02, kamui04, kamui05, kamui08, kamui11, kou18, mountain05, mountain15, mountain19, quindecim02, quindecim06, quindecim14, reading05, realist08, realist15, realist17, realist19, realist20, secondson03, secondson04, secondson05, secondson07, secondson08, secondson11, secondson16, selector15, senpai01, senpai03, senpai04, senpai05, senpai10, senapi12, senpai16, senpai18, setter17, setter19, sopheria02, sopheria07, sopheria10, sopheria12, sopheria15, sopheria16, sopheria19, strike05, strike07, strike13, sungod04, sungod10, sungod11, sungod12, sungod14, thecrows11, thecrows13, thecrows17, throwdown11, tricks06, ukaku01, ukaku06, ukaku12, ukaku13, ukaku19, vesta06, villagerb19, voice07, voice11, voice13, calculation04, calculation14, calculation17, labcoat04, labcoat18, labcoat20, asterisk04, bastion06, bicycle04, bicycle17, immelmann09, kagutsuchi15, killyou11, mages06, masquerade17, nerv20, programmer15, railgun20, spearhead01, surpassing01, whiteclown08, wolborg20, hellafire02, hellafire07, hellafire08, hellafire10, hellafire14, hellafire18, yogurt06, yogurt10, yogurt12, yogurt14, yogurt20, distrust01, distrust02, distrust03, distrust05, distrust06, distrust07, distrust09, distrust12, distrust13, distrust14, distrust15, distrust19, distrust20, seawitch06, seawitch09, seawitch13, seawitch17 from needles
- got isshu10, isshu11, isshu14, isshu15, isshu20 in colors fantasy quest
- got distant14, thepierrot12, newrecruit14, break20, pms05, fuukan01, gawrsh11, outlook16, aimo11, shihouka12, seize10, doubleup12, piercing13, doit07, host09, mercenary16, 3rdchild05, lander19, pucelle01, balloons18, attract12, tangerine17, womanizing05, real10, demonking20, three purple crayons, gray crayon, orange crayon, yellow crayon, blue crayon in colors fantasy quest
- got sobbing09, snake04, rubber03, sorry03, rockleone05, ikaruga11, cloud06, windor18, mirage15, bloodyrose02 in cfq game 12
- got monsters09, humbug05, silhouttes14, joajna10, sociopathic14, millenion06, solum12, shinya16 and two gray crayons in cfq game 01
- got married12, visitor07, expelled07, armblade10, birthmark12, kid06 in seiyuu guess
- got koyasut19, tackle02, dancers18, tsukumogami14, heirs12, ahoge03, faintattack07, hoshido11, yard16, achoo08, agna05, butt05, locket11, freespirited05, catcher19, inside03, bon02, humble18, magi10, pyrotechnics15, tamer16 and purple crayon in cfq game 05
- got glowing18, bark08, whitehat18, caretaker20, x-scissor13, itadakimasu07, thehero15 in cfq game 11
- got soccer12, scars07, dimension04, fire03, xel07, moodmaker20, convey15, femme18, leeks17, tresbien15, red crayon and orange crayon in cfq game 07
- got immigrant11, unmezoku19, november15, memphis17, ai12, rayofhope01, double20 in colorseum
- got eddiecall16, galearc09, explosion09, flamenblack15, miracles09, ugly01, endoscopy04, prince17, partner04, issachar05, opast19, kalina14 in cfq game 08
- submited machiavelli14, mafiaboss04, manly14 to cfq game 08
- got bibliophile08, kiyoubinbou13, heartbeat14, loyalty15, visualizer02, ring02, galactic17, shakushi11, pigeons08, lavaorb11, einstein15, special10 and green crayon in cfq game 02
- got tipster01, kouki15 in cfq game 03
- submitted bowwow06 to cfq game 03

August 23, 2016 ------------
- took rufous02 from the release
- traded 4dragons08, abyss13, accused02, agriculture14, amita08, aniki18, aunt16, badge13, balance10, balance14, bark19, bathhouse05, bathhouse19, appearance19, archaeology01, ark12, astronomy07, antiqueshop01, beautiful07, beautiful15, beehive05, betrayer20, beyondard13, bigisland17, blackberry14, bluebomber04, bluebomber06, bluebomber13, bluestar09, boilerroom05, boilerroom20, bookstore13, boomerang02, bye-bye06, cares05, cares13, cares18, chromacamo20, classical07, classical19, curesunny08, curesunny17 to netbug009 for voidgear08, babymonster02, deadend10, deathtrap06, drowsiness01, firstmate11, forever06, forever14, freezer01, guild02, guild07, guild17, honneamise01, injured20, killrecord15, luckystars13, luckystars17, luzrov20, nandemo11, newtype12, nova04, onlypurpose18, pebble20, psyco15, rapier11, reading04, redhood18, secondson12, secondson19, staying18, swordofodin17, tensionmax11, thebrain07, thebrain20, thestray19, touching13, tyrolean14, ultrasouls15, vendor08, vikingtiger11, wildflower09, poffins13
- got wildbear03, lenster03, nqm11, etherrifle10 in kiss the cook
- took roulette02, catpuns02, firefighter02, vendor02, customer02, helmet02, whirlpool01, firststring05, hosoyan11 from the release

August 22, 2016 ------------
- got ducttape07, shrimp18, itako03, orchid15, watchguard14, bluestar02, wabisuke14, craftsman14 in colorseum
- got yasakani08, lightsnow15, satchel14, summons05, megamerge17, airhead17, civilian10, cuter06, purple crayon and red crayon in cfq game 10

August 21, 2016 ------------
- got lostvayne14, agility16, workout17, denpakei18, lady13, deathboss16, gakuran09, agent14 in colorseum
- got colossi20, bokken11, competitive10, ikebana09, leo20, breaker16 in friend report
- got cherryboy17, suffering08, zephyr18, dolly04, unaffected15, piglet05, onion13, non-human16 in shadow watching
- got evenodd11, results01, chisho06, gastroomy12 in kiss the cook
- got rewind16, drops03, alone03, hebihime20, disappear08, rapier03, lacrosse10, shizugatake01 in seiyuu guess

August 18, 2016 ------------
- got a purple crayon from eonflamewing

August 17, 2016 ------------
- took 20th13, ae8610, ae8617, assassinate14, assassinate15, bearcat01, bearcat03, bearcat05, bearcat08, bearcat11, bearcat12, bearcat13, bearcat14, bearcat15, bearcat16, bearcat17, bearcat18, sekit09, sekit17, sekit18 from recycled art
- took spacepatrol02, darktowers08, obelisk08, oden02, witchelny06, ogikubo01, tabiidol01, motivated01, december2501, decision02, ships18, weddings13, shortcuts09, villagerb05, villagerb06, bakuzan02 from the release

August 16, 2016 ------------
- got gensokyo06, aisen09, anklets20, apothecary14, cielagate13, flashlight10, magical10, badminton18, soscary15, red crayon green crayonand blue crayon for donating decks
- got naska18, bamboo19, mediator03, guide11, dachshund10, phoenix07, caster10, endurance12, observer01, orange crayon, yellow crayon and green crayon for donating decks
MASTERED GENMA, MASTEDED BLADES, MASTERED MOLE, MASTERED RODENT, MASTERED FODRA, MASTERED NAGAREKAWA, MASTERED SPEAKING, MASTERED SHOPPING, MASTERED FREE, MASTERED ANGRA, MASTERED IAIDOU, MASTERED SULTRY, MASTERED TIMESLIP, MASTERED GAME GEAR, MASTERED PRINNY, MASTERED TARI, MASTERED SCHOOL IDOL, MASTERED RABBIT, MASTERED PEACH, MASTERED REASON, MASTERED LAZIER, MASTERED EXTINCTION, MASTERED GRYPHON, MASTERED GREATEST, MASTERED INVISIBLE, MASTERED DISTANCED, MASTERED ISHIDAA, MASTERED GAMER, got timeslip11, timeslip17, gamer03, gamer04, gamer05, gamer06, gamer07, gamer08, gamer09, gamer10, gamer11, gamer12, gamer13, gamer14, gamer15, gamer16, gamer17, gamer18, gamer19, greatest12, greatest15, greatest16, greatest20, distanced13, distanced15, distanced16, distanced17, villagerb01, isshu09, algorithm09, allmate14, arrogant16, ast16, author10, badcop09, badfuture10, barrelroll10, beguile02, blackmoon09, chiwawa07, civilian14, cleanup11, collapses14, committee08, cool03, cureberry01, dogtags12, domino18, elocution20, exodus08, farming06, filmmaker12, flying18, forehead10, grudges19, heightened01, helicopter17, horizon04, huladance05, iceslasher09, imanity16, insania01, knit01, lemonade14, lewdness09, marchhare17, money10, newbie05, newgen03, nishi13, okonomiyaki13, pawpad02, pervy15, porn06, prinny05, pudding17, saiyaman13, seawitch03, sen07, sharnoth20, speak20, starmagic18, sultry04, touchthis10, trophy19, warpstar10, youngmen19, zero-type04, four red crayons, six orange crayons, yellow crayon, four green crayons, two blue crayons, three purple crayons, two brown crayons, seven gray crayons for mastering
- got reference03, amaken02, savate05, burly07, sew12, honor20, rainfell17, clocks15, ramble19, yondaime20, qilinbow15, megaphone12, imperator01, backlace15, landis16, contests19, bathtub17, screentone10 and blue crayon in seiyuu guess
- leveled up, got villagerb02, darktowers15, pah08, windor13, malice19 and brown crayon; leveled up, got villagerb03, zora07, accurate15, cleaver15, immelmann14 and red crayon; leveled up, got villagerb04, parrying18, warrior18, clearing16, highclef01 and brown crayon
- got chernabog13, markv11, hyakka05, genma10 in cfq game 06
- got fortunes13, uryu10, frontkiller19, udon04, boat10, fencing16 in seiyuu guess
- got dango04, apocrypha11, puns19, pay04, hearts09, carryon06, seaslug09, spiritenergy04, spacepirate13, doberman08, earthshaker09, walking12, manipulator20, unseeable05, genesis16, band11, trickster04, appearance19 and green crayon in seiyuu guess

August 14, 2016 ------------
- exchanged 22 red crayons, 35 orange crayons, 16 yellow crayons, 12 green crayons, 11 blue crayons, 24 purple crayons, 14 brown crayons and 12 gray crayons for shopping02, shopping07, shopping12, shopping14, shopping19, transform03 transform07, transform16, free01, free09, free18, free20, sultry03, sultry04, sultry05, sultry11, sultry12, sultry15, sultry17, timeslip05, timeslip08, timeslip10, genma03, genma08, genma09, genma11, genma12, genma15, genma16, genma17, genma18, schoolidol02, schoolidol03, schoolidol05, schoolidol07, schoolidol10, schoolidol11, schoolidol14, schoolidol15, schoolidol17, schoolidol18, schoolidol19, elegant01, elegant02, elegant15, rabbit01, rabbit04, rabbit05, rabbit06, rabbit11, rabbit13, rabbit14, rabbit19, rabbit20, angra02, angra03, angra08, angra13, angra14, angra19, angra20, nagarekawa07, nagarekawa09, nagarekawa10, nagarekawa13, nagarekawa14, nagarekawa16, nagarekawa17, nagarekawa19, nagarekawa20, fodra03, fodra04, fodra07, fodra08, fodra09, fodra10, fodra13, fodra14, fodra15, fodra17, fodra18, fodra20, prinny01, prinny02, prinny09, prinny10, prinny17, prinny20, tari05, tari09, tari13, tari14, tari16, gamegear10, gamegear13, gamegear14, gamegear19, gamegear20, peach03, peach04, peach05, peach10, peach11, peach12, peach13, peach14, peach15, peach18, peach19, peach20, reason04, reason14, reason20, extinction10, extinction11, extinction13, extinction14, lazier03, lazier05, lazier15, lazier18, lazier19, speaking06, speaking07, speaking08, speaking10, speaking13, speaking14, speaking18, speaking19, speaking20, gryphon02, gryphon05, gryphon12, gryphon14. gryphon19, gryphon20, iaidou02, iaidou06, iaidou08, iaidou09, iaidou17, iaidou20, invisible18, gamer01, gamer02

August 13, 2016 ------------
- took expressive16 from the release

August 04, 2016 ------------
- took forward02, forward15, forward16, forward17, forward20, cain01, cain06, cain08, cain16, cain18, elegant05, elegant06, elegant08, elegant13, elegant16, elegant17, elegant20, voice20, skeptic03, skeptic04 from recycled art
- exchanged allies15, crimea07, crimea14, fflove10, hamha05, hirarin15, house14, isaac03, kinkan06, uaa20, venoshock11, x-scissor02, lonesome14, lonesome18, lonetiger10, lonetiger12, lonetiger19, lonewolf03, m1616, macaroon13, macaroon16, macaroon18, machiavelli16, machina18 for ishidaa11, isshu03, isshu04, isshu06, blades01, blades02, blades10, blades18 in art studio
- got plain10, gloucester14, killyou01, totori14, susanoh05, kurohigi09, picasso16, dorm13, neozeon03, teammagma19, abh20, sommelier18, macho14, styx05, invention17, firstmate20, catcher16, lastmagnum04, kutanagi13, kataomoi17, eternal12, scar13, traumatized01, hellgirl04, nekoma14, revolt02, bionis01, filthy05, smelt10, ice07, dancer17, aerosmith20, yamazaki01, television14, blush15, raise15, darkmay03, cello12, effeminate17, inspired17, demifiend04, hoodie17, sbjk06, investigate20, orthopedics04, housenka06, kaleid17, zodiva10, converted16, observe06, clean04, maleprotags14, vesta04, upbeat08, dragonhead01, heartache19, kitchen20, kaneda12, alohaoe20, lastmagnum03, vjedogonian08, naturally05, reptile12, heirs19, antiqueshop01, siren13, doumei03, dln-00403, sunk19, foul16, copper15, schoolidol01, bathhouse19, tower05, fairytale16, freespirit10, octbirthday01, newkama07, demonk03, bye-bye08, yasako07, planting19, musicstart06, d9916, misspeak06, echoes12, ninja19, timeskip19, adore14, silverblade14, salt19, motivated02, bosozoku07, tutorial15, druid06, uniform17, mace20, diamonddust20, lace13, caregiver10, stylish12, plants20, flirty16, riverbank14, masked19, hallowwoe16, scrambled18, stalker06, cellphones02, girlfriend05, soporific09, camcorder06, etherrifle10, trusting18, creampuff18, kendama06, voltage15, boke10, wickedeye13, strongwill18, pitviper08, sound05, wirukun14, senkaimon09, database03, 2-312, helmsman17, one-eyed11, jump11, riskbreaker20, azureazoth13, imagination11, demonfists11, puppeteer09, hypocrite17, mechapaniq13, flare16, substitute04, wish03, ramen02, locket08, microbes07, kite01, poland12, race03, chiwawa05, restore03, bathhouse05, ilmago03, steam15, beaker02, pigeons16, neighbor06, waitress19, sharnoth17, spicegirl19, hakudan19, foxtail17, president08, mikazuki05, doodle16, dumb01, dummy12, raijinshuu16, yari04, studious02, meiji08, gastronomy02, grafeisen20, afternoons14, soundless16, insurance11, familiars08, acepilot08, tidy06, jumbo15, unicolyon06, power04, streamlight02, majokko17, star06, conman06, ghibli08, 198811, siva10, machiavelli14, oarfish06, girl-shy09, forensics06, iceland02, mkn-00112, yomi04, costumes01, rukh13, pro08, evindil18, outcast07, barrelroll14, grenades03, swim05, rhodonite18, raijuu07, celestial17, firewhip02, reflection20, emotions14, voltage06, hottemper20, fan13, jewelwitch12, makefriends04, einstein16, chuunin20, nyoro13, fates05, bugkingdom05, balloons18, mysterious02, sayo17, vritra02, eccentric10, two-faced15, scorpion13, jackal13, nickel04, hug19, rimaajon14, raisondetre05, monkey15, deadend18, dhampir18, blackstar01, odyssey20, divinelaw02, trishula08, masamune15, pain01, charismatic05, secrecy14, desire01, menma05, pairs10, raisondetre12, entertainer06, myu09, innocence17, shinma16, shortcuts05, norespect09, windwhip16, burst02, 400years18, zealous14, makimaki19, kanazuchi05, naturally18, exsphere02, sadistic13, headband01, allmate15, ylisse11, erokappa17, tapereel08, oaktree04, psyqualia14, protect08, bathtub11, nagumo02, gamer08, competition20, believer08, precognition08, imitating11, council07, catweed17, leocorp18, pawpad03, telepath14, blademaster20, petals07, hibakari12, analyzer13, aug2315, benishidare09, undefeated01, harasho02, samekh09, nonoriri04, married18, obliged15, gene13, skywalker11, yakisobapan04, genking06, bloodshot01, sinners08, seduction14, mantis20, diligent12, creamland16, jump13, focused09, ouji20, electabuzz17, parfaits15, warlord05, coffin06, mythical12, medicalbill12, kokeshi18, d9901, distinction14, kasshin10, fuukan05, firstaid14, archer04, mercurial11, bladeking20, lewdness16, renegades02, distrustful19, sunrisecafe02, wizard05, fleshcan10, mibugumi01, gun17, kenpo07, classical07, ai03, cardevolve13, ruthless01, teikoku09, baptismrite13, competitive12, government11, trickclassic19, gestalt01, books17, chromatus10, purplehaze05, undernet18, bowwow02, revive15, yoru04, kirinfang06, exchanger12, vividkiss18, erasing03, bofu16, monta07, sunrune17, feisty07, halos12, dependent17, bluebird18, stitches04, ensign01, menace09, cooperation11, drossel08, might04, baldy13, phones02, wafu02, unison18, synesthesia09, aqua01, robotics03, strain18, cobra08, eve09, tsunshun09, chindonya09, lollipop12, learning15, clowndrop19, stardragon18, relax18, hissing16, dragonfoot20, tenkuu01, baroque13, gatekeeper03, imperial05, hexes07, stonebody03, gemknight12, shutter04, shaman02, zanarkand13, opast04, phandaria14, jimi04, village08, stress13, asakawa03, shackle03, runner10, caelin04, clean-cut15, spicy04, performer13, longinus06, emonzaemon04, selfless14, hatchin08, teardrop18, lordalberion17, beasts12, palette07, kouhai-kun10, garden17, three17, two12, satan14, idol07, akahebi04, ten red crayons, five orange crayons, eight yellow crayons, four green crayons, one blue crayon, four purple crayons, seven brown crayons, four gray crayons as mod pay
- got plain10, gloucester14, killyou01, totori14, susanoh05, kurohigi09, picasso16, dorm13, neozeon03, teammagma19, abh20, sommelier18, macho14, styx05, invention17, firstmate20, catcher16, lastmagnum04, kutanagi13, kataomoi17, eternal12, scar13, traumatized01, hellgirl04, nekoma14, revolt02, bionis01, filthy05, smelt10, ice07, dancer17, aerosmith20, yamazaki01, television14, blush15, raise15, darkmay03, cello12, effeminate17, inspired17, demifiend04, hoodie17, sbjk06, investigate20, orthopedics04, housenka06, kaleid17, zodiva10, converted16, observe06, clean04, maleprotags14, vesta04, upbeat08, dragonhead01, heartache19, kitchen20, kaneda12, alohaoe20, lastmagnum03, vjedogonian08, naturally05, reptile12, heirs19, antiqueshop01, siren13, doumei03, dln-00403, sunk19, foul16, copper15, schoolidol01, bathhouse19, tower05, fairytale16, freespirit10, octbirthday01, newkama07, demonk03, bye-bye08, yasako07, planting19, musicstart06, d9916, misspeak06, echoes12, ninja19, timeskip19, adore14, silverblade14, salt19, motivated02, bosozoku07, tutorial15, druid06, uniform17, mace20, diamonddust20, lace13, caregiver10, stylish12, plants20, flirty16, riverbank14, masked19, hallowwoe16, scrambled18, stalker06, cellphones02, girlfriend05, soporific09, camcorder06, etherrifle10, trusting18, creampuff18, kendama06, voltage15, boke10, wickedeye13, strongwill18, pitviper08, sound05, wirukun14, senkaimon09, database03, 2-312, helmsman17, one-eyed11, jump11, riskbreaker20, azureazoth13, imagination11, demonfists11, puppeteer09, hypocrite17, mechapaniq13, flare16, substitute04, wish03, ramen02, locket08, microbes07, kite01, poland12, race03, chiwawa05, restore03, bathhouse05, ilmago03, steam15, beaker02, pigeons16, neighbor06, waitress19, sharnoth17, spicegirl19, hakudan19, foxtail17, president08, mikazuki05, doodle16, dumb01, dummy12, raijinshuu16, yari04, studious02, meiji08, gastronomy02, grafeisen20, afternoons14, soundless16, insurance11, familiars08, acepilot08, tidy06, jumbo15, unicolyon06, power04, streamlight02, majokko17, star06, conman06, ghibli08, 198811, siva10, machiavelli14, oarfish06, girl-shy09, forensics06, iceland02, mkn-00112, yomi04, costumes01, rukh13, pro08, evindil18, outcast07, barrelroll14, grenades03, swim05, rhodonite18, raijuu07, celestial17, firewhip02, reflection20, emotions14, voltage06, hottemper20, fan13, jewelwitch12, makefriends04, einstein16, chuunin20, nyoro13, fates05, bugkingdom05, balloons18, mysterious02, sayo17, vritra02, eccentric10, two-faced15, scorpion13, jackal13, nickel04, hug19, rimaajon14, raisondetre05, monkey15, deadend18, dhampir18, blackstar01, odyssey20, divinelaw02, trishula08, masamune15, pain01, charismatic05, secrecy14, desire01, menma05, pairs10, raisondetre12, entertainer06, myu09, innocence17, shinma16, shortcuts05, norespect09, windwhip16, burst02, 400years18, zealous14, makimaki19, kanazuchi05, naturally18, exsphere02, sadistic13, headband01, allmate15, ylisse11, erokappa17, tapereel08, oaktree04, psyqualia14, protect08, bathtub11, nagumo02, gamer08, competition20, believer08, precognition08, imitating11, council07, catweed17, leocorp18, pawpad03, telepath14, blademaster20, petals07, hibakari12, analyzer13, aug2315, benishidare09, undefeated01, harasho02, samekh09, nonoriri04, married18, obliged15, gene13, skywalker11, yakisobapan04, genking06, bloodshot01, sinners08, seduction14, mantis20, diligent12, creamland16, jump13, focused09, ouji20, electabuzz17, parfaits15, warlord05, coffin06, mythical12, medicalbill12, kokeshi18, d9901, distinction14, kasshin10, fuukan05, firstaid14, archer04, mercurial11, bladeking20, lewdness16, renegades02, distrustful19, sunrisecafe02, wizard05, fleshcan10, mibugumi01, gun17, kenpo07, classical07, ai03, cardevolve13, ruthless01, teikoku09, baptismrite13, competitive12, government11, trickclassic19, gestalt01, books17, chromatus10, purplehaze05, undernet18, bowwow02, revive15, yoru04, kirinfang06, exchanger12, vividkiss18, erasing03, bofu16, monta07, sunrune17, feisty07, halos12, dependent17, bluebird18, stitches04, ensign01, menace09, cooperation11, drossel08, might04, baldy13, phones02, wafu02, unison18, synesthesia09, aqua01, robotics03, strain18, cobra08, eve09, tsunshun09, chindonya09, lollipop12, learning15, clowndrop19, stardragon18, relax18, hissing16, dragonfoot20, tenkuu01, baroque13, gatekeeper03, imperial05, hexes07, stonebody03, gemknight12, shutter04, shaman02, zanarkand13, opast04, phandaria14, jimi04, village08, stress13, asakawa03, shackle03, runner10, caelin04, clean-cut15, spicy04, performer13, longinus06, emonzaemon04, selfless14, hatchin08, teardrop18, lordalberion17, beasts12, palette07, kouhai-kun10, garden17, three17, two12, satan14, idol07, akahebi04, ten red crayons, five orange crayons, eight yellow crayons, four green crayons, one blue crayon, four purple crayons, seven brown crayons, four gray crayons as mod pay

July 27, 2016 ------------
- got gambler11, yuigahama01, peacock14, suits02, balancer08, house14, darkaurora14, withdrawn04, piano19, soryuju13, empress12, paimon05, coo01, seaborg06, krita-yuga04, vengeance12, mind20, suzaku05, writing16, vandimion16, crazyslots12, tigerdrive17, dwn-01316, positive02, pride04, 3rdregiment05, churapa19, squad42217, virgo12, grandson06, insurance13, seventeen06, dwn-03702, livestock09, kunoichi16, 001, viewpoint20, newtype08, nova03, references12, sir03, snowstorm20, caesarpro09, hello07, arlia03, catpaw15, faust17, itch05, buttercup09, c-virus10, decalogue19, uncle18, sakurairo13, plants07, mimics13, spotter20, garouga12, hapy19, flashlight11, lies13, badboy20, fimbulvetr19, butt19, cares18, salvage14, giroexpress03, mavrou06, hunt04, deceive04, flowerclip15, demonchild05, gigolo06, cruelty04, chisha04, realist05, earl14, flute13, hide07, yamabuki18, nemesisq06, grandking09, shovel11, girls17, marksechs06, subordinate15, grandking08, dln-00b06, judicial05, feared17, lighter03, myprince06, melons02, internet03, sweetheart10, balbadd15, dunksmash11, hawkedge13, catgirl19, greece09, promiscuous08, shikigami07, ichii-bal08, jealous11, kuwabara08, paint01, sworn02, strength11, 4thbatter11, carcosa05, 6609, block16, devilbats19, overclock16, tennights03, sharingan10, coroner13, villager15, longing05, wolffang13, two purple crayons, two yellow crayons, two red crayons, gray crayon and orange crayon for deckmaking
- got stonebody03, badges02, snowman06, prayer12, resentment06, embarrassed06, weakest14, magister12, nakisawa03, taciturn07, lifeguard04, desu06, nacchan04, strawberry14, parasol11, habu15, raidraptors04, pachinko20, cybernetic17, storm17, results12, pawn15, unruly08, uncle12, promiscuous08, namekian06, mirage12, heroking03, romipaku02, scars17, opening07, libra03, deathblow19, machina18, wayside01, blame13, siegfried06, speed09, swordlike03, homunculus05, cielagate08, dearbaby08, rashomon12, heroking02, tetrageniot18, sailorfuku12, tableware12, akfield12, kinshara19, forgotten09, jealousy13, softhearted07, shades03, homicidal01, alluring15, confident11, kenbu04, canary13, maiden11, unicorn05, youcopy05, anteater07, earthshaker03, forklift10, eleccode19, happyda05, uaa20, nanza12, newtype18, deluded07, negate17, novoselic03, knowing10, monk19, mikage02, nonchalant06, order19, scribe13, midgard14, faithful02, wrist13, spear17, rise01, tenkuu02, meatbun01, koorime07, 66715, badluck15, chomechome09, kusegawa16, spirit18, prosthetic02, bananasushi20, airhead05, deco01, voice09, sechs02, badge13, player220, kinkan06, reyntime11, parallel04, medical04, pursue08, gaia05, wind-up08, snapshot08, reaper04, bye-bye06, spoiled06, killerbee11, avoid18, outcast19, muhi15, purple crayon, gray crayon, two yellow crayons, green crayon, brown crayon, two blue crayons as deckmaking pay

July 26, 2016 ------------
- got ladykiller18, domination13, evenbetter01, vaccine18, astraeus14, legal18 in pick a color
- got esper01, x-rayvision12, comrades06, petulant19, thumbsup02, bossun12 in seiyuu guess
- got bloodelf03, solarbeam06, mononoke16, fang08, kikaichu09, earthquake08, antiqueshop08, plankton17 in colorseum
- got forecaster08, goggles14, twig18, handshake03, elegies20, bullfighter14 in player report
- got asteria14, frigid01, vintage05, flash20, oakenstaff11 in fantasy quest bonus event
- got isaac03, lastmagnum11, comnet12, flamenco14, bags17, rubber08, classical19, riddles17 in colorseum
- got tsukkomi06, hamha05, strip09, phantom04, famicom19, soundless11, tengawara06, safety12 in shadow watching
- got cares13, indecent03, flashlight13, lucavi04, lovey-dovey19 and academy05 in seiyuu guess
- got heroines01, valentine02, avatar08, x-scissor02, thereaper14, flashlight12, greathawk12, asterisk09, taekwondo16, tetrageniot04, pigtails18, sacraments05 and brown crayon in seiyuu guess
- leveled up,, got mole20, samuraicat13, tensionmax20, endurance13, adherent19 and green crayon
- leveled up, got mole18, dukedom16, special12, x-rayvision14, efficient12 and brown crayon
- leveled up, go mole17, giroexpress03, wolborg04, india06, cheat08 and gray crayon
- leveled up, got mole16, bodyswap05, sour12, dwn-04512, corn20 and green crayon
- got puririn18, stands18, galaxy06, badfuture06, east06, lupan09, sculpted08, crimibear08, cameraman17, couturier04, mavrou16, ryusoken11, saiyawoman18, androphobic03, hopekingdom16, lip-ring20, telomeres10, mafioso16, piano03, justice18, strongwill13, nataku15, outstripped16, shovel02, pipito10, pain09, adeptrogue19, regalia18, escaflowne14, posh14, guile08, ikebana07, saint19, clones03, listener13, bluerose01, defend06, know-it-all20, red crayon, orange crayon, two yellow crayons, two green crayons, blue crayon, five purple crayons, brown crayon, five gray crayons
- traded acrobatics14, aisu14, allmate07, angel13, autozam16, badges15, benefits02, benefits18, domination08, four-leaf20, hitwoman16, muga16, norespect01, norespect20, pessimist14, rocker02, rocker20, stonemask11, verdancy01, windom01, windom13 to jailynn for baka18, borealis08, caramels11, consultant07, firstmate01, galax12, godbreath05, honneamise09, ichii-bal16, lazier14, lessons15, majokko04, majokko15, maple19, noedge20, otakulife04, poseidon13, requiem19, salt17, sneeze08, sanctuary14
- got curemarch12, hacker12, hyena06, drei07, shaolin08, nora08, precision16, yggdrasil18, mizar09, shattered09 in colorseum
- got kicking13, hatsutaro20, medium16 in host club giveaway
- got tsukihime03, bookoflaw11, painter09, ship02, galax02, venoshock11 in player report
- got sixsational18, jealous18, setter02, yanderes04, nonocchi08, landis03, dearbaby05, shades20, forgive09 in anniversary day 18
- got mibugumi16, ribika02, mothers06, splendid09, papa01, dln-00606, dorssian06, repressed15, thornqueen17, colony01 in colorseum
- got summons06, china02, mamushi02, rascal12, bookstore13 and sixsational15 in anniversary day 15

July 01, 2016 ------------
- exchanged watergun16, watergun16, tsubasa19, stage04, shounen10, shades12, robots10, robots19, psybeam15, clergy06, clergy06, 2-a08, numbers05, perceptive08, six14, kurokami15, locodol19, m1616, unitone01, unitone17, transform01, zanza02, zanza11, zanza11 for ishidaa07, ishidaa08, ishidaa09, ishidaa10, rodent09, rodent20, distanced05, distanced10 in recycled art

June 29, 2016 ------------
- got sixsational02, dalmasca05, gin17, organic08 in anniversary day 02
- switched voi12 for deathtrap03 in switch it up
- traded seele18 and trichronika10 to nidoking for rodent17 and cattle02
- got sixsational14 and gray crayon in anniversary day 14
- got sixsational04, hatshepsut04, telomeres18, savage02, ufo08, pacifca04, amamikado04, association04, icefairy08, heal08, jewelwitch18 in anniversary day 04
- got sixsational19, demoness17, brandless19, ocean05, tenswords19, rot03, sia20, orange crayon in anniversary day
- got sixsational11, delusions17, necklace12, voice16, einstein19 in anniversary day 11
- got sixsational08, boxingring14 and models15 in anniversary day 08
- got sixsational07, mole19, lycanthe01, blackkeys07, needcool07, fuchsia18 in anniversary day 07
- got sixsational06, beautiful15, deck10, meatbun10, spin03, medicines18, lacytanga09 in anniversary day 06
- got sixsational13, rodent02, hoteldusk04, exposition12, 8-bit18 and gray crayon
- got sixsational17, mole15, imitation13, yewbow20 and nao03 in anniversary day 17
- took sixsational10 from anniversary day 21
- got sixsational12 and red crayon in anniversary day 12

June 28, 2016 ------------
- got sixsational20 in anniversary day 20
- got sixsational16 from anniversary day 16
- got invisible14 in anniversary day 14

June 27, 2016 ------------
- got invisible09, nagarekawa06, mole14, rodent01 in anniversary day 12
- got sixsational03, shounen10, replacement19, thecrows15 in anniversary day 03
- got ishidaa06 in anniversary day 06
- got sixsational05, touou14, electabuzz18, trains12, impatient19, slapping11 in anniversary day 05
- got fencer11, zelda15, poems09, dukedom11, lastking07, youngest09, database09, softball10, anxiety09, soup14 in colorseum
- got sixsational09, fairies19 and crimea14 in anniversary day 09
- got green crayon and two orange crayons in anniversary day 05
- got sixsational01, collapses02, supportive09 and cosmicmind01 in anniversary day 01

June 26, 2016 ------------
- got ladle11, testament03, deserteagle12, ladyluck14, spunquel11, yami-nabe02, bushido06, hustle14, scythe19, chase15 in colorseum
- got resemblance03, rent07, jewelry11, ashinaka20, cellphones01, splat02, experiments16, gotham16, arranged02, merak20 in colorseum
- got crimea07, agriculture14, monomi13, trigger07, pinnacle18, rockleone11, listener03, hustle10 in colorseum
- got fifth14, nacchan03, bankruptcy17, mercenary20, boy12, kunai04, tenbuhorin04, clean02 in colorseum
- got throwdown15, unaware20, goggles05, humanist05, curator04, perceptive08, gray crayon, red crayon, yellow crayon and brown crayon in scrapbook

June 25, 2016 ------------
- got hated11, digimon20, big20, heights17, madao17, muaythai05, solitary15, optimist08, nanza02, redscarf07 in fan mail
- got shuei-gumi05, economical17, nii-nii16, psybeam15, assassinate12, logical02, two yellow crayons and orange crayon in scrapbook
- got protective12, fflove10, blackwave20, adorable03, memorized01, trichronika10, flashlight15, mu08, dissonance17, safety12 in directions
- got kicking05, shepherd15, balfonheim14, ceramics07, magickey07, 2-a08, formalities17, kaminokoe08 in colorseum
- got besek07, ballet19, across17, dwn-01313, scarves17, university18, surnames16 in pick a color
- got therat12, redhood06, whitemouse10, sitar11, rubber13, koyasut20, stitches18, bully19 in colorseum
- got imperator13, halos15, clergy06, friendship17, stockpot19, hamster03

June 24, 2016 ------------
- got imperator13, halos15, clergy06, friendship17, stockpot19, hamster03 in seiyuu guess
- got battle20, tactical01, kurokami15, rising14, sharp11, practice05, summoned06, twinknives16 in colorseum
- got candystore11, bluedragon17, hereditary09, pluglariat19, viewpoint14, pureblood18, yggdrasil13, stage04 in colorseum
- got passionate13, observe18, perlite14, valkyria19, littledevil14, blackberry14
- got livinghell17, crystaleyes17, neatfreak08, monkey14 in go fish
- got dummy06, redaxe08, slacker08, aisu13, blue crayon in pokeradar
- got debauchery17, jetstream10, guarding12 in pokeradar
- got robotabuse01, hugs14, flamengreen14, heyheyhey17 in costume party
- got lovemaster10, curewhite16, proudclad01, whirlwind17, mind11, shinobi04, allies15, voltage02 in colorseum
- got paralysis16, juniorjr10, troubadour17, daichimaru05, raijuu10, noman09, footlose04, introvert03, future16, orange crayon, yellow crayon, brown crayon for donating decks
- took keeneye02, tellme02, fleadom01, bankruptcy01, hotel01, mufflers15, mufflers01, summer15, curesunny06 and ishidaa12 from the release

June 23, 2016 ------------
- got flashlight06, conducts16, cape10, giganto11, flat04, sailor05, threemins07, oblivion09, rash05, soloship17, toss12, utsuwa04 in shadow watching
- got numbers05, voi12, editor01, watergun16, julia04, six14 in pick a color
- traded blueoni09 to bobanaicha for yakumo04
- traded duality19, dynames09, ghost19, medicine03, psychic10, seconds04, seconds10, west19 to eclair for alamode07, northkanto20, objection06, honneamise11, france16, jaded12, kiyoubinbou14, parties19
- traded cooltype18 to zeittari for yakumo05
- got melonpan07, rely17, actor06, quote10, markv11, undertaker01 in seiyuu guess
- got kid16, 3rdregiment03, apocalypse16, kansai17, lockedin16, become18, momokan19, snowman01, ribbon08, renegades10, saiko18, tsubasa19, red crayon and yellow crayon in beauty pageant
- got changeform15, aristocratic16, light16, unrequited06 rosesplash11, revenge14, mongrel07 in colorseum
- got goldwyvern04, shippudash06, domino12 in host club giveaway
- got indistress07, malefic05, third18, acepilot16, ribbon10, amiable18, seacrusher05, shibuya10, village07, nickel10, overclock11, lenster03, pioneer03, durandal17, bossy02, majokko17, soundpod10, elderly09, painter10, lacrosse15, azure02, aristocrat09, fairytale08, brising19, pantheress14, magickey16, dango12, meiji12, nautilus03, mentor15, two red crayon and two blue crayons in rolling down the umn
- got manakete14, saneprince09, beaker14, bonds16, powerpuff14, moneylover12 in guess the color
- got mamushi09, bigsister12, iai17, jokes03 in costume party
- got droopy16, shibainu07, cinema11, snowfairy05 in costume party
- got absence14, ogredemon11, hirarin15, secrecy14 in kiss the cook
- took yakumo01, hatsutaro01, manchuria01, substitute02, logicshow02, miraculous02, cooltype18 from the release

June 22, 2016 ------------
- exchanged police05, partner19, novbirthday20, mushroom05, miyanom14, mechapilots12, magnus20, lucavi10 koyasut10, helper14, heartless10, heartless01 for ishidaa15, ishidaa17, ishidaa18, ishidaa20 in art studio

April 20, 2016 ------------
- got perfection04, unicolyon14, paladienne14, cetra05, shepherds16, isako07, animereview16, godspeed06 in colorseum
- got sparrow03, defending04, novoselic05, untouchable02, hawkeye05, lighter03, poetry18, lunatic09 in friend report
- got assignment02, skyworld11, enforcer10, shades12, angerpunch10, nishi02, lonesome11 and wutai04 in directions
- got maxwell06, catcher08, plugin06, camcorder06, binbougami13, addict01, locodol19, bisbiglio03, denpa08 in pick a color
- took isshu08, reason07, reason18, redcomet07, redcomet11, redcomet12, requiem14, secret03, secret04, secret16, shopping05, shopping15, shopping16, sochin04, spearhead06, spearhead13, spearhead19, stylish09, sun08, sun11 from recycled art
- got brand20, higanbana04, piratehat07 in host club giveaway
- took annoying14, kuwabara14, blueoni09, trickclassic01, brilliant01, silkyheart01, psyco01, neozeon01, mirror01, djinn01, freckled06, took ishidaa04 as bonus

April 10, 2016 ------------
- got catfish07, changing06, betrayer20, amnesia13, keyblade10, twentyone20, preventer14, roland14 in directions
- MASTERED LEANBOX; got understand17, catlover03, brewery16 and orange crayon; MASTERED BREWERY; got elecbeam01, astraeus13, mole10 and red crayon;
- exchanged eleven green crayons for leanbox01, leanbox03, leanbox06, leanbox07, leanbox08, leanbox10, leanbox12, leanbox14, leanbox18, leanbox19, leanbox20

April 08, 2016 ------------
- MASTERED CLASSY; got understand17, catlover03, brewery16 and orange crayon; MASTERED DJ; got indifferent01, renegades15, eden15 and blue crayon; MASTERED EMOPOWERING; got creampuff07, greatknife15, geisha13 and purple crayon; MASTERED LOCODOL; got flare20, yamato05, mole06 and red crayon; MASTERED MMA; got mage14, trains18, mole07 and purple crayon; MASTERED PLASMA; got ninja18, winter20, mole08 and red crayon; MASTERED BREWERY; got elecbeam01, astraeus13, mole10 and red crayon; MASTERED EDEN; got fish20, gentleghost01, mole11, orange crayon; MASTERED GEISHA; got visitor08, yamato09, mole12 and purple crayon; MASTERED MM LOVE; got iga05, codename14, ordinary09, ishidaa03, blue crayon; FINISHED PORTFOLIO; got fulcrum19, nanamin05, s-class15, lecherous13, two red crayons, brown crayon and blue crayon

April 04, 2016 ------------
- exchanged six red crayons, eight orange crayons, four yellow crayons, one green crayon, four blue crayons, seven purple crayons, six brown crayons, five gray crayons for mma11, mma12, mma15, geisha04, geisha08, geisha11, plasma02, plasma04, plasma05, plasma10, plasma11, plasma15, plasma17, plasma18, eden05, eden09, eden10, eden16, classy04, brewery02, brewery08, brewery10, brewery15, empowering01, empowering03, empowering06, empowering09, empowering11, empowering12, empowering17, locodol03, locodol07, locodol08, locodol11, locodol18, locodol20, dj01, dj03, dj04, dj10, dj14

April 02, 2016 ------------
- got zero-one12, fightgod05, komoicorps09, lionsguard02, escort16, third09, chocolatier10, pinkcup08 in colorseum
- exchanged 4minutes04, ahoge04, assassins11, brothers17, darkening04, darkening16, escaped18, eyepatches09, febbirthday01, furniture09, gakuen13, gramarye07 for mmlove17, mmlove18, mmlove19, mmlove20 in art studio

April 01, 2016 ------------
- finished a portfolio; got speak18, gekkooin12, riches10, redchild05, purple crayon, green crayon, yellow crayon, brown crayon; finished portfolio; got teller16, glassheart09, firewhip14, mechapilots12, red crayon, blue crayon, gray crayon, brown crayon
- MASTERED ARCHADIA; got yebisu16, wild18, forkball19 and green crayon; MASTERED CARPET BOMB; got eldest15, fire05, cold03 and red crayon; MASTERED CHROMATUS; got brothers17, uza-uza08, cold07 and blue crayon; MASTERED EYESHADOW; got lostseraph05, teasing11, cold08 and green crayon; MASTERED FALLING; got hikari09, vaniville16, cold09, orange crayon; MASTERED FORKBALL; got retriever17, discarded12, cold11, orange crayon; MASTERED GLIDER; got monapizza04, strip09, cold18, blue crayon; MASTERED GYARU; got ragnarok17, redoni11, cold19, orange crayon; MASTERED JIKOCHUU; got viola16, tinto03, mole02, orange crayon; MASTERED JUMBO; got leader10, trashy12, mole03, gray crayon; MASTERED ORE-SAMA; got wildlion19, beasts13, mole04, purple crayon; MASTERED COLD; got ruin02, erasing11, mole05, blue crayon; MASTERED ROBOTS; got heartless01, likedad03, perlite16, mmlove16, yellow crayon
- exchanged two red crayons, six orange crayons, five yellow crayons, two green crayons, eleven blue crayons, four purple crayons, four brown crayons, thirteen gray crayons for carpetbomb18, jikochuu15, jumbo02, jumbo03, jumbo04, jumbo06, jumbo09, jumbo14, gyaru03, gyaru04, gyaru05, gyaru12, gyaru18, archadia02, archadia12, glider07, glider08, glider12, glider13, glider17, forkball03, forkball05, forkball07, forkball08, forkball14, forkball16, ore-sama02, ore-sama09, ore-sama14, ore-sama15, falling08, falling16, falling17, falling20, chromatus09, chromatus10, chromatus12, chromatus14, chromatus15, chromatus16, chromatus17, chromatus18, eyeshadow02, eyeshadow03, eyeshadow04, eyeshadow08, eyeshadow17 in art shop

March 31, 2016 ------------
- exchanged amnesia17, amnesia20, amour03, blackberry12, blackcat10, blackgale07, generic08, genesis03, genesis04, late10, laurant17, lavaorb09, sisters11, solum05, stmichaels13, strikers04, tharsis16, tharsis20, unknown10, usagimimi02, visualnovel09, world02, x-scissor13, younger14 for carpetbomb13, carpetbomb14, carpetbomb15, carpetbomb17, mmlove11, mmlove13, mmlove14, mmlove15 in art studio
- got bohemian08, younger14, tenmon19, soryuju09 in kiss the cook
- got hotcakes07, immovable18, roland19, unitone01, incite09, unfaltering14, lecherous16, dwn-01009 in colorseum
- got transfer08, hyouhaku02, youngwomen15, dreamisland09, thresher04, genesis04, island20, purelove08 in directions

March 30, 2016 ------------
- got catpawgun13, foundation16, banekick01, valkyrie03, paradox01, information05, lettuce09, agni11, yakuza14, komachi11, trueknight11, snowfield05, one-eyed02, ddr19, onee-sama11, composer08, narcissist04, single18, maverick10, eris08, byakko11, heartache07, prinny03, odyssey05, jian13, angelpowder15, backstroke05, lovequeen10, gray crayon, two blue crayons, three yellow crayons, three brown crayons, three orange crayons, purple crayon for turning in sketchpads

March 29, 2016 ------------
- got reshbal20, boisterous03, shingetsu03, ethereal08, flapping10, changing07, worthless09, mourning05 in friend report

March 24, 2016 ------------
- got acepilot11, magic16, devilbats03, a-hall11, forlorn04, accident06 in guess the color
- got destiny07, delete02, heat17, phoenic16, siren19, firebird15, gravekeeper10, balbadd08, permafrost11, mikan19 and green crayon in seiyuu guess
- got porn07, devoured07, shorthair05, newtype01 in colorseum
- got muzzle11, curewhite12, heavens15, haratetsu15 in pick a color
- got talented08, myths02, ranguren17, terran17, billiards11, stardust20, liar08, wildbear09 in fan mail
- got falling05 from phibby as valentines gift
- got lazier01 from mori as valentines gift
- got eyeshadow20 from sinew as valentines gift
- got archadia20 from tsunderingly as valentines gift
- got archadia01 from poland as valentines gift
- got robots10 from moon_wolf as valentines gift

March 23, 2016 ------------
- got archadia18 from skybuns as valentines gift
- got chromatus20 as valentines gift from estamir
- got archadia20 from nirilian as valentines gift
- exchanged a red crayon for tradename15 in art shop
- got feiris07, symbologist08, fengshui15, koyasut10 in colorseum; got pushy08, yagoura09, octo-punch15, do-it-all06, escape08, snowdrop01 and green crayon in beauty pageant; got addiction02, rafflesia13, allmeans01, bloodwhip08, waitress17, wealth17, diverdown20, amamikado19, porcupine19, redjewels15, bluedragon15, magical16, naught11, ontario17, tsunderella20, robots08, robots09, robots10, two orange crayons, purple crayon, green crayon, brown crayon; got swordofodin06, traveler02, equestrian02, ecure06, nekomata18, stayathome01, demoneyes05 in pick a color; got ahoge04, futuring14, uptight10 in guess the color; got sakejug19, chevalier19, kurogamon16 in seiyuu guess; got huntsman07, judas05, mikazuki19, firstmate15, xiii11 in rolling down the umn; got potassium11, bandages08, escaped18, harihara10 in colorseum; got readsflags09, mma10, honnoji09 in seiyuu guess; got hypermonk04, observing19, undying18 and gray crayon in scrapbook; got fencer16, ambidex02, grimreaper14, barrage20 in costume party; got antiques20, rustboro19, fengshui20 in pokeradar; took geisha09, genma19, glider09, glider19, gryphon07, gryphon09, gryphon11, gryphon18, guitar19, harness19, hatshepsut17, heroines02, hijizo16, hijizo17, hijizo20, honeytachi04, honeytachi10, ichii-bal05, ichii-bal07, ichii-bal10 from recycled art; got tidy20, undying13, yami-nabe20, inferiority20 in go fish; got eyepatches09, kosmos14, fifthroom14, paternal10 in colorseum
March 19, 2019 ------------
- traded rosenburg09, pursuit14, pluto08, paisleypark20, ocarina18, nstackle15, negatives02, natsu04, mega-playboy20, mepo18, low-key07, littlekitty03, machinegun10, magi06, laughing02, laughing07, kayo-chin03, kazuz10, lakeview04, frozenword03, dwn-01401, cureetoile02, catcrossing12, blondgdevil08, bastion15, yard09, species07, specials11, specials15, shoujo07, rpgmaker17 to beezebeora for chlorophytum04, nucleus20, phagocyte03, youtuber13, precure14, precure19, chryse20, concern12, explosions06, maanna08, manly09, manly17, retakes01, retakes03, rfa02, rfa11, rhapsody20, robotabuse14, shadowless01, shadowless03, shadowless13, silverpin09, silverpin13, sororicide13, takeout03, temple10, unpopular16, submarine06, submarine13, submarine18, kigal05

March 10, 2019 ------------
- traded kaziklibey11, romantia14, shakanyorai01, noir01, noir07 to byakkun for diving08, idolfangirl02, perlite10, titanic14, titanic15

December 25, 2018 ------------
- got hemoglobin03 from nidoking
- got deathmetal11, key07, otakuwife10, quindecim03, retriever06, december2514 from hyoga

October 31, 2018 ------------
- traded cr-s0112, cr-s0115, dojima16, orthopedics04, orthopedics07, rainfell15 to hopes for catnoir04, cytotoxic06, guild03, phagocyte12, submarine15, yebisu15

October 27, 2018 ------------
- traded babymonster20, astrorobin01, ballet02, comnet08, curewhip19, darkchip11, eldest18, footsteps08, gaps13, guillotine06, hitoriomou13, ikebana19, jet-black01, kismet06, lightblue01, manynames10, onpu13, onpu18, punyaan18, prana12, sanction20, taiko09, twentyone06, whitecloud14, usamin16, uu18, sogeking10, sins03, schoolidol11, rosenburg09, pursuit14, pluto08, paisleypark20, ocarina18, nstackle15, negatives02, natsu04, mega-playboy20, mepo18, low-key07, littlekitty03, machinegun10, magi06, laughing02, laughing07, kayo-chin03, kazuz10, lakeview04, frozenword03, dwn-01401, cureetoile02, catcrossing12, blondgdevil08, bastion15, yard09, species07, specials11, specials15, shoujo07, rpgmaker17 to beezebeora for 27yearsold18, 48th07, 4thchild13, antarctica18, apocalypse09, arthur14, battleship07, battleship14, battleship20, bills03, bluesteel17, bluesteel18, cerulean08, cerulean12, chlorophytum13, chlorophytum18, deathmetal15, design12, dioxide11, friend04, friend11, glory09, injured09, kimari11, kimari12, kimari15, magic08, miraculous13, muse08
- traded surprises11, difficult06, difficult15 to barda for keyanimator09, maxwell10, flamenco06

August 22, 2018 ------------
- traded confirmed08, ghosts10, always12, ambrosia13, brandless19, braveface08, comet05, cousin08, elocution06, emotions16, forgive01, forgive08, restraint06, 3rdchild05, powdersnow16, warmonk18, warmonk13, gravy12, gruesome20, hierophant03, hierophant12, island20, jet07, jet08, kindness01, kindness20, lazy03, lazy10, lazy12, lazy14, lazy15, legal18, miracles05, miracles09, mushrooms01, necktie03, necktie04, necktie05, necktie20, no-nonsense10, oracle04, plumber17, powdersnow12, restraint02, seance07, seance15, self-driven02, shepherds16, sour05, sour12 to 9tales for adventure07, all-knowing01, all-knowing13, bassist02, bicycle16, blackblood17, chryse04, 5thdan17, dancefusion16, diving20, dreamycrown16, dunscaith20, ganbaruby02, ganbaruby11, garrote03, greatardent11, hakunon05, hakunon07 halide11, homunculus14, honeytachi10, honeytachi13, humanity03, iceflower09, idol04, idolclub17, idolfan08, incognita07, jump09, kaijuidol14, lemurian12, mermaids02, miraizura18, motivated08, motivated10, neozeon10, nonoriri11, pacifism08, probe10, pyromaniac10, replicant10, replicant13, sangriarosa13, swordmaster05, swordmaster11, thunderveil08, treachery08, uranohoshi20, vespa07, vespa17
- traded milkcan20 to alecks for hatter15
- traded acting06, androgynous04, apologize07, appearance18, aristocratic19, attache03, bastion01, blackharu06, brokenrose02, caregiver15, caster19, champloo04 to reneetwist for benois19, bluebeard17, chryse19, hardness05, kaijuidol20, megaphone17, pillars20, reading12, retroclover09, sulfide18, sulfur15, symmetry05

June 24, 2018 ------------
- traded android02, android17, dynames12, knights05, optimistic10 to bats for biblestudy14, pluviose09, shorinji17, socialclub09, gameselect12, gave android07 and dynames20 to bats

June 02, 2018 ------------
- traded curemiracle01 to kotozume for angelysugar18
- traded methuselah15, incapable07 to hoochmeister for grondement17, grondement20

May 22, 2018 ------------
- gave cocteau09, cocteau12, cocteau14,synesthesia01, unemotional04, yggdrasil04, yggdrasil09, yggdrasil16 to fakeharmless
- traded bounty17, camera05, camera11 to fakeharmless for bluewater12, charmed20, starcadia04
- gave earphone18, lesson10, usamin17, sanguinem01, sanguinem02, sanguinem11, sanguinem13, shikamadooji02, shikamadooji03, shikamadooji04, shikamadooji05, shikamadooji07, shikamadooji08, shikamadooji15 to toyama

May 08, 2018 ------------
- traded crossraven10, cynophobia05, diving04, feminine15, nee-san04, prosecutor02, ryuuseigun03, theguild15 to needles for freezer18, freezer19, nerv14, vice08, vice16, yebisu10, dioxide10, dioxide13
- traded charmed12, gryphon02, humiliated06, sponsored08, therapist07, uravity01, uravity09, yorha04, outerspace02 to nidoking for candidate07, candidate10, scouter02, scouter04, nerv14, feminine01, feminine02, riders02, archpriest02

May 06, 2018 ------------
- traded civics06, cloaked15, coils08, compelled06, harumaki07, harumaki18, highpeak11, nailart09, selfies18, setter15, setter19, theguild03, udonge05, ukki11, altoclef17, feiris07, kararagi11, marinebio05, mermaids05, mermaids06, nee-san12, recall06, seemly19, sharp11, shoutoku06, stalker07, stern11, stern17, udonge08 to needles for candidate06, candidate12, starmagic07, tensionmax15, idolfan07, lovequeen02, lovequeen13, risappe07, risappe14, sangriarosa10, stylish02, brilliant10, yosakoi03, clow12, mirakurun02, firewhip11, godbreath07, godbreath09, greatardent06, greatardent17, stringer12, stringer17, swordofodin10, thunderveil02, titanic07, 3dgraphics05, meltyluna08, vesta18, nonoriri06

April 21, 2018 ------------
- got harness03, retroclover04, silkyheart19, tensionmax14, uranohoshi19 from anaraine
- traded bullmask08, construction02, harumaki13, imposter02, mainstream05, ridiculed04, talentscout20, wnba02, yourboy11 to nidoking for gunbuster04, gunbuster05, gardens02, dioxide02, halide02, hardness09, phosphate02, smol02, tol02

April 20, 2018 ------------
- traded readsflags11, puppeteer18, sbjk09, railway12, okonomiyaki15, snowmaru10, supermarket03, ruthless01, harass20, daitsuren02, drops03, drops15, drops18, prodigal02, prodigal07, spalding17 to 1angelette for kajiyuu07, december2510, nandemo09, sakurairo10, babymonster16, lemurian19, lunartear06 yogurt02, ogikubo03, otakulife06, balthasar14, camcorder12, camcorder17, novoselic10, cindy13, krauser15

April 01, 2018 ------------
- traded luckystars04, luckystars10, luckystars12, luckystars14, luckystars17, knife-throw04, bouncer09, fleadom03, fleadom08, fleadom19, bankruptcy05, beasts08, bomber19, dim-witted01, fiddle17, doorshrine16 to beezebeora for assassinate01, kou15, psychology09, swordmaster03, apocalypse04, center14, consultant11, distant08, engrish12, firstmate14, invention02, invention11, oddjobs08, pester02, pester12, wounds09

March 25, 2018 ------------
- got butterflies17 from beezebeora

February 25, 2018 ------------
- traded abes14, american06, aoitori17, babylon06, beli01, bloodfang11, deathzone16, cascade04, cascade07, dokidoki10, earring12, foxmagic04, giraffe11, grin04, gun01, hyuponia20, jindujun03, kyokugen10, lettuce16, majokko01, mesmerizing02, modernmagic13, mtek-zero12, nekopunch02, neonlight06, one-track11, patience04, pining13, powerplant15, recipes07, recipes11, regain20, reins07, relax07, sakugarne05, sensitive04, sensitive13, shepherds03, snakesword19, stitches15, teamaqua14, triplefinish04, zzgundam01, majokko17, musket01 to beezebeora for 5thdan13, argent12, blackluna07, fluteplay20, ogikubo16, shikama-doji09, kajiyuu06, mages11, nonbinary11, precure07, 2ndchild14, blackblood15, benois09, bluewater13, brain06, brain17, brilliant15, bullmask04, caramels04, catnoir03, catnoir06, catnoir08, foresight05, kaijuidol05, keyanimator12, killertennis17, magic09, ninja12, otakulife11, otakulife19, pacifism07, parlortricks04, racing14, retriver11, ridiculed13, talentscout16, trickclassic04, uniforms11, vesta17, woman09, woman19, talisman06, headband01, bloodline11, tarotrei06

February 20, 2018 ------------
- traded blocker05, moe09, planners06, 198811, babylon16, balut18, camcorder06, champloo07, champloo18, feelings03, gaebolg09, gao15, hacker12, hairloss01, inspector10, jellyfish05, jokes04, karasuno12, kilenc01, kilenc02, kilenc03, kiyoubinbou13, kiyoubinbou14, mobile06, mulberry18, pucelle01, pucelle02, pyromaniac07, redoni07, redoni11, reliability12, respect08, ridiculed16, sos16, spirit17, spirit18, strictcoach17, unlimited07, wingspiker19, wingspiker20 to instrumentality for compy11, dancefusion13, december2517, iceflower10, idolfan16, masquerade14, mechapaniq07, morethan10, morethan20, motivated18, retroclover11, risappe18, diving04, princesslike02, princesslike17, yohane14, uranohoshi12, yousoro15, alamode20, brilliant09, prismvoice05, heroines16, clow17, starmagic06, starmagic08, starmagic09, starmagic16, drooling06, blueimpulse06, blueimpulse14, blueimpulse18, drowsiness16, harness06, harness20, lemurian17, stringer13, cerulean11, epinard17, loveshower08, perlite02

December 30, 2017 ------------
- got ships19 from pinkoctopus as holiday gift
- got ditelada20 from 9tales as a holiday gift

October 19, 2017 ------------
- traded baptismrite13, baptismrite18, boxingring10, chaldea17, chaldeas07, composed14, conclusions14, darkflame12, fatal08, hakunon02, noir10, onii-chan10, phan-site16, romantia02, theguild13, unpleasant05, wickedeye13, worker16, vexed09 to byakkun for adventure08, beast01, beast14, beast18, class03, dreaca01, gallop18, honeytachi14, honorific08, idolfan09, keyanimator07, lemurian20, melonpatch07, mirakurun17, musashino02, queenbee03, queenbee20, spicyageha17, thunderveil11
- traded left04, left05, left06, left07, left09, right04, right07 to nidoking for redcomet09, redcomet13, redcomet14, eylstadt05, eylstadt06, eylstadt07, eylstadt08

September 03, 2017 ------------
- traded killertennis07, killertennis02, proudclad06, scanner20, shinychariot02, shinyrod02, triskellion02, warflag02, yorha02, yorha18, yourboy02 to nidoking for hamburgers03, hamburgers04, mari09, mari10, mari14, mari15, lgbtgames07, akko03, apocalypse15, argent06, attacker02
- traded exalt15, heartache07, heartache19, hexes15, heyheyhey14, heyheyhey17, hyena20, manakete14, missiletainn09, modo-modo04, pirateflag07, pirateflag20, raremedals10, rejection14, ryusoken11, speedosound20, thejackal19, tornado01, tripping20, ushiushi16, axolotl03, basketball05, beastking07 to netbug009 for attacker07, firewhip18, humanity11, balthasar05, create18, dixneuf08, dixneuf13, evangelion08, eylstadt12, injured01, krauser20, lonely09, manly12, masochistic17, merman07, merman16, motivated05, oath17, pebble07, redcomet05, redcomet19, scrawl02, yuujinchou05
- traded nightshade11, nightshade19, binge09, binge11, binge14, binge17, binge18, binge19 to ivoryandhorn for bioengineer08, lipreading11, yohane10, clamp02, romipaku01, romipaku10, 80pitches09, assassinate09
- traded beretta12, itegumo09 to ivoryandhorn for balthasar16 and icearrows11
- traded lancers01 to ivoryandhorn for billiards03
- traded junes06, animals08, psp02, apathetic11, nukes15, echo02, shamisen19, entrails14, yukiatsu01 to lady_paine for jealous12, affinity04, pact01, akatsubaki02. nfu06, earl06, satan13, eyeshadow14, yami06
- traded babylon17, itchy17, old15, lawnmower18, oyaji05, golem01, youshow02 to caitstarlight for bauxite07, iris02, one-track11, lgbtgames19, overeat14, gun01, yohane01
- traded bandit05, bandit16, chuunin04, faust07, surf14, barrier06, caster10, chuunin05, ctarl11, dodge05, dodge14, eagle05, exactly05, exactly18, leadcrow12, lazy01, leader10 to lady_paine for dixneuf09, dancefusion20, misguided06, oaktree19, arme15, guitar17, lonely10, musashino03, pluviose05, salt01, sangriarosa16, schemer04, secret11, sulfur18, thunderveil01, vespa16, yebisu18
- traded 4-dpocket06, magiic16, uguu05, bunnybox10, caramels12, chitchat03, chitchat18, competition20, cupnoodles11, fortunelove13, makaiju13, nyu07, septette19 to dustybunny for babymonster15, bluebeard12, compy10, december2506, dreaca14, dreamycrown06, idolfangirl06, killertennis02, kilertennis07, killerwolf04, killerwolf11, maxwell18, origin10

August 30, 2017 ------------
- traded manly09, manly14 to 9tales for janken06 and sun15

August 16, 2017 ------------
- traded harpnote05, obedient02, memento15 to ivoryandhorn for handcuffs11, order18, maihime05

August 15, 2017 ------------
- traded phobia03, hello07 for posh02, heavymetal17 with lady_paine
- traded gatsuga07, encourage09, rash09, mild12, acrophobia05, nejiko01, doctor14 for ghostgirl03, endra05, ramen20, mermaids05, always12, noir10, drilling15
- traded pain15, overanalyze11 to ivoryandhorn for posttown03, octo-punch05

August 12, 2017 ------------
- gave acepilot08, acepilot11, acepilot16 to zekroms

August 08, 2017 ------------
- traded analyzation15, returns01, taichou04 to caitstarlight for akaoni18, rabbit20, train02

July 31, 2017 ------------
- got scanner03 from nidoking

July 01, 2017 ------------
- traded musketeer10, musketeer19, tenebrae02, urbanus12, urbanus20 to nidoking for bicycle18, evangelion09, class19, logic10, objection08

June 29, 2017 ------------
- traded headmaster17, lucis02 to nidoking for approval14 and lovestorm02
- traded gawds02, pining04, ghosts05 to 9tales for hellafire20, nerv11, ships01

June 22, 2017 ------------
- traded 7 blue crayons and 4 orange crayons to canute for 11 red crayons

June 17, 2017 ------------
- gave redaxe12 to chronikle
- traded legendary02, liars16, purple18, starmagic05, dreamer14, mace13, oblivion09, titrel01, yasakani04, 7thheaven13, artemyra01, arthur15, aspirebreak19, attractive11, attractive14, azuresea15, azuresky03, balbadd13, balbadd15, balbadd18, bastion09, beasts12, better01, bewitching10, birthplace20, blinky11, bluemaiden13, bluemaiden18, boss07, boss08, boy-crazy18, carrot16, carrot17, champion06, champion19, charmbuster20, chastiefol13, cocky20, collision02, crescent04, cyber618, cureblack05, curefelice17, curepeace05, curescarlet16, deadman04, deathdrive11, deer10, disorder05, divinelaw02, divinelaw05, divinelaw10, dwn-03720, dwn-03702, entermachine05, usss04, wait10, masamune15 to beezebeora for 2ndchild15, 3dgraphics02, angelysugar10, class17, collected10, deadend07, dixneuf07, evangelion07, evangelion19, futon08, honeybuddha06, icehockey13, idolfan10, intoxicated17, investigator04, investigator17, killrecord03, magicaltoy03, maple12, morethan08, musketeer10, musketeer19, nfu03, no704, otakulife18, quindecim09, rakugo05, sakurairo14, scrawl01, shepherd20, sil8003, sil8004, sochin01, sour11, starmiya11, staying06, stylish15, swingrock16, tabiidol08, tabiidol10, thestar01, thestray11, theinferno11, tomboyish17, triplelutz01, triplelutz06, urbanus12, wolborg11, woman11, kajiyuu08, lgbtmanga08, misguided02, misguided04, misguided07, misguided09, misguided14, morikawa03, oaktree02

June 11, 2017 ------------
- traded abroad08, akagami08, america02, america14, america18, arrogant13, arrogant16, bathhouse13, blade05, blade12, cabbage01, cabbage04, causality12, cetra19, cleaver08, cola07, cola09, cranny20, deer02, denmark08, doctorine05, doctorine17, eternal12, eternal14, eternia02, firefist05, firefist12, forelock07, hacker11, hairclips12, hakudan19, heresy13, hornless13, hyourinmaru02, icequeen15, idiotson04, idiotson05, immature02, immature15, insurance12, insurance13, insurance15, islander12, izanagi03, koyaku10, lionsguard02, lionsguard05, locket02, moogles12, moogles20 to reneetwist for mikan06, sour17, staying11, morethan03, nandemo07, starmiya14, stylish11, yosakoi13, caramels18, nosebleeds16, blueimpulse19, harness18, killerwolf12, queenbee10, chopping20, 4thchild04, foundation17, julia03, mari11, symphony15, 12thpillar18, badboy09, lunartear13, nfu01, nfu09, nfu10, nfu13, no08, pyromaniac13, sochin20, ae8613, bluewater18, djinn09, eccentric05, engrish07, flamenco20, forgiveness08, forgiveness16, guild13, ichii-bal09, lonely03, mirage12, nova09, origins12, replicant04, secret13, swordplay15, symmetry08, mflove16, precure08
- traded aptx486902, aptx486907, goggles05, goggles14, mangaka07, moumentai04, regalia13, regalia18 to kelliedee for diamonddust09, forehead09, iceflower19, mibugumi03, nfu04, ise18, surpassing04, black10

June 05, 2017 ------------
- traded experience16 to 9tales for fantasy12

May 18, 2017 ------------
- traded catpuns05, roulette06, roulette07, vendor10, vendor11 to nidoking for holictrick09, holictrick10, holictrick11, tensionmax06, tensionmax13

May 17, 2017 ------------
- traded four yellow crayons to 9tales for maids19, approval19, rakugo19, sukeroku19
- traded boat19, entomologist01, folklorist01, japanese02, japanese17, killertennis01, nailart01, neoaikido01, outerspace01 to nidoking for akko01, akko02, approval02, maids02, mari07, mari08, rakugo02, sukeroku02, yuujinchou20

May 09, 2017 ------------
- traded archadia20, balfonheim14, bombs12, bushido04, bushido06, cavalry14, conjurer12, dancer04, dancer08, dancer17, demonfists11, dragonhead01, dragoon06, dragoon07, elysian20, eruyt15, faction01, faction02, feathers05, flighty09, flighty15, hagakure17, hornless07, knife16, knowing06, knowing10, ladyluck14, landis03, landis16, lies02, lies07, lies13, limsa09, lionheart02, lionheart10, lionheart16, longinus06, meyvn02, meyvn12, meyvn20, moogle19, nabradia20, paladin01, praetor11, praetor12, praetor18, proudclad01, proudclad08, quicksilvers04, reins05, reins20, results01, results07, results12, ruin02, ruin09, ruin18, ruin20, shards01, summoner05, summons05, summons06, syndicate05, tantalus11, taunts06, thaumaturge05, thaumaturge13, thorshammer02, throttle16, throttle20, uldah05, undying13, undying15, undying16, undying18, vexed14, whitemage14, zanarkand13, paimon18, wires07, ichijyokan19, idiom18, models15, protein03, saisei11, onlyreason12, venus12, firststring14, fukurodani08, fukurodani19, karasuno01, nekoma03, thebrain16, wingspiker03, ayesir11, ayesir13, celestial17, regulus02, sensory05, krik16, nekomata18, caring02, defense05, defense16, powerful04, mineral14, rustboro19, sommelier17, supermodel09, voltage06, voltage15, wildchild08, sandal10 to scblakdrgon for staying04, mages13, mages14, mages15, maleidols13, mflove05, retro18, starmagic05, starmagic12, 4thchild18, adultlike14, adventure03, akaoni07, akaoni19, apocalypse10, archangel19, barehanded13, blackblood20, breeder11, chopping13, collected09, diesel-san12, doujin03, doujin12, doujin15, fashionable12, fix07, flamenco10, flamenco16, forward14, forward18, gallop07, gallop20, guitar07, guitar10, guitar18, headmaster16, health-care11, homeroom08, honeybuddha10, honorific09, hopespeak03, hopespeak15, horoscope03, hypnotizing16, incognita19, investigator10, jingling09, lemurian08, lessons07, lessons12, lessons16, leylines07, leylines14, lonely15, loveshower03, loveshower20, merman03, merman08, merman18, mibugumi18, moral08, nandemo03, nandemo18, navigator04, ninja11, no07, no710, noedge14, northkanto13, nova05, oath05, oath11, oddjobs03, optimistic02, pebble03, poseidon14, potassium17, prefect15, princesslike14, puririn19, queenbee11, queenbee12, redhood13, replicant01, replicant19, retakes18, robotabuse02, saiyan04, saiyan12, saiyan16, shrine01, silverpin19, skeptic19, sochin17, sour01, sour19, starmiya19, strictcoach17, surpassing10, tail04, tail18, takeout04, takeout05, takeout12, ultrasouls14, vanship07, vice09, wnba07, wombat14, yips13, yuujinchou02, yuujinchou09

May 08, 2017 ------------
- traded balancer08, beasts13, blackmoon09, blackmoon18, broomstick06, charmbuster20, clearing16, crimibear08, firebuster17, masses13, rainfell18 to chronikle for bluebird17, noedge13, archangel19, curiosity18, forward09, cindy19, kou10, megaphone12, railgun12, romipaku19, firewhip16
- traded moves02, wetsuit05, and bro05 to junee for maids04, approval04 and rakugo04

May 05, 2017 ------------
- traded tvshows06, tvshows07, hypnotizing05, hypnotizing06, moral05 to nidoking for flask08, flask09, flask10, flask11, flask14

April 23, 2017 ------------
- traded attract12, attract20, bushido02, hornless17, summoner20 to toffeecat for eylstadt03, eylstadt11, eylstadt20, ogikubo06, ogikubo17
- traded chemicals05, naru04, naru18, cello06, cello12, cello15 to eclair for curescarlet16, elmeth14, yuugataget14, steward08, steward13, clamp15
- gave badluck06, badluck09, badluck15 to pinkoctopus
- got maids03, approval03, rakugo03, sukeroku03 from canute
- traded cheese03, chores17, eighth02, octava08, pikopiko09, pulse04, sugar03, twosides14, pink11, abusive02, abusive20, acrophobia14, admiral05, adorable03, affinity08, ailecrono04, ailecrono06, ailecrono16, alive06, alter09, anko05, anko10, anko13, annihilate13, annihilate14, apostle10, apostle16, apostle18, aquarimms13, arphage02, assassinate17, athletic09, athletic16, aug2302, aug2305, aug2315, aug2315 to pinkoctopus for blackblood18, blackblood19, bluebeard07, cham05, deathtrap15, erratic01, erratic12, erratic17, holictrick06, holictrick11, jello02, jello03, jello04, jello09, jello10, lunarbase17, maleidols11, mechapaniq20, neozeon18, nonocchi07, nonocchi16, origins05, origins09, otakuwife17, otakuwife20, perlite03, perlite09, swingrock15, wombat03, wombat16, erratic16, flask17, fleadom08, harness10, jello05, mermaids06, mirakurun12, sororicide20

April 18, 2017 ------------
- traded animes16, chainsaw13, foxhound10, know-it-all20, poland01, spare01, spare11, traditional06, yo-yo18, worlds19, yoomtah11, two-faced15, twirl04, tuna16, telepath14, telepath17, runaway05, runaway10, roll19, rollflash19, pinkbow12, pinkbow20, otomen20, octava20, pants01, pants17, punyaan19 to pinkoctopus for honeytachi09, forehead17, yohane20, judge14, forget18, forget19, flashing11, lemurian14, stringer03, meltyluna13, anklets07, melonpatch17, melonpatch09, breeder15, forward08, setter04, bass08, iwa-chan10, northkanto03, recall06, tail15, thestray07, tomboyish05, uniforms14, ae8614, schism07, secret08
- got clamp20 from 1angelette

March 15, 2017 ------------
- traded 4thdistrict06, blues14, conducts16, hypervision15 to needles for bioengineer11, bluebeard02, diesel-san09, leylines13
- traded cloudshrine04, dullahan12, elevator15, fujoshi06, goya17, hereditary03, hymn10, hymn13, hymn19, kcpd14, lorelei11, lorelei19, memorybomb12, novel03, oracle15, pragmatist05, polkadot10, selfdefense06, shiruko13, taciturn20, tarotcards01, house15 to adutorum for mahou15, mahou16, maleidols18, ships20, 12thpillar19, anklets02, beast15, bluewater09, bluewater16, bluewater20, bride10, december2508, dixneuf06, maxwell12, mechapaniq19, needcool18, otakulife20, rosequeen20, swingrock03, tidy09, underworld13
- got balthasar13, bioengineer06, bioengineer13 from kureto

March 12, 2017 ------------
- traded exchanger12, expedition19, johto08, moonblast13, psybeam15, savvy09, weakest14 to junee for4thchild19, compy05, drowsiness12, godbreath16, jingling20, restaurant12, winery17
- traded geek16, insensitive18, lovewing13, afro02, afternoons10, afternoons14, aisu14, blackwave04, blackwave06, blackwave07, eastern10, flat04, geek03, guard08, guard12, guard20 to tiddly_widdly for shogunkayo10, tidy02, wedding16, bohemian12, tensionmax17, deathtrap07, sanctuary13, thunderveil05, titanic09, perlite20, sulfur08, adventure06, placetobe07, injured18, killrecord16, rosequeen16
- gave capturer08 to vethica
- traded appearance09, beli02, beli05, beli07, chevalier19, eccentric13, phantom04, submissive16, wutai04 to eclair for 2ndchild03, anastasis09, camcorder20, icehockey06, keeneye04, sweet10, tensionmax09, titanic06, yuujinchou01
- traded attorney16, blood07, blood17, boxingring14, delusions17, dunceney07, fox12, gastronomy11, grace03, grace07, grace13, hatshepsut14, hatshepsut15, innkeeper02, kiseru19, knit01, knit11, maidcafe03, quadra11, renegades02, renegades12, renegades15, renegades19, sphinx115, suit02, teapot07, teapot15, twinknives09, twinknives16, uncle18, usss12, whiteknight01, whiteknight11 to pinkoctopus for headphones05, akaoni06, blocker13, customer07, dixneuf05, djinn06, flaming19, hijizo19, keeneye12, leylines10, leylines11, magicaltoy17, masquerade18, melonpatch06, mirror19, musashino18, oath12, sil8017, sour20, swordswoman19, twinkle18, urbanus12, sickly07, smirk08, stench02, t-veronica01, takara14, british08, bullmask13, copper13, cruelty09, director01, doberman20

March 11, 2017 ------------
- traded cattle01, cattle02, cattle12, quack05, tokimeki01, jigenhaoh16, leocorp17, one-track07, rosenburg11, scarring06, science10 to kureto for 4thchild08, 2ndchild04, 3dgraphics12, 3dgraphics13, aki-lucky17, assassinate03, blackblood12, blueimpulse12, blueimpulse20, bluewater04, burly12

March 05, 2017 ------------
- traded agape11, agape13, agape17, farmer13, farmer16, farmer19, teller10, urbanus14, swordswoman01, swordswoman05, swordswoman09, swordswoman10, swordswoman13, swordswoman17 to nidoking for anklets10, benois02, benois05, compy12, diving05, djinn04, dreamycrown18, erratic15, exorcism06, exorcism11, expressive05, flamenco07, flamenco13, flashing14
- traded actionhero11, actionhero12, artistic03, financial13, mechanical03, mob06, namakura15, supermarket03, tokimeki01, uneven16, mobage16, octbirthday04 to cloudshrine04, diesel-san10, diesel-san20, foundation10, keyanimator20, lemurian05, lorelei11, mari20, masquerade09, seagull15, shepherd06, vice12, got wedding12 as a gift

February 24, 2017 ------------
- traded irontail12 to nidoking for voice19

February 14, 2017 ------------
- traded four red crayons to nidoking for four gray crayons

February 12, 2017 ------------
- traded microbes07, microbes 08, microbes19, moonblast17, overlord04, overlord19, rare19 to catfriend for idolfangirl15, incognita13, recall19, prefect06, sun03, sun16, agape13
- traded vassal03 to pinkoctopus for agape11

February 09, 2017 ------------
- traded maxter01, rising01 to eclair for nova18, runaway10
- traded 4thbatter11, sakurairo07, tyrolean01, hagurotonbo07, toxin16, twilight04, adorable15, adorable16, beastking16, furpelt17, hikari19, leader16, offense02, offense03, yami18, archenemy10, raijinshuu15, rain17, rewind03, zeref19, setter02, alltrades15, herculean14, herculean19, kukulcan20, zagan08, hyena06, shocking15, experience13, flirt15, focused09, fuchsia18, zephyr12, zephyr19, curebeauty02, curehappy06, curesunny07, huladance16, milkyrose18, neptune10, akahebi04, livestock09, alioth14, melodious16, benetnasch03, blush15, ghouls04, pain01, pain09, raidraptors04, distant14, distrust14, distrustful19, dituono14, dituono19, ditzy01, softhearted17, sogeking10, sohcahtoa14, soisagent12, solar15, solar20, academy05, accurate08, accurate09, academia13 to scblakdragon for mechapaniq12, titanic16, urbanus14, ambidex08, familiars03, headpones05, headphones17, kajiyuu09, retro12, romipaku11, sekit05, ships17, stands05, voice12, 3dgraphics15, ae8615, alamode13, babymonster14, bassist04, bluewater03, bride17, brilliant06, buusagi09, bugs17, cheater05, cheater14, cloudshrine18, dewicious13, dewicious14, dreaca15, drooling10, firstmate03, forgiveness17, fuuma10, fuuma20, goofy05, guild11, holywar13, holywar14, honeytachi17, ichii-bal14, idolfan15, killrecord19, literary07, mahou10, maple15, mari03, mechapaniq09, meltyluna04, morethan05, neozeon12, newtype03, nonocchi18, odango20, origins17, perlite12, placetobe03, placetobe12, saltysol03, stickynotes01, stickynotes15, swordswoman10, tomboyish10, vesta13, vikingtier03, wolborg17
- traded bling01, broadcast08, chocolat19, dates13, hitwoman12, lovewing18, rufous17, shiratorizawa10 to chuuya for 3dgraphics06, breeder08, dewicious20, ditelada11, eylstadt19, farmer13, farmer16, farmer19
- traded snicker05 and miss19 to junee for wingspiker19 and idolclub02

January 26, 2017 ------------
- traded highcycle04, orphanage04 to needles for burly16, idolfan17
- traded filmmaker12 to vethica for rat16

January 24, 2017 ------------
- traded burgers02, agape02, animator11, bloody01, demihuman02, disith10, farmer01, housekeeper08, hypnotizing02, imposter15, moral02, moral04, schoolidol19, survive19, trichrinika07, tvshows02, orange crayon and three brown crayons for eros02, stammi02, eylstadt02, leylines02, sun04, surpassing12, tabiidol12, hairtie02, taka02, yuugataget02, tensionmax08, tensionmax11, thunderveil10, titanic02, tomboyish15, two blue crayons, two gray crayons

December 23, 2016 ------------
- traded janbirthday12, bake12, capturer16, communicate17, dog-like14, double20, emotions02, emotions14, evolver13, fimbulvetr19, grudges08, grudges19, hartmann16, limited20, misspeak10, nekoma19, sailor05, spotted11 to zeiitari for bioengineer03, blueimpulse02, bushido04, hatshepsut14, hatshepsut15, lemurian01, lessons13, masochistic10, melonpatch05, northkanto01, northkanto15, northkanto18, providence11, restore05, sour15, vikingtiger12, yuigahama04, winery15
- got missdeep03, mischievous04, missiletainn09, missions13, missions18 from netbug009

October 30, 2016 ------------
- traded swordswoman07, pe02, pe04, pe05, pe07, pe08, pe10, pe12, pe16, pe18, talentshow01, talentshow02, talentshow03, talentshow09, talentshow10, talentshow11, talentshow12, talentshow15, talentshow17, homeroom04, musicstart11, socialite15, boat15, copying15, fenrir02, firefighter05, keeneye06, keeneye09, potassium16, roadroller11, spacepatrol08, spacepatrol14, thebrain06, touching02 to nidoking for 99901, adventure20, calamityhawk02, deku01, hedgehog20, iceorb01, nonocchi13, onlypurpose02, perfect06, precure09, prismvoice03, prismvoice04, psyco07, pyromaniac07, redhood01, retriever02, risappe02, saiyan11, saiyan18, salt04, salt17, sangriarosa14, sangriarosa19, sanguinem02, secret03, secret18, shikamadooji01, shikamadooji05, shikigami05, shogunkayo02, skypirate03, sochin12, stickynotes02, stringer02

October 27, 2016 ------------
- traded leo20 to ixionesis for hedgehog10
- traded storybooks13 to kurieta for headphones16, got ditelada15 from kurieta
- traded conqueror03, dnn18, dragoneyes03, eddiecall17, giftshop01, gravityhole09, infected11, ndlcanon05, secondson19, triplehole13, undernet16 to skybuns for badgrades07, bioengineer09, blueimpulse17, camcorder02, diamonddust18, ditelada07, forward07, infertile01, kamui14, krauser16, megaphone03, megaphone13; gave wirukun11 to skybuns

October 26, 2016 ------------
- traded febbirthday15, firststring02, yamigarasu01, balloons18, farming06, observer01, substitute04, taekwondo16 to zeiitari for lovequeen14, magicaltoy11, nandemo04, puririn07, sakurairo07, sangriarosa15, spicyageha18, tyrolean06, also traded sigs

September 28, 2016 ------------
- traded 3rdchild05, always14, balbadd15, big20, bite11, bodhisattva05, bungee14, crazyslots01, england06, esteem11, fullmoon07, guile08, heartbeat14, hre11, hydrangea08, ikebana07, ikebana09, jian13, jokes03, karma13, lazy12, locket11, lostvayne14, magi10, masked19, memories06, mobile08, necktie04, nickel04, nickel10, papa01, papa14, parallel04, parasol11, player220, poland12, precision16, researcher10, researcher11, russia01, russia03, saint19, shards09, siegfried06, snow02, snow03, snow15, soccer12, soccer13, soccer19, soundless04, soundless11, soundless15, soundless16, traveler02, trueblood06, twirl06, twirl13, university13, university18, yami-nabe02, yami-nabe20 to canute forromipaku20, stands03, ae8609, archangel13, badfortune08, badgrades09, band20, bicycle01, bluebird06, blueimpulse01, brilliant13, burly04, cerulean20, ditelada03, dreaca06, drowsiness14, firewhip20, greatardent10, guitar04, harness16, honeytachi08, ichii-bal20, infertile10, junkshop04, julia14, jump18, kendama14, mibugumi12, neozeon11, nerv09, nerv12, nerv17, novoselic06, odango02, origin06, origin20, placetobe15, plasmagica13, plasmagica20, providence05, providence19, rat05, recall03, redcomet17, rosequeen07, sbjk19, schemer17, secret12, shikigami09, shikigami16, sopheria14, stickynotes19, swordswoman01, thunderveil09, trickclassic03, tyrolean17, ultrasouls12, underworld16, uniforms06, vikingtiger02, vikingtiger05, yosakoi06
- traded lobster05, musket17, starfighter16, catclaw16, childlike13, curemarch12, curemelody20, curepine16, dantalion09, decalogue19, distrust07, distrust13, eastern04, eastern07, kingsaw12, koikaze05, liberator02, locket08, reader04, stripes04, stripes10, swordlike05, veda09, veda17 to madoka for chouki01, crystalsaber12, djinn07, firstson01, immelmann01, immelmann07, keeneye06, magic10, mirror04, neozeon09, oath05, oath20, salt18, secret19, shard02, shogunkayo09, towel05, vikingtiger05, wildflower10, yakumo18, ambidex12, headphones07, mages05

September 26, 2016 ------------
- traded avoiddeath16 to admiral for 99917
- traded ghosthouse02 and 199802 to zeiitari for hedgehog05 and 99906

September 22, 2016 ------------
- got princesslike03 from nidoking

September 21, 2016 ------------
- traded medicinal16 to instrumentality for 99903

September 20, 2016 ------------
- gave ghosthouse01 and ghosthouse19 to lady_paine
- traded kalina17, chuunin20, cooperation11, cursedseal07, cursedseal10, garouga12, garouga15, garouga16, kikaichu09, massacre09, sharingan10, shy14, taijutsu14, bugkingdom05, collision11, hylia06 power04, zora07, kalina02 to lady_paine for argent08, assassinate05, bluebird01, collected16, effort05, familiars15, forehead20, headphones09, keyboard16, megaphone09, odango15, pyromaniac18, restore20, sweet08, swordplay07, teammagma18, thunderveil03, hedgehog06 and 99919

September 19, 2016 ------------
- traded navigator02, disith02, present02, musketeer02, urbanus02 to nidoking for toss10, trickclassic06, schemer17, starhealer04, whirlpool12
- traded alone02, alone03, allmate14, apocalypse16, editor01, editor05, loyalty15, moped02, noman09, playboy12, sitar11, sitar15, sorry03, strongwill13, strongwill18, two05, two12, voi17, widow10, widow20, windor13, windor18 to zekroms for hedgehog07, 99906, bass16, calligrapher19, camcorder14, copying15, curesword03, dixneuf03, gunbuster10, hatshepsut12, hierophant12, jump15, kamui19, masochistic11, nonoriri12, schemer16, spicegirl05, staying01, systems15, thestar14, ukaku10, vespa11
- traded separate05 to vethica for hedgehog05
- traded gastronomy02, girlfriend05, sakanoshita06, shovel02, shovel11, shuei-gumi05, shuei-gumi11, singer19 to chuuya for ae8602, balthasar18, bioengineer04, cindy04, class14, fabulous17, flask13, pixie14

September 16, 2016 ------------
- traded fd3s04 to anaraine for 99904

September 15, 2016 ------------
- traded aces15 ad captains09 to eclair for hedgehog04 and 99905
- got 99920 from canute
- traded region12, defending04, demifiend04, dreamyard13, feared17, fenrir07, goodlooks02, goodlooks09, hissing16, ignite03, oblivion09, obliged15, orchid15, phones02, precipices20, pyuru16, wish03, midorikaru13 and midorikaru15 to eonflamewing for kajiyuu02, nerv08, senpai13, ae8606, 20th11, archangel02, bioengineer10, breeder04, caramels12, center16, cerulean19, chouki02, cindy09, familiars20, fantasy19, firstmate18, hedgehog02, 99902; also traded sigs
- traded tazmily07, marching15, badda-boom17, cataclysm07 to jessu for hedgehog03, balthasar06, evangelion20, goatee15
- traded academy09, adeptrogue19, adherent19, angerpunch10, antagonist01, antiqueshop08, arrogance20, babuu03, ballet19, battlemem06, beatcall10, beautiful18, benten05, benten12, blackswan16, cameraman17, cetra05, churapa19, chuu14, classical04, confidence05, confidence12, contests19, creamland16, cruelty04, curebeauty16, curepassion06, damsel04, dcn-03116, deadend18, deathboss16, deva16, dln-00403, dnn01, dnn16, dog10, doit07, doit13, dreamdiary02, dummy06, dummy12, eleccode19, erasure14, evindil02, evindil18, fakekey14, farseer08, fire03, fire05, fire07, flamingo03, flamingo08, foreigner05, futari08, gemknight12, giroexpress03, gourmand05, grandprix05, greatknife15, gun02, helicopter17, huladance05, hypocrite03, iai17, iscandar15, itadakimasu09, itako03, komachi11, lady07, leocorp18, liberate08, liberate09, liberate10, lionheart19, milkyrose02, modela05, odyssey05, odyssey20, pacifica04, pasttunnel06, pendragon16, plankton17, plugin06, pororin01, pororin17, pyrotechnics15, raidraptors15, shaman02, shamanking17, skyworld11, spotter03, spotter20, tengawara06, tengawara16, toon19, torture07, undernet18, uneven01, unwritten01, vandimion16, weddings13, x-scissor13, zephyr01, zgundam14, zgundam20 to beezebeora for ambidex14, ogata19, sekit01, sekit02, sekit15, voice02, 3dgraphics20, 80pitches13, ae8605, apocalypse11, badgrades04, balthasar15, banana02, bluebird11, bluebird15, bluebird20, brilliant16, chouki12, cindy11, collected02, colony08, create12, daruma15, diamonddust02, diesel-san17, diesel-san19, distant09, distant10, ditelada16, dixneuf04, dreaca09, eccentric14, eccentric19, effort14, engrish02, engrish04, engrish08, evangelion06, familiars10, flamenco09, forget14, forgiveness01, forgiveness10, freezer10, greatardent15, half-elf05, hatshepsut01, headphones13, holywar04, honest20, honeytachi16, horoscope13, ichii-bal11, immelmann10, infertile07, killerwolf18, killrecord18, magic06, majokko11, majokko18, maple01, masochistic08, masquerade12, matcha04, matcha06, matcha07, matcha11, mavrou17, mikan07, mirror18, monochrome03, monochrome14, nerv03, ninja15, nonoriri18, otakulife08, placetobe13, placetobe17, poffins14, providence13, puririn13, racing18, rapier18, relax09, resteurant19, restore06, rosettaarrow12, sakurairo20, seawitch04, serve05, serve07, serve16, sneeze19, swordswoman09, thestray03, thestray14, throwdown12, thunderveil13, thunderveil16, tidy12, vespa04, viina16, winery09, yuigahama08, yuigahama18
- traded admirer14, akagami10, akagami12, akagami20, aprbirthday06, catpawgun13, ciaossu14, crucify18, crucify20, right18 to anaraine for alamode08, caramels12, fantasy02, hamburgers12, idolclub11, matcha10, nonocchi03, nonocchi10, wedding10, wedding13
- traded yard18, addict01, addict11, admire13, androphobia02, gekkooin02, kitchen20, lacrosse10, lacrosse15, lobster13, lockedin16, lovequeen04, octo-punch14, octo-punch15, odoru10, pah08, rosette10, seagull10 to kurieta for adventure04, bluewater06, crystalsaber09, fabulous04, fabulous19, flameslash13, iceorb12, krauser10, muda06, necktie20, newtype16, no20, origin03, poffins02, touch08, uniforms02, vesta12, voidgear14; gave shrimp18, theater11, walking12 to kurieta

September 10, 2016 ------------
- traded ghibli08, mufflers15, octbirthday01, tackle02, malamute05, mamushi02, mamushi09, mom15, nao03, nao09, nao18, prodigy18, puns19, rainbow17, silent13, spot18 to noticemeshinigami for apocalypse17, balthasar10, buusagi19, deadend12, goofy02, keyanimator14, libero09, psyco17, quindecim16, relax10, tricks12, underworld18, familiars06, familiars09, ogata07, thecrows19

September 09, 2016 ------------
- traded data09, ladle11, mjolnir20, rank13, yuusha16, beatjumper19, chee-su02, clowndrop18, dearbaby05, dearbabby08, skyjack15, aunt12, scarf17, stringless14, unborn09, 75th01, 75th09, 75th15, aqua01, choromi13, clocks15 and curewhite16 to dustybunny for archangel01, akko15, bride06, cham09, circles12, create05, effort16, evangelion11, firewhip10, goatee04, half-elf20, hierophant03, luzrov11, poffins10, robotabuse03, roadroller11, spacepatrol14, thunderveil07, wombat04, ambidex15, familiars12, femprotags11

September 01, 2016 ------------
- traded agility16, airhead07, airhead17, analyzation05, buchou04, china02, coach02, coach17, cool03, cool08, corporal12, costumes01, dance14, devilbats03, devilbats19, eldest15, heirs19, magical10, meganekko06, meganekko12, nightmare18, nii-nii16, paranormal07, paranormal18, sweet11, switzerland11, waitress19 and chakra20 to bobanaicha for whirlpool08, dgraphics11, adventure11, apocalypse20, balthasar04, boat05, brilliant12, ditelada05, firefighter05, honeytachi02, immelmann15, kagutsuchi19, lessons09, loveyou16, manchuria09, nerv05, noedge10, onlyreason08, rat01, secret15, swordofodin13, thestray15, touching02, vesta16, voidgear14, winery08, yakumo16
- traded 89th14, asterisk10, civics04, potassium05, thebrain13 and brown crayon to nidoking for nico-nii04, piggirl20, motivated02, noedge12, nonocchi02 and gray crayon

August 30, 2016 ------------
- traded bananasushi20, brand20, burly09, bye-bye08, catgirl19, chousin18/20, cleaver15, consultant18, coo01, corn20, cruiser05/14/18, dousing03, dutiful09, echoes12, escaflowne14, esper01, evenbetter01, freespirit10, host09/15, humble18, icearrows16, invader12, jewelthief04, knife-throw18, leeks17/18, loveme13, rubber03 (in your 0-L), snake04 (in your 0-L), sobbing09 (in your 0-L), mace20, makaiju15, mansion12, maps12, mistaken08, mohawk16, monapizza04, moneylover12, mourning05, newbie05, odango13, ordinary09/11, pluto05, promotion18, punchout11/15, purplehaze05, raider06, redjewels13, references19, regal06/09, robber18, rubber13, sakejug01/19, scarydriver16, seiryuu10, siren13, spacepirate13, spearhead08, spin03, split10, starmaker14, strength11, subordinate15, summoned06, suzaku05, tangerine17, tetsuo17/19, trash17, unaffected15, weather09/10, yomi04, and novbirthday20 to phibby for 89th14, banana03, bluebeard08, blueimpulse08, borealis01, borealis16, bugs01, buusagi14, caramels05, cheater03, cheater19, civics04, collected17, curesunny15, dancefusion03, dancefusion08, dancefusion11, daruma18, diamonddust08, ditelada02, dreaca10, dreamycrown04, forward19, fuuma08, gekkooin06, goatee05, half-elf08, half-elf10, hawkeye04, hawkeye06, heroines17, hijizo04, honorific17, horoscope04, horoscope09, ichii-bal03, idolfan11, idolfan13, immelmann08, injured07, killerwolf15, killrecord04, kou04, literary19, magicaltoy15, magoi02, magoi15, maple13, maxwell05, mibugumi08, mirror07, nfu17, onlypurpose19, poffins11, poseidon18, potassium05, prefect07, presence03, princesslike20, probe13, queenbee16, reserve13, robotabuse07, saiyan11, sbjk08, sbjk17, schemer01, secondson14, shepherd05, shogunkayo18, shrine15, staying03, staying09, sulfur04, swordplay17, swordswoman05, thebrain13, tyrolean13, underworld07, wedding08, winery05, precure06
- gave deserteagle12, ero-mangaka01, ero-mangaka20, imitation12, imitation17, impostors15, solitary04, solitary15, solitary16 and five brown crayons to needles

August 29, 2016 ------------
- traded cheerio11, cardinal08, cardinal02, humanist08, humanist05, kanazuchi05, enforcer10, chairman01, bamboo19, 20faces09 to respectableflourish for breeder06, firewhip06, galax09, key06, magoi12, nephilim14, noedge06, plasmagica07, queenbee04, sekit07

August 28, 2016 ------------
- traded wolfman18, fierce05, krita-yuga04, secretary09, wingly11, bark08, bloodfang09, bofu16, capturer18, dalmasca05 to admiral for whirlpool06, akko10, assassinate02, commoners17, consulatant19, create04, diesel-san04, requiem09, throwdown13, yebisu11

August 27, 2016 ------------
- traded 89th07, badges07, badges08, badges14, badges16, badges17, strike05, strike07, strike13, sungod04, sungod10, sungod11, sungod12, sungod14, asterisk04, bastion06, betray01, betray09, betray20, mountain05, mountain15, mountain19 for angelysugar20, balthasar19, band03, colony04, curesunny20, djinn13, fantasy16, feminine16, flashing09, flask20, gunbuster03, karasuno12, killyou01, koyasut18, laptop18, lemurian02, literary05, literary12, logic15, maleidols02, maleidols10, manchuria20, mechapaniq02, megaphone02, morethan06, morethan14
- traded backlace15, blueeyes16, c-virus10, leading20, muaythai02, muaythai05, obsession01, obsession07, obsession20, piercings11, piercings12, piercings18, hearts09 and shortcuts09 to tiddly_widdly for bakuzan05, blocker06, borealis12, floatserve09, floatserve18, galax17, gunbuster17, lessons17, matcha01, needcool06, shikigami17, whirlpool11, whirlpool03hayashibara20
- traded parenting09 to zeittari for wedding05
- traded badcop09, civilian10, civilian14, drei07, drei14, eins06, eins14, forecaster08, tomorrow07, wildbear09 to eclair for whirlpool05, honorific04, masquerade08, mentor20, poffins07, potassium11, shackle13, xenian12, maleidols17, asterisk10

August 24, 2016 ------------
- traded believer08, chiwawa05, committee08, database03, deco01, embarrassed06, flashlight06, flashlight10, flashlight11, flashlight12, flashlight13, hypocrite17, lockedin17, logical02, neighbor12, pervy15, oarfish06, profiler15, rs273a06, rs273a07, trophy19, utsuwa04, utsuwa16, village07, village08, village11, wafu02 to kurieta for academy09, achoo06, affable02, android09, anty18, arbalest13, arranged17, asleep18, ateapot18, barrage03, basil07, blackbelt20, blindfold04, bloodyrose14, boundary19, budget04, busted01, cain14, catclaw18, cello06, children09, cinnamon06, code06, college05, commoners20, crawling10, crazy07
- traded archer04, badges02, boat10, decision02, kidnap18, megaphone12, mimics13, realist05, spacepatrol02, wingman05, wingman12, wingman20, catpuns02, customer02, firefighter02, forever06, forever14, helmet02, roulette02, thebrain07, thebrain20, touching13, vendor02, vendor08 to nidoking for adaptations02, flask04, chouki19, cindy17, collected03, compy17, consultant08, daruma02, deathtrap02, distrust04, distrust07, distrust13, december2502, firewhip11, flask05, flask18, guitar12, hamburgers02, hatsutaro20, holyark02, honneamise04, impression10, impressions12, injured02

August 23, 2016 ------------
- traded nekoma14 to kurieta for stands02
- traded earthshaker09, tent08, actor06, monta16, avatar08, elocution20, secretshop18, bankruptcy01, bankruptcy17, crazyslots12, hotel01, karmicloop02, risingsun08, therat12, ashinaka20, strain15, screentone10, clean02, girls17, studious05, answer03, council07, sew12, shibainu07, television14, romipaku02, heal08, knuckles01, tootall05, chromatus10, medicalbill12, wirukun14, yewbow20, hereditary09, minus09, byakko11, cloudshrine02, naturally05, naturally18, obstinate08, okonomiyaki01, okonomiyaki13, strip02, strip09, survey06, taciturn07, teasing17, tempest15, shades20, blackvoice13, clean04, demonk03, demonk12, exodus08, forgotten09, harder05, hexes07, hideandseek05, knuckles10, lightsnow15, musicstart06, patient11, patient20, revenge14, studious02, therat06 to adutorum for ambidex13, precure01, precure04, stands09, stands17, starmagic11, voice03, voice08, akaoni13, babymonster08, badboy10, bakuzan06, bakuzan12, bakuzan13, bicycle05, blocker09, borealis09, breeder09, calculation16, cattle12, compy07, ditelada01, dreaca12, evangelion12, fantasy18, flashing07, flashing18, fuuma06, galax11, gekkooin02, harasho17, harasho19, hatshepsut18, infertile06, julia15, lessons08, lyrics02, lyrics03, lyrics04, lyrics09, lyrics12, lyrics20, magicaltoy08, mavrou02, mikan04, minalinsky05, minalinsky19, minalinsky20, morethan07, morethan11, morethan15, necktie05, newtype04, neozeon14, nova20, novoselic04, otakuwife15, shikamadooji08, silkyheart08, stringer05, swingrock06, systems16, tail17, thestar03, twinkle16, vikingtiger15
- gave rufous02 and three gray crayons to adutorum
- traded belderiver07, battle20, cowardly05, forgive09, hellgirl04, poetry18, relax18, sacraments05, tooth19, unseeable05 to kurieta for apocalypse19, ditelada19, drums08, flaming10, fleadom03, fuuma15, immelmann19, nautilus12, schism11, whiteclown04
- gave hosoyan11 to kuranosuke
- traded balloons18, boke10, emonzaemon04, judicial05 to zeittari for whirlpool04, archangel18, chouki08, chouki09
- traded rashomon12, chiwawa07, gentleghost01, firststring05 to chuuya for badgrades05, foundation18, hatsutaro02, whirlpool02

August 21, 2016 ------------
- got cerulean16 from kurieta
- traded killyou01, gamer08, diamondust20, gloucester14 to nidoking for fuuma02, gallop02, gekkooin02, greatardent02

August 20, 2016 ------------
- traded burning10, burning15, d9901, dragonfoot20, engineer06, raijuu07, taisa01, taisa09, technician09, uncle12 to eclair for bluesteel10, borealis09, jewelthief04, kidnap18, killrecord01, stickynotes06, stickynotes14, wingman12, ships08, ships09

August 18, 2016 ------------
- traded runesage20, twig18, yeast11 to kues for rock04, tomb04, y-ko11
- got yo-yo07 from lady_paine
- got shrine05 and commoners19 from eclair
- got a purple crayon from beezebeora
- traded asterisk09, maleprotags14, shortcuts05 to zeittari for hatsutaro06, hatsutaro08, redcomet03
- traded quotes12, wings02, eden18 to ivoryandhorn for queenbee05, withlove19, egret20
- traded quote10 and wolborg04 to chuuya for quicksilvers04 and worldchain17

August 17, 2016 ------------
- got systems05, systems17, wedding19, zessen03, compy03, dancefusion09, dreamycrown20, idolfan05, puririn03, spicyageha01, relax05, tensionmax07, tensionmax10, twinkle14 from vethica
- traded darktowers08, obelisk08, oden02, witchelny06, inspired17, learning15, darktowers15 to vethica for killyou03, killyou07, killyou13, killyou19, burly06, heroines14, heroines18

August 15, 2016 ------------
- gave confident11 and male-type02 to noticemeshinigami

August 13, 2016 ------------
- gave expressive16 to 1angelette
- gave novelist09 and alohaoe20 to neverbepractical
- gave stalker06 to kurieta
- gave yakisoba18 to dustybunny
- got puberty10 and sneeze17 from samichan
- gave alluring15 to eonflamewing
- gave aria14 to phibby

August 10, 2016 ------------
- traded queenbee05, withlove19 to ivoryandhorn for quotes12, wings02

July 26, 2016 ------------
- got redcomet06, redcomet10, redcomet15, redcomet20, dixneuf12, dixneuf16, yakumo20, nonoriri15 from nidoking
- traded kapow10, tomochin11, crimibear01, honey01, futuring14, bohemian08, animus17, rent04, scholarship08, riches10 to kurieta for adultlike09, evangelion14, godbreath15, hawkeye15, janken14, nonoriri08, onlypurpose11, poseidon04, spicegirl03, thehand07, winery11, yebisu01

July 01, 2016 ------------
- traded codename14, d9911, d9915, goodcop11, kid16, raijuu10, welcome15 to eclair for sneeze08, babymonster20, clow04, mavrou08, requiem20, swordofodin08, voice18

June 29, 2016 ------------
- traded keeneye02, mayotama09, tellme02 to nidoking for akaoni05, alamode02, asgard06
- traded third09 for mibugumi09 to neverbepractical

June 27, 2016 ------------
- traded summer15, winter20, catcher08, cranny01, destiny07, diclonius08, disqualified19, geek01, geek16, india08, india09, ink04, information05, inspector02, knightmare13, legend18, lightmusic03, lightning15, madness02, mochimazui17, momokan19, numbers05, nonexistent11, professor02, professor19, professor20, snakes18, southpaw18, toss12, transfer08, woodpecker11 to neverbepractical for baka12, saiyan17, transform13, burly19, gamegear16, morethan08, swingrock17, holictrick05, clow06, sour05, mirakurun15, extinction15, mavrou03, familiars16, bakuzan19, gamer20, luzrov04, maxwell14, paimon17, badfortune05, buusagi20, create03, investigator11, femprotags02, isshu17, precure11, center05, center20, distant19, heavenrend10, laptop09

June 24, 2016 ------------
- traded red crayon, gray crayon and purple crayon to kureto for yakumo08 and manchuria04
- traded dadadan16 to kuranosuke for yakumo07

June 23, 2016 ------------
- traded substitute02 and logicshow02 to kurieta for yakumo02 and manchuria02
- traded raildex01, shaft17, shaft19, astraeus13, billiards11, branded03, chocolatier10, heat17, masked18, pinkcup08, shinjuku07 to zeittari for commoners12, dreaca02, heroines06, heroines20, judge10, judge19, matcha02, nosebleeds03, starmiya13, sweet04, sweet05
- traded g-1217 to instrumentality for loveyou06
- traded asakeno14, backstroke05, balbadd08, barrage20, cannondale10, doubledash12, fraternity03, hatter03, hokage09, lackey15, regalia06, regalia17, strategist09 to moon_wolf for invisible03, blades20, baka20, zessen16, bohemian06, idolfan18, sangriarosa07, idolclub06, idolclub09, idolclub16, relax06, trickclassic16, lessons11
- traded liladan06, shujaa09, shujaa17, villain19 to mori for forward16, free06, rapier20, thestar05
- gave orca02, retroclover03, twinkle09, nandemo01 and kataomoi10 to kurieta
- traded meruhen05 to kurieta for hatshepsut15
- traded miraculous02 to unlocks for yakumo06

April 13, 2016 ------------
- traded muda08, ripple17, rope13, survivor16, zippers02, zippers05, aerosmith12, crazyd07, fengshui16, fleshcan17, foundation04, and foundation12 to harmonia for
- traded drums10, guitar17, nyan18, tsundere03, tsundere16 to bobanaicha for investigator14, nagarekawa18, nephilim02, nightshade19

April 02, 2016 ------------
- traded undress17, explosion16, holyark01 to milky for diesel-san16, kamui12, queenbee18

March 31, 2016 ------------
- traded ddr19, retro03 to zeittari for nagarekawa03, paimon02
- traded airyglyph02 to zekroms for locodol06
- traded asakeno09, baking01, byakkomaru12, disintegrate16, drawing05, drawing16, frugal17, hoodie01, metalrod09, ship05, silverknight07, straydog18, taurus10, tonfa03, wodontimes04 to ixionesis for idolclub19, colony07, gryphon11, kamui15, locodol05, loveyou08, minalinsky15, nandemo01, providence06, puberty20, redhood08, salt06, shikigami20, viina04, viina15

March 24, 2016 ------------
- traded ebbirthday04, kweh12, sugitan04, cameraman20, kunai06, mikazuki19, thavas11, tsukkomi05 to zettairi for saiyan08, transform19, free12, hamburgers11, loveyou15, nandemo19, nandemo20, nosebleeds05
- traded shonichi19, hysteria02, unborn13, reject14, dolphin13, lionheart03, whimsical16 to honeybrushedheart for drooling01, fanalis12, julia07, poseidon19, prefect09, prefect14
- traded 2-d14, brazos03, brusque18, cosplayer18, denial15, excitable11, newbie06 to vethica for asgard12, crowds03, evangelion18, origin19, pyromaniac05, stride09, surpassing08
- gave references09, uninterested19 to vethica
- traded meister04, meister06, sleipnir13 to eclair for yuigahama20, noedge03, brewery14
- traded pajamas06, aluminum14, brahms05, brahms18, brush20, bull14, childstar20, darkfire04, economical15, highwire01, inferior15, pluto18, spiritenergy15, spiritenergy17, starfighter09, wait12 to sinew for 3dgraphics04, alamode05, archangel14, buusagi02, dancefusion02, distanced02, investigator20, krauser03, krauser06, masochistic07, mayotama09, noedge09, nosebleeds14, onlyreason01, reading07, relax07
- traded legendary10, cancer10, cancer20, reddragon10, verdancy14 to eonflamewing for ishidaa16, keyanimator17, matcha08, mikan11, relax17
- traded awakening17, battle19, foughten08, foughten14, lobster19, native20, overelement15, overelement17, pai-pai09, pe05, pervy13, policeman03, prayer03, ritsu16, similar06 to needles for ambidex17, blades11, cham17, distant12, hayashibara18, mibugumi16, plasma09, puberty13, redcomet08, rodent06, salt12, seele18, spotted18, traditional04, vocal13
- traded chainsaw02, fleurir14, mumei11, strings18, marbirthday12, sepbirthday05 to zettairi for harness09, firewhip19, gryphon10, ninja13, saiyan19, uniforms10
- traded flowers10, lightclub13, seinen01, baths17, baths20, cologne11, cologne13, cologne16, daughter04, devilsmilk09, father03, father08, father10, father11, filthy04, filthy15, heldback20, hotdog08, leo16, levelheaded17, memorybug10, modeling02, modeling11, onee-sama14, photon07, prideful13, terran07, umbrellas11, valuable04, witchqueen01 to poland for 20th15, 2ndchild05, 2ndchild12, angra07, assassinate14, burly09, burly18, caramels13, cerulean18, dreaca03, eden10, eden13, eden17, epyon07, fanalis05, fuuma17, genma19, gryphon17, ichii-bal09, impressions08, julia16, mibugumi14, mma08, nova19, novoselic14, puberty15, reason08, rat08, redcomet16, rosequeen14
- traded bigbear03, eagle08, peakspider01 to vethica for shopping01, shopping13, robots10
- traded bronco02, cake07, collector07, haunt10, henshin13, kiss04, kiss12, kiss20, nagi17, osuwari06, pay19, polite10, redrose13, redrose15, winter16 to anaraine for asgard08, gainax10, gekkooin17, hamburgers08, jumbo17, masochistic16, poseidon16, awkward02, brigandia07, cycle02, psychometry01, pyu02, reader04, nil06, survey06
- traded lukeim19 and melphis01 to unlocks for hayashibara13 and sour02
- selece02, cheerful09, curerhythm09, curerhythm02, corrupted14, turks06, ko06, curehappy09, godaime19, selfless06, cureblack07, toxin09 to advancing for ogata15, robots19, sanctuary17, 80pitches12, archangel06, badgrades03, caramels06, create09, hatshepsut20, julia19, junkshop15, mavrou04

March 23, 2016 ------------
- gave mateba19 and cybernetic13 to rae_rae
- traded mateba12 to rae_rae for ditelada12
- traded adventurer11, after10, avenge09, bakeneko18, bluesea06, bluesea08, deceitful17, delinquent03, dragonclaw20, gungi01, horatio07, younger20 to samichan for breeder10, diesel-san03, grandking01, ishidaa14, lyrics10, maleidols07, mirage11, psychology18, pyromaniac09, retro03, robotabuse09, teammagma04
- traded nohr08 to heurassein for mmlove12
- gave amarcian07, fantastical12, futuring01, magatama09, maidcafe13, noman13, totalwood14 to heurassein
- traded luck12, luck19, body11 to skitty for impressions04, impressions05, timeslip15
- traded song05 to tsunderingly for lessons07
- gave sergeant07, sergeant10, sergeant15 to bobanaicha
- gave hello14, believer04, believer10, believer11, prismvoice15, revivial01, revival05, revival11 to skitty